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    Default The Photoshoot Part 1: Maisie Williams

    This story is fiction I am not a photographer and have never met a celebrity except Richard O’Brian in a café once whom I have no desire to fuck. If you think hypnosis works like this in real life you’re a moron. If you try it I will not come and visit you in jail.
    If you are under 18 then stop reading. I’m sure there’s a non-sexual my little pony site for you to visit.

    If you are over 18 or ignored the previous sentence then enjoy.

    This is my first of my Photo shoot series if you can think of a celebrity or group you would like to include next time please let me know.

    MC M/F
    Hello my names Alan I am 32 years old and I am a photographer who works with the rich and famous some may think that it would be terrible job having to deal with stuck up divas. Well for me it’s the best job in the world. I got a camera flashgun as a reward for saving a gypsy. You see the flashgun is special whoever is caught in it slips into a hypnotic trance. Of course, my life hasn’t always been this awesome for most of my career I was stuck taking baby photo’s and taking advantage of the odd MILF and I was happy with that. Until one agent made a mistake that’s when my adventures began.

    The Photoshoot Part 1: Maisie Williams.

    It had been a quiet day when my buzzer rang and my assistants voice said a “Miss Maisie Williams to see you Alan” strange I didn’t think I had anymore clients today “huh Maisie Williams” I thought out loud “she has the same name as that gorgeous actress in Game of Thrones” “that’s because she is that gorgeous actress in Game of Thrones” came a voice from behind me. I spun round and couldn’t believe it Maisie Williams was stood in my studio. Stood in a baseball cap, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans “sorry Miss Williams” I uttered “I didn’t …” she cut me off with a smile “it’s fine believe me I have been called much worse and please call me Maisie. My agent sent me to get some new headshots done” she looked around confused “but I think he sent me to the wrong place, sorry to of wasted your time” she turned to leave “wait” I called “I know we are nothing fancy but I have a camera and I know how to use it, plus you are already here” she smiled again “what the hell, where do you want me.” I escorted her over to a stool as I set up my equipment before long I snapped off a few headshots then I remembered the flash in all my excitement I had forgot about it. “Maisie, I want to get a few with a different flash” “Ok Hun” she replied while staring at her mobile phone. I got my special flashgun and attached it too my camera “ok Maisie smile” Maisie looked up and smiled as the camera flashed I saw her eyes glaze over and I couldn’t help but smile “Maisie can you hear me?” I asked “yes” came her very groggy reply, like she had just woken up from a long nap. “Maisie we are gonna take some more pictures but first I think it would be better if you took off your T-Shirt” she didn’t reply instead she just took the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, knocking her cap off and revealing her pale purple bra, bending down I picked up her cap and put it on her back to front then snapped a few more pics. “Ok Maisie you’re doing great but let’s loose the jeans” again with no reply she kicked off her trainers then unfastened her jeans and pulled them down then just stood there staring off into space “wow” was all that I could manage as I looked at this gorgeous actress stood in front of me in just her matching underwear and a baseball cap I got her in several different poses as I took more pictures ending with her bent over a stool looking back over her shoulder at me.
    That was it I could hold back no more I put my camera down on pulled my erect cock out then putting my hands on her hips I pressed myself against her “Oh Maisie you are so fucking hot” again she didn’t reply, she just stood there partly bent over excepted my obscene grinding against her ass eventually I semblance of self-control. Stepping back I uttered the words I’d been wanting to say for the last hour “Maisie, remove your underwear” I snapped more pics as she removed her bra followed pretty soon by her panties, and there she was Maisie Williams stood just a few feet in front of me wearing nothing but a back to front baseball cap and all I could do is take pictures from every angle I could think as I stood over her knelt down looking up at me I decided to stop wasting time “Maisie suck my cock” she instantly took it in her mouth and began sucking and licking it like a pro. I couldn’t begin to describe how amazing it felt inside her warm wet mouth I put my hand on the back of her head and began fucking her mouth “oh Maisie that feels wonderful” I panted between thrusts I wanted to fuck her so badly I pulled out of her mouth and lifted her up to her feet then spinning her around I didn’t have to say a word as she automatically bent over the stool grinning I spread her legs then lifted her feet of the ground and used the tip of my dick to find her opening and with one quick thrust I was in. It felt wonderful this was the moment I dreamed of since I got that flash gun, I mean getting the local MILF to suck me off was fun and all but as I penetrated Maisie Williams I thought about how many other celebrities I could get as my mind began to wonder I snapped back to reality, “I can fantasise later” I told myself “but right no I have the real thing It wasn’t long before I got the familiar feeling so I pulled out pushed her to her knees and told her to finish me off with her hands, obediently she took me in both hands and began pumping away and a minute later I exploded all over her covering her face in spunk. I looked down at her and she just knelt there looking up at me with her face covered I spunk I quickly grabbed my camera “smile” I said, she smiled, and I took more pictures. Then I told her to get clean up pointing to the sink in the corner, then get dressed. Five minutes later she was back in front of me fully dressed “ok Maisie I’m gonna wake you up in a few minutes, when I do you will not remember what just happened instead you will only remember what an amazing photographer I am. You will recommend me too your agent and all your celeb friends’ and will not want to work with another photographer. Do you understand” “yes” she replied “good, wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” she looked at me and smiled “we done?” she asked “yeah” I replied “how was it?” “great, I have never felt so relaxed during a shoot”. “good” I will forward the shots to your agent” she smiled ok as she walked to th door she stopped and looked over at me “thanks again” she said “and see you next time”. I smiled as she left the next day I sent her agent the headshots keeping all the fun pics for myself.
    A week later I got a phone call from Maisie’s agent “hey” he said “Maisie Is raving about you, says you’re the best she has ever worked with and I represent another girl, Hannah Spearritt and was wondering would you mind doing her?” “I would love to do Hannah” I told him “send her round”.

    Coming soon The Photoshoot Part 2: Hannah Spearritt

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