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Thread: Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part one

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    Smile Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part one

    Wondergirl and robin are all alone at titans tower, robin is at the t table when the hot wondergirl walks in the room. Wondergirl she ruffles robins hair and sits down next to him, so robin what you looking at, just some notes from our last misson, i made some notes on how everyone performed in battle here take a look. She drops the papers and bends over to robins delight, He says id love to fuck your hot wonderbutt outloud, instead of silenty to his self in his head. Wondergirl turns around and says to him, richard john grayson you are a fucking sick pervert,wanting to fuck me up my ass, i should kick you in your balls. I guess i am some cheap hot ass whore for you to ogle at all the time. She starts to throw punches at him he blocks some of them tell he grabs her and holds her tight as he can. Hey donna i didnt mean to say that out loud and you are not a cheap whore, you are a valued member of this team, that you want to butt fuck. I am human for christ sakes, ever since changed costomes.

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    Smile Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part two

    You been driving me and the rest of the titans crazy over your smoking hot body, we all have to take a lot of cold showers to get thru the day. You think i have a smoking hot body, fuck yes i know you do. Mmmm your batpole is getting bigger, sorry i cant help it, guess not with my hot butt rubbing it like it is guess thier just one thing we can do dick, whats that hot donna. We fuck each other thats what, and dick and i all ways wanted you you got a smoking hot body also. Wondergirl and robin kiss each other, help me out of my costume, robin strips her to her birthday suit. She rips robins costume to shreds thanx, you are welcome big dick, put your boots back on wonder tits, she gets on her knees and starts to suck on robins batpole, fucking suck it wonder slut suck it all down and my balls suck them too, he plays with her full 36 d sexy tittys, mmm your hands are magic on my titys. He grabs her by her pony tale and starts to fuck her mouth hard and cums in her mouth.

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    Cool Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part three

    You are a great cock sucker ms wonder slut, very tasty bat cum thier batboy and your robin eggs arent bad either. I want a taste of some wonder pussy, oh great herra you know how to eat my wonder box god i luv you nibbling my clit thats it i am cumming, robin goes full bore on her sweet wonder pussy, mm mmm mmm you are tasty wondder girl. Bend over the t table, what for robin, because ms. wonder slut i am going fuck your butt my way, spank spank spank spank thats for being a nasty bitch teasing us all these years, oww can i help it you guys are horny bastrds for a hottie like me, oh fuck robin you dirty fucker you to big for my ass, i cant help it you got a super tight butthole, i think its because you are so thick please pull out. FUCK NO wonder slut i am going all the way oh fuck you are ripping me in half, oh yes i knew your little butt is a fantastic to fuck i am going to fill it up with my bat cum. OH OH OH OH robin i cant take it any more my ass is on fucking fire oh fucking please pull it out.

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    Cool Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part four

    Robin fondles wondergirls tits as he fucks her has with much longer strokes, fuck my ass harder you fucking gyspy bastard. You love me butt fucking you i knew it your butthole is tighter than wonderwomans, OH MY GOD YOU FUCKED MY SISTER, yes i did i bet you knocked her up too. Dont know mite been someone else that did that, no she said she only had one lover so it was you. I am cuming wonder slut agh agh. I need to clean my cock so i can fuck your pussy next, I can clean it and wondergirl lays on the t table and sucks robins bat pole clean, i think i should call you wonder whore you are a expert dick sucker fuck i am cuming again, i can never get tired of your bat cum. Why are you hand cuffing me and tying my legs to the table, so i can shave you super hair wonder cunt, robin shaves her cunt clean but he leaves a r above her pussy. You fucking bat pervert you marked me as your own, yep i did now i and all your lovers can see your very pink wonder cunt, now you can untie me, nope you are staying tied.

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    Wink Wondergirl and robin the boywonder get very naughty part five

    I am going to fuck your very pink wonder pussy, you just love the way my head of my dick feels against your pussy lips dont you wonder slut, Now here comes my big batpole, dick you cant take me like this, but i can dam you are so super fucking tight like a virgin shit you are cherry arent you donna. Yes i am, oh yes my second wonder cherry i get to pop, Hows my batpole feel in side of you donna, it hurt a little but its getting better, say goodbye to you cherry, so long wonder cherry, pop their it goes donna ohhh man your pussy is so super soft i dont want to leave it, robin i want to hold on to you, thier you go my hot wonder slut. MMMMMMMMM thanks for takeing my cherry batboy oh yes your big batpole is so fucking geat no wonder you are called the teen wonder you are hung as a horse. I see why we call you wonder babe, you have a wonderful body and drive us crazy with lust. I want to ride your big batpole, mmmmm you are so filling my pussy with so much pleasure, move that hot wonder ass.

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    Wink Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very naughty part six

    They would move a lot faster if you would get your horny hands off of them, cat help it they are so fucking fantastic. So is your ass it gets me fucking hard looking at it, you are such a dam pervert but your my giant dick perv, i am about to cum robin, me to wonderslut. FUCK YES FILL ME UP ROBIN, DAMM YOUR HOT WONDER PUSSY IS MILKING ME DRY. Smack smack smack i can naver get tired of your sweet ass. Robin i have a confession, what is it, i did change my hero costume to make you notice me, i fucking knew it you little cock tease bitch, smack smack smack smack, owww that hurt robin, that was for beeing a naughty girl and teasing us poor guys to nearly hardon deaths. I still am hard so i am going to fuck you some more, OH YES YES ROBIN FUCK ME FUCK ME WITH THAT GIANT BATPOLE YOU HAVE, I am your wonder slut, lay on your side on the t table i am going to fuck you side ways mmmm i love you doing me side ways do me harder robin fuck my super hot wonder pussy harder i want to cum again so fuck me good.

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    Cool Wonergirl and robin the teen wonder get very dirty part seven

    I fucking love how how your wonder snatch is gripping on to my giant batpole, OH OH OH FUCKING GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME, I am wonderslut i am, dam i know that i am fucking cumming again you fucking dirty ass gyspy basterd, i bet you are going to knock me up like you did to wonderwoman. You are a total fucking whore for my batpoled oh yes i am your fucking batwore slam it into me harder and harder i need your dam batcum in my hot wonder whore snatch, auuughhh i am cuummming you fucking dirty ass wonder bitch whore. Takes one to know one i bet you have fucking nailed ever woman in the superhero community, not all but i have fucked a lot of them. You are a fucking whore richard john grayson and i fucking love been one of your bat whores, i need it so fucking bad up my wonder ass fuck it hard slam your giant batpole all the way up my hot asshole, OWW GREAT FUCKING HERRA IT HURTS SO DAM BAD I FEEL LIKE MY WONDER ASS IS GETTING SPLIT IN HAVR but i fucking love it up my ass fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.

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    Cool Wondergirl and robin the teenwonder get very dirty part nine

    We been fucking for five hours robin we are going to kill our selfs if we keep it up, but boy what a way to go me fucking thee hottest woman in the entire super hero community and dying in her arms. AAAHHHH dick thats so sweetest thing for you to say maawwwhhh, damm you got one damm fine ass thier mr. batboy smack smack smack smack, wow watch were you put that hot tounge donna i never had some lick my ass, oh really how about this hey get your finger out of my asshole donna, ok dick you have such a tight asshole any way, yes i do and dont you forget it heeyyy doonnna slam, wonder girl bodyslams robin on the t table and rams two fingers up his asshole, donna stop it, nope i am going to make you such a tight ass lol lol lol and i love me some juicy bat balls mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm and that nice fat and long batpole also oh fuck donna i cant cum again i am fucking spent, we will see about that, so wondergirl finger fucks robins asshole and sucks his batpole with all her amazon strengh tell she can feel him cums

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    Default Wondergirl and robin the teen wonder get very nasty part 10

    Robins shoots his last load into her mouth, you are one nasty fucking bitch wondergirl so are you teen fucking stud you, a months later robin puts down his coffee at the t table and watches his portable dvd player of him fucking wondergirl on this very table . Wondergirl comes up to the table and sits in his lap and they kiss each others lips and he puts his hand under her dress ,and plays with her sweet wonder pussy, rember what happen when you started this we ended up allmost fucking each other to death,yep i do rember that was so hot, wish i could of seen my face when you rammed your giant batpole up my ass i bet it was priceless. You can just look at my player ,wondergirl looks just in time to see her self get takinh\g up the ass by robins giant bat pole. You are one major fucking pervert making a recording of use fucking , that is something for a farther to do. Just one thing Ms slutty donna marie troy i am not a father. Well boy you will be in another 8 months you knocked me up with your bat jizz., FUCK ME ,no problem daddy . the end

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