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    Default Keira:A night to remember

    Keira Knightley hadn’t won an award tonight but then she hadn’t expected to, she had however been obligated to turn up to the ceremony and then the after party which was why she was here.
    She had perhaps drunk more than usual tonight but she felt relaxed at the party which was held at the latest fashionable location. Keira spent most of the evening at a table near the back, away from those who wanted to really party, talking to an enthusiastic author whose book had just been published.
    It was now the early hours and only serious party goers were left, Keira had stayed long enough to be polite and was finally about to leave when a man approached her and spoke.
    ‘Hey sexy I’m glad you waited for me’
    She looked up with an annoyed scowl at this cheeky stranger.
    It was a waiter
    He sat across from her
    ‘ I had to get your attention before you left’ he said ‘ you’ve looked bored all evening ; at first I thought you were going to give that writer a quick blow job just to shut him up. He’s so dull. But I’m here now so the real fun can begin’
    As he talked the waiter casually took out a coin and started to coin walk it across his hand, rolling it from knuckle to knuckle.
    Keira gasped shocked by this man’s rudeness, anger was written across her pretty face.
    ‘What the fuck makes you think that I’m going to stay and, and’ she paused ‘put up with this, you, you, y’ she stopped mid sentence.
    The coin was so bright, so shiny; it glistened as it rolled over the man’s knuckles. It seemed to move by itself back and forth, it moved as if it were alive. The coin was alluring, captivating.
    Keira couldn’t keep her eyes off it, her head moved with the coin.
    The actress realised the man was talking, but couldn’t recall when he’d started; his voice seemed calm and soothing.
    Keira shook her head and tried to concentrate.
    ‘The more you surrender to me the more you want to .it’s a need you’ve always had but were afraid to acknowledge.
    Now you can.
    Now you can revel in it.
    Now you can submit and be happy.
    His voice was melodic and dripped honey.
    Keira frowned and concentrated trying to rally her strength.
    ‘S s stop this.’ She stammered ‘I’ll never let you,,,’ she blinked and tried to pull her gaze away from the dancing, sparkling, shiny, coin . She briefly caught her own reflection in it , her eyes were wide and glazed and her mouth hung open she looked lost and vacant.
    Panic flittered through her.
    She had to get out of here or all would be lost. She stood up and felt light headed and woozy.
    Had she got up too quickly?
    Had she drunk more than she’d realised earlier?
    She could do it ,she closed her eyes took in a deep breath and started to walk away to freedom. She moved through the crowd pushing her way through the dance floor .
    Keira blinked.
    No, it was impossible .
    She was still seated, she hadn’t moved at all. Her body refused to obey.
    What was happening to her?
    She whimpered then felt a horrifying new sensation. Growing waves of pleasure were rolling over her building within her. It started at her feet and danced its way up her long slender legs, when it reached her pussy she let out a gurgled hiss and by the time it reached her breasts her nipples were already straining through her thin top.
    The sensation had a rhythm a pulse that matched the pace and meter of the waiter’s words, his fingers were drumming on the inside of her wrist they kept time with the beating of her heart.
    Still Keira resisted, but deep within she knew it was pointless. Her entire body tingled and she could feel herself slowly surrendering she felt the wetness of her panties the pounding of her pussy, the throbbing of her clit. As her pleasure grew her free will retreated, she knew if she came she would never be free again but she didn’t care anymore her need was too great she wanted to surrender.
    The waiter was tiring fast, sweat dripped from his brow, none of the other celebrities he’d hypnotised and toyed with had put up this much of a fight. He knew Keira was special, she was a keeper. If she hadn’t been drinking earlier he doubted he’d have been able to hypnotise her. Luckily for him the alcohol had effected her, and once he had her under he could plant enough suggestions to make their next encounter simpler.
    Finally Keira slumped in her chair her body twitched and shook ,drool dripped from her lips and yet she didn’t make a sound.
    The waiter let out a sigh of relief he leaned in close to the actress and whispered in her ear.
    ‘I am Hugh Kimner and I am your master, your lover your everything”
    ‘Keira pull down your top and show me your breasts.’
    The mesmerized actress obeyed instantly, exposing her famous breasts and stiff nipples.
    Hugh smiled to himself.
    ‘Keira, crawl under the table, kneel there and suck your master’s cock’
    The actress slithered under the table; eagerly her hands reached up and unzipped the waiter. He gasped as he felt Keira’s full lips on his cock; her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck greedily, her tongue flickered around his shaft. He groaned in delight as he stared down into those eager, big, beautiful, brown eyes. He wouldn’t last long, he was too tired, hypnotising her had taken too much out of him and Keira was just too good. Her head bobbed in his lap. She ignored everyone else in the room all she cared about was pleasing him.
    ‘Oh my god’ he gasped as he came. His cum filled her mouth and she swallowed happily, greedily, savouring every drop, cum drooled from the corner of her mouth down her chin. He pulled free of those divine lips and let the last spurt splash on her face.
    He refastened his pants then spoke.
    ‘Come on baby lets go back to your place and have some real fun.’
    Keira smiled up at Hugh as if she’d been waiting to hear those words all night
    They left together hand in hand.

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    Forgot to add the disclaimer
    Don't read if you're under 18. It's fiction not reality. etc etc

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    Excellent sir! Thank you!



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