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    Default The Photoshoot Part 3: Dani Harmer.

    This story is fiction I am not a photographer and have never met a celebrity except Richard O’Brian in a café once whom I have no desire to fuck. If you think hypnosis works like this in real life you’re a moron. If you try it I will not come and visit you in jail.
    If you are under 18 then stop reading. I’m sure there’s a non-sexual my little pony site for you to visit.
    If you are over 18 or ignored the previous sentence then enjoy.
    This is my second of my Photo shoot series if you can think of a celebrity or group you would like to include next time please let me know.
    Hello my names Alan I am 32 years old and I am a photographer who works with the rich and famous some may think that it would be terrible job having to deal with stuck up divas. Well for me it’s the best job in the world. I got the camera flashgun as a reward for saving a gypsy you see the flashgun is special whoever is caught in it slips into a hypnotic trance. Of course, my life hasn’t always been this awesome for most of my career I was stuck taking baby photo’s and taking advantage of the odd MILF and I was happy with that. Until one agent made a mistake that’s when I got to have Maisie Williams I warped her mind and enjoyed her body. A week later I got a phone call from her agent asking me to handle Hannah Spearritt which I did.
    That was 2 weeks ago and I was beginning to think that was where my look ran out. Then I got a call from another agent “Hi” she said “I have heard great things about you. I represent an actress called Dani Harmer, have you heard of her” “of course” I replied “Tracy Beaker” “quite” her agent agreed “but that was a long time ago and she is trying to prove herself a legitimate actress now. She needs a photo shoot to show her adult side to separate herself from the child star she once was. I have heard great things about you including that you are very professional so can you help?” “Absolutely, when do you want to do this?” “tomorrow she said at Mrs Harmers home” she gave me the address. “Don’t worry, I will be there.”
    I pulled up outside her home at 11:45 the following morning and knocked on her door. When she answered I was blown away. She was gorgeous “Mrs Harmer, I’m Alan the Photographer” she smiled a warm and beautiful smile “Hi Alan, please call me Danni. Come in” we went in and through to the kitchen. “Would you like a coffee?” “Please” Danni set about making a coffee. “So you know what I want today?” she asked “something that shows you as a woman, slightly risqué” I said she nodded “very slightly” she added “I don’t mind a few sexy poses and showing off my legs but that’s it, don’t be trying to get me to strip off. I don’t do that, understand?” I nodded “absolutely Danni” we drank our coffee and chatted while I fantasised about what I was gonna do with her once I made her to strip off.
    After we finished the coffee I got up “I will go set up” Dani smiled “I will go get changed” I headed to the living room and she headed upstairs. 10 minutes later she came back down she was wearing a silk dress with a slit up one side and what I presumed were stockings with a white floral design “well how do I look” she asked “gr great” I stammered blushing, she smiled “shall we begin” I nodded, and we got into position. I began snapping away as she smiled and posed we snapped away for 10 minutes then I decided it was time “hold on a sec Dani I’m just gonna change the flash” I put my special flash on then stood back up. Turning to Dani I set the flash off and watched the familiar sight of eyes glazing over as she sunk into the trance. My latest play thing “Ok Dani” I told her “I think we should do some nudes”. She stripped down to her white silk underwear that went perfectly with her stockings and suspenders “hold on Dani” she paused and I posed her snapping a few pics “Ok carry on love” she stripped out of her underwear I got her to keep her stockings on and had her pose for me again.

    After snapping a few more pics of her perfect body I decided it was time for some fun smiling I undid my trousers and pulled out my erect cock “Ok Dani why not have a play with this” she took it it in her hand and began sliding her hand up and down my shaft it felt wonderful her hand moving up and down getting faster and faster “dani” she looked up at me still pumping away “I’m gonna need you to suck it” She took me in her mouth and began sucking “oh god Dani, that’s good keep it up. Oh god you slut you love sucking cock don’t you” she nodded while still sucking after a few more minutes in her mouth I lifted her up and spun her round then kneeling behind her I found the entrance to her pussy with the tip of my dick and I slid in and reaching round to take a breast in each hand, I began fucking her. It wasn’t long before the feeling took me and pulling out I spun her around just intime to spray her pretty little face with cum. Helping her to her feem I told her to smile and pose as I took pictures of her cum covered face.
    After I finished I passed her her dress and underwear and told her to clean up. A few minutes later she re entered the room cleaned and dressesd and I put her back in position. “Ok Dani I am about to wake you up, when I do you will not remember what just happened instead you will only remember what an amazing photographer I am. You will recommend me too your agent and all your celeb friends’ and will not want to work with another photographer. Do you understand” “yes” she replied “good, wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” She blinked “I think were done” she smiled “great” she looked at her watch “Blimey 3 hours. It only felt like about 30 minutes, guess its true time does fly. I enjoyed that” I couldn’t help but smile “Yeah I enjoyed it too” with that I packed up and left Dani to her day.

    Next: Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
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