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    Default Hot For Teacher

    Hot For Teacher: Part 1
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, con
    Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    The scene begins with a POV shot of someone walking into a high school science class, where Maggie sits at her desk, in a silk blouse, a black skirt stopping just at her knees, and glasses, with her hair up.

    "You wanted to see me, Ms. Gyllenhaal?"

    "Uh, yes, Michael. Sit down, please." Michael sits down at one of the desks up front. "Michael, have you seen your grades for this quarter?"

    "I--No, but I know they're bad. Look, ma'am, I've been trying my best, but things at home..."

    Maggie sighs and rolls her eyes. "Michael, look, I've talked to your parents, and nothing's wrong at home. They tell me you spend every night running around with your friends, and, while they didn't say this, I suspect you're also doing other things they don't know about, because you often look hung-over when you're in my class. Now, I understand you're barely squeaking by in your other classes, but here, you're in serious danger of failing, and if you fail here, you'll have to either go to summer school, or come back for another year, and I know you don't want that. So, I'm going to propose an alternative."

    "Which is?"

    "Uh, Michael, could you close the door?"

    "Um, okay." Michael gets up and closes the door. When he looks back, Maggie is unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a lacy black bra underneath. "Uh, ma'am, what are you doing?"

    "Come here, Michael." Maggie beckons with her finger.

    Michael walks over to her, as she takes her shirt off. "Miss Gyllenhaal, what is this?"

    "Please," she takes off the glasses and lets down her hair, "call me Maggie. Now," she then takes his hand and places it on one of her breasts, "Michael, one way or another, you're going to earn a passing grade with me." Michael looks down as Maggie starts undoing his jeans, then she takes out his already rock-hard cock, and starts to slowly jerk him off.

    "Uh, Miss--uh, Maggie, I really don't think this is a good idea."

    "Michael, please, just keep your mouth shut." Maggie then wraps her lips around Michael's cock. We see a close-up, as her lips slide up and down along his shaft. At one point, she takes his cock out, and slowly licks up his shaft to the head. "Bet your girlfriend doesn't give blowjobs this good," she says, smiling up at him, then continues to suck him off, taking her bra off at the same time.

    After a while of this, Maggie removes her skirt, then her black panties. "Well, Michael, we know you're not very good at doing your homework, so let's see how you perform orally?" She then pulls him down by his shirt, and we see another close-up as he starts to eat Maggie's hairy pussy. "Oooh, fffuck yeah!" We see Maggie's face, grinning as she's eaten out. "God, Michael, wherever did you learn to do that?"

    We now cut to Maggie, lying on her desk. "C'mon, Michael," she whispers, "put it in me." We see from Michael's point of view as he inserts his cock into Maggie's twat. It then cuts to another close-up of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. It cuts back to her, and her boobs bouncing, as he thrusts into her. "Oh, fuck me, Michael!" she moans, brow furrowing. Michael thrusts faster, causing her tits to whip up and down, until, finally, Maggie cums, screaming at the top of her lungs.

    As Michael pulls out, Maggie, catching her breath, lifts her ass up, indicating where she wants his cock next.

    "Um, Idunno about this, Maggie."

    "Just do this, Michael, and I'll give you a C plus."

    "C plus?"

    "Well, we don't want anyone to get suspicious." Michael slowly pushes his cock into Maggie's asshole. "Ooooh, fuuuuck..." Maggie groans as Michael starts slowly thrusting. "God, you have no idea how good this feels, Michael. I haven't had a big cock like yours in my ass in soooo long..." As her ass loosens up, Michael thrusts faster, causing her titties to again bounce up and down. We get another close-up, of Michael's cock thrusting in and out, and a shot of her face, grimacing as he sodomises her. Maggie again cums, this time letting out more of a throaty groan. We then hear him start to groan, then see him pull out, and cum all over Maggie, coating her from twat to neck with jism.

    Wiping herself off, Maggie smiles at Michael. "Good job, young man. You know, you're not such a bad kid. If you applied yourself in class the way you did here, you could be getting straight A's."

    "Can I go now, ma'am."

    "Yeah, you go. And don't worry about your grades."

    "Thanks," Michael sighs.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 2
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, anal, BDSM, con
    Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Camren Bicondova
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    The scene begins with Camren sitting in detention, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, and Scarlett sitting at the desk at the front of the room, wearing a silk blouse, black skirt, and glasses, with her hair up.

    "Ms. Bicondova, do you know why you're here?"

    Camren, disinterested, says, "Yeah, I called you a--"

    "Yes, we don't need to hear that word again. Cammy, if this behavior continues, I'm afraid we'll have to have your parents in."

    "Oh, that should be fun, you and my dad meeting up again."

    "I beg your pardon?"

    "You know what my dad said about you when you went to high school together?"

    "What did he say?"

    "He said you were the handjob queen back then." She mimes an HJ. "He said you really knew how to polish a helmet."

    Scarlett stares daggers for a second, then stands up. "Okay, miss, you want to be cute? Come here."

    Camren gets up and walks over to the desk. "Oh, this should be good. Now what?"

    "Bend over."

    "Bite me."

    "I said," Scarlett grabs the yard stick off the desk, "Bend over!" and whacks Camren in the stomach, causing her to double over. Once Camren is bent over, Scarlett whips down her skirt and panties, exposing her bare ass. Scarlett then rears back, and spanks Camren's ass with the ruler, causing her to scream. As Scarlett repeatedly slaps it, Camren's ass gets redder. Also, her screams start to sound more and more orgasmic. "Are you starting to enjoy this, you little whore?"

    "Yes," Camren squeaked, eyes tearing up.

    "Well, now I know how to discipline you." Scarlett opens her desk drawer, and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. "Hands." Camren holds her hands behind her back, and Scarlett cuffs her wrists.

    Scarlett then gets on her knees, and grasps Camren's buttcheeks. We see up close as Scarlett leans in and starts eating out Camren's ass, occasionally substituting a finger for her tongue.

    Scarlett then pulls a strap-on dildo out of her drawer, puts it on, and proceeds to fuck Camren doggy-style with it. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Camren's face screws up as she's fucked.

    Camren's now on her back, hands still cuffed, skirt and panties off, and shirt open, showing us her flat little chest. Scarlett kneels in front of her, eating out her pussy, which we get a close-up of. "Oh, God...Oh..." Scarlett then stands up, and again inserts the dildo into Camren's pussy, and continues fucking her. "Oh, fuck! Fuck!"

    "Language, young lady. Just for that..." Scarlett pulls out the dildo, and inserts it in Camren's tight little asshole, making her wince.

    "Shh...OW!" We see another close-up as the dildo moves in and out of Camren's fifteen year-old butthole, and hear her moan in a combination of pain and pleasure.

    We then see Scarlett bent over her desk naked, and we see another close-up, as Camren eats out her ass, and fingers her twat(with the cuffs still hanging off of one wrist). "Ooohhh...You're a very good girl..."Scarlett moans. We see Camren alternate between Scarlett's ass and pussy with her tongue and fingers.

    Later, the two lie together on the desk, tongue-kissing.

    "So," Scarlett says, "think you can be good from now on?"

    "Yes, Ms. Johansson." They again kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 3
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Fff, oral, anal, con
    Celebs: Michelle Dockery, Joey King, Willow Shields
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a principal's office, where Joey and Willow sit side by side, wearing schoolgirl uniforms that look like they've been torn up a bit. Across from them, Principal Dockery leans on her desk.

    "Now, Miss King, Miss Shields, I want to make it very clear that I don't give a damn who started it, or why. This sort of behavior is unacceptable."

    "We're sorry, Principal Dockery," both say, looking down in shame.

    "Now, as I see it, there's only one way to resolve this issue. I want you two to kiss and make up." Both give her a confused look. "Go on."

    Joey and Willow turn to each other, and we see in a close-up as the two share a long, tongue-laden kiss.

    "Yes, very good. Now then, let's see if you two can work together." Michelle lifts her skirt, revealing her full-bushed pussy. Joey and Willow glance at each other, then get on their knees, and we see another close-up, as they both start licking and fingering their principal's snatch. A shot of Michelle's face shows her brow furrowing, and her licking her lips and cupping her tongue, as she unbuttons and takes off her blouse.

    We cut back to another close-up. as Joey sucks on Michelle's clit, and Willow slides her tongue in the folds of her pussy, then back to Michelle, unhooking and taking off her bra, then feeling her breasts up, and pinching and pulling on her nipples.

    All three are now naked, with Willow lying on the desk, and Joey kneeling on one of the chairs. We get another close-up, where we see Joey's tongue probing Willow's twat. Michelle, meanwhile, is behind Joey, fingering her twat, and, as we see up close, eating out her ass.

    Joey now sits in the principal's chair, as Willow, sitting on the floor, eats her out in another close-up. We also see a close-up of Michelle eating and fingering Willow's twat.

    Michelle is now bent over the desk, while Joey and Willow, again in a close-up, hold her cheeks open, and lick and finger her butt-hole. "Yesss...you two work very well together." Michelle again feels herself up and cups her tongue, as they both eat out her asshole.

    Now both Joey and Willow are bent over the desk side by side, while Michelle stands behind them, with the first two fingers on each hand in their butts. The two grimace, moan and whine as their principal fingers their buttholes vigorously, which we see in alternate close-ups. Both seem to cum at the same time, both letting out high-pitched whines in unison.

    "Now then, think you two can get along and play nice?"

    "Yes, Principal Dockery," both again say in unison, this time more breathily.

    "Very good," Michelle smiles, and we fade out on Joey and Willow again tongue-kissing.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 4
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FFM, oral, anal, con
    Celebs: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chloe Moretz
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Mary, sitting on her desk, wearing a school teacher type outfit, with glasses, and holding a pointing stick.

    "Now then, class, today we're going to discuss sexual technique. For this, I'm going to need two volunteers." She points with her finger. "Uh, you, and you." Chloe and a guy, both in school uniforms, come up.

    The guy leans against the desk, and Mary and Chloe kneel in front of him. "First, we're going to discuss fellatio." She starts unzipping the guy's pants as she talks. "Now, I'm sure you've all seen porno movies where the woman gags herself on the guy's cock. Not only is this unnecessary, but most guys are turned off by this, for obvious reasons. Remember that the strongest muscles in your mouth are in the front, where your lips and tongue are, and the most sensitive part of a guy's cock is the head, and maybe the underside just behind it. And if you want to stimulate the shaft, you can also use your hand. Allow me to demonstrate." Mary takes the guy's cock out, and starts licking and sucking on the head, while stroking the shaft. The guy starts moaning. "Now, you see, real response. Girls, if you want to please a guy, this is the best way, and it also looks much sexier. Okay, I think it's time for Chloe to try."

    Chloe wraps her lips around the guy's cock, and starts sucking him off, similar to how Mary did it. "Yes, that's very good, Chloe. You're definitely using what I've told you." Chloe takes the cock out, and flicks the underside with her tongue. "Oh, now, you see, Chloe's using what I said about that spot under the head. Very good job, Chloe." Mary and Chloe now take turns sucking the guy off.

    It now cuts to Chloe sitting on the desk, naked, as Mary and the guy, also naked, kneel in front of her. "Now, cunnilingus. When you're going down on a woman, it's important to remember to use your entire tongue; use broad strokes, like you're licking an ice cream cone. Also, don't be afraid to use your fingers; a woman can be very appreciative of a finger in her hole, or on her clit, or caressing her labia." Mary starts to eat Chloe's pussy, demonstrating everything she just said. Chloe's brow furrows, her mouth screws up, and she starts to feel herself up. "Ronnie, you want to try it?" Ronnie starts to eat out Chloe now. "Yes, very good. Yes, now see how he rubs both sides of her labia with his thumb and forefinger? That's a very good way to get a woman's juices flowing."

    After a while, Mary stands up. "Okay, now I think it's time for you both to try it on me." Chloe gets down off the desk, and Mary takes her place. Chloe and Ronnie start taking turns eating Mary's pussy, as she moans, and pinches her nipples. "Yes, veeery good, both of you." Mary closes her eyes. "Yes, you're both very fast learners."

    Now Mary and Chloe are on the desk, with their legs spread. "Now, when engaging in intercourse, it's important not to go too fast, unless the woman specifically asks you; most women prefer a nice, steady pace." Ronnie inserts his cock into Mary's quim, and starts to thrust relatively slowly into her. "Yes...maybe a bit faster..." Ronnie speeds up a bit. "Yes, right there," Mary says, her voice wavering slightly, and breathing rapidly. Her tits start to bounce. "Oh, God!" Mary moans, tilting her head back. "That's absolutely perfect, Ronnie." Mary grabs her tits, and claws at them, as she climaxes.

    Ronnie now inserts his cock into Chloe, as Mary lies on her side, and observes. "Yes, just like you did with me. A nice steady pace..." Chloe's boobies bounces as Ronnie fucks her, and her face suggests how much she's enjoying it. Chloe tilts her head back, and moans loudly, as Mary squeezes and sucks on one of her titties. When she cums, Chloe lets out a loud, high pitched squeal.

    Mary now stands, hands on the end of the desk. "Now, contrary to what you may have heard, most women actually enjoy anal, when it's done right. Like vaginal intercourse, the important thing is not to go too fast, except with anal the ideal speed is even slower." Ronnie, standing behind her, inserts his cock into Mary's asshole, and again starts thrusting. "Yes, very good...slow and steady..." Mary furrows her brow, and cups her tongue. Her tits bounce slightly, as Ronnie fucks her ass. Breathing hard and voice again wavering, Mary says, "When done well enough, a woman can actually experience orgasm from from anal intercourse, without any stimulation to her vagina." Eventually, Mary buckles slightly, as she cums. "Yes, very good, Ronnie."

    Chloe again lays on the desk, as Ronnie starts to fuck her in the ass. "Now, vaginal stimulation during anal intercourse can be very pleasurable, especially at the moment of orgasm, as the anus contracts during climax, and having something inside it, preventing full contraction, can intensify the pleasure. Allow me to demonstrate." Mary leans over, and begins to eat Chloe's pussy, as Ronnie continues to fuck her ass. Chloe eventually cums, squealing even louder this time.

    Finally, Ronnie starts to groan, pulls his dick out, and starts jerking it over Chloe, before coating her neck to twat in his cum. "Now, after ejaculation, a man's member is incredibly sensitive, and a good, post orgasm suck can be greatly appreciated." Mary sucks the head of Ronnie's cock, and he moans loudly.

    Chloe wipes herself off, and sits up, as Mary again addresses the classroom. "Now, what I want you to do is pair up, and then go home, and practice what you've learned here today, and then next week, you will all be expected to give demonstrations of your technique. As for my two assistants, you both get A's. C'mon, big hand for these two!" Chloe and Ronnie smile and bow, as the class claps, and the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 5
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, con
    Celebs: Salma Hayek
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a Spanish class, where Salma sits on her desk, in a tight, white blouse and black skirt, while a single male student sits at the front of the class.

    "Now, Johnny, I've tried all kinds of techniques to help you learn Espanol, and I think I've found one that will work."

    "Okay, Ms. Hayek."

    Salma puts her foot up on Johnny's desk. "Now, what is this? In Spanish?"

    "Uh, pee-ay?"

    "You're stretching it out too much. It's pie."


    "Very good, Johnny. Now..." Salma then presses her foot against Johnny's chest. "What's this?"

    "Uhm, camisa?" Johnny says nervously.

    Salma chuckles. "No, under that."

    "Uh, p-pecho?"

    "Yes, now..." Salma moves her foot down, to between his legs. "What is my foot pressed against?"

    "Uh, pene?"

    "Come on, Johnny, no need to be so clinical."


    "Yes." Salma starts rubbing Johnny's crotch. "And it feels like your polla is getting very rigido."

    Continuing to rub Johnny's crotch, Salma unbuttons her blouse, then takes it off, followed by her black bra. "Now then," Salma asks, feeling herself up, "what are these?"


    "Very good. Now..." Salma takes off her skirt, then pulls down her panties. She then puts one leg up on her desk, and starts to rub her pussy. "What's this?"


    "Si. Now," Salma leans back on her hands, "comer mi co*o."

    Johnny gets down on his knees in front of Salma. We get our first close-up, as Johnny starts to eat out Salma's pussy.

    "Oh, Johnny," Salma moans, tilting her head back, "muy bueno." Johnny inserts two fingers in Salma's pussy hole, and licks around her clit. "Oh, si...si...siiiii..." Salma's brow furrows, as Johnny brings her off with his tongue.

    It then cuts to Salma kneeling in front of Johnny, sitting in his seat again. "Now then, lets see what you've got in your pantalones." Salma undoes Johnny's belt, then unzips his fly, then she pulls down the front of his boxers, and Johnny's large, rock-hard cock pops out. "Mierda!" Salma wraps her hand around Johnny's shaft, and starts to stroke it slowly. In another close-up, Salma wraps her lips around Johnny's cock, and begins to slide them up and down it. We hear Johnny moan, as Salma speeds up, and starts to play with Johnny's balls with her other hand.

    Salma then takes Johnny's cock out of her mouth, and wraps her big tits around it. "Si...you like that, muchacho?" We get a shot of Salma's tits, as she jerks Johnny off with them, the head peeking out from between them on every down-stroke.

    Salma again sits on her desk, leaning on her hands, legs spread, with Johnny standing in front of her. "Si...poner su polla en mí..." In yet another close-up, Johnny inserts his cock into Salma's cunt, and starts thrusting. "Oooh, fuck yes!" Salma growls through clenched teeth, as Johnny fucks her, making her boobs bounce. Salma lies back, and Johnny goes faster, causing her tits to almost hit her in the face. Suddenly, Salma screams hoarsely, as she cums.

    We now see Salma bent over her desk, with Johnny behind her. "Si...en mi culo." In one more close-up, Johnny pushes his cock into Salma's asshole, going balls deep. "Oooh, mierda!" Salma groans throatily, her face screwing up, like she's going to sneeze. Johnny starts slowly thrusting in and out of Salma's ass, causing her to let out a moan that's slightly painful, but mostly pleasurable. Johnny speeds up slightly, and Salma's body buckles a little. "Oh, dios mio..." Salma groans under her breath. Johnny goes faster and faster, until Salma again cums, groaning out loud.

    Salma once again kneels in front of Johnny, sucking him off quickly, intent on making him cum. Johnny starts groaning, and Salma stops, and holds her tits up as Johnny jerks off over them. Finally, with a loud groan, Johnny blows his load all over Salma's tits. Once he stops, Salma sucks on his head a bit, then says, "So, Johnny, how was that?"

    "Muy bueno..." Johnny gasps, catching his breath.

    Salma smirks. "A few more sessions of this, I think you'll be speaking Spanish like a native."

    "Si..." Salma grins at this, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 6
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, ws, con
    Celebs: Karen Gillan
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on student-teacher Miss Gillan hopping down the hall toward the Girls room. She arrives, only to find it's locked, with an 'Out of Order' sign on it.

    "Oh, bloody hell!" She then sees that the Boys room is open. "Fuck it!"

    Karen runs into the Boys room, and goes into a stall. There, she lifts up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and then sits on the toilet. We then get a close-up, as Karen starts peeing violently. We then see a shot of Karen closing her eyes and tilting her head back. "Ooooohhh..." she sighs with relief, as her bladder is emptied. After she finishes, we see an underside shot, as she wipes her pussy, then it cuts back to her as she flushes the toilet.

    As she's coming out of the stall, she's surprised by a student.

    "Miss Gillan? What are you doing in here?"

    "Shit! I mean...Look, Billy, I really had to pee, and the Girls room was locked, okay?"


    "Look, if you don't tell anyone you saw me in here, I'll make it worth your while, okay?"


    "I...uh...Okay, into the handicapped stall!"

    The two enter the stall and close the door behind them. Karen then gets on her knees in front of Billy. "Miss Gillan, what are you doing?"

    "Just, keep quiet, okay?" In another close-up, Karen undoes Billy's belt, then his pants, and then pulls down the front of his boxers, and his half-hard cock pops out. It then moves in even closer, as Karen wraps her lips around Billy's cock, and starts to suck him off, making him fully hard. Once he's fully erect, Karen slowly moves her head in, until his balls are on her lips, then slowly pulls back, repeating a few times.

    "Oh, jeez..." Billy moans, as Karen deep-throats his cock. We get another close-up shot, as Karen takes Billy's cock out, and licks up the underside, before flicking her tongue on the tip, and then continuing to suck him off. Suddenly, Billy asks, "Miss Gillan, can I fuck you?"

    "If you want to," Karen says, smiling up at him.

    Karen is now sitting on the toilet, leaning back, with her legs spread, and her dress on the floor. Her bra is pulled down a little, so her hard, pink nipples are exposed, and her panties are pulled aside, as we see in a close-up Billy sliding his cock into Karen's ginger pussy. "Ooooh, fuck!" Karen moans, as Billy starts to thrust into her. In a top-down shot, we see Billy's cock come out wet, as he thrusts in and out of Karen's twat. "Oh, God, Billy, your cock feels fucking amazing!" Billy thrusts harder, and Karen's titties bounce out of her bra. Finally, Karen grimaces, and cries out, "Fuck!" as she has her first orgasm. Billy pulls out, and Karen sits up, and again vigorously sucks his cock.

    It then cuts to Karen, still on the toilet, but with her legs in the air, and we see another close-up, as Billy slides his cock between her cheeks, and then pushes it into her tight, pink butt-hole. "Ooooh, fuck, yeh!" Karen groans, as Billy starts to fuck her ass. Again, we see Billy's cock coming out wet, as it goes in and out of Karen's asshole. Karen starts to shake, as another orgasm approaches. Suddenly, her whole body jerks, her face screws up, and she shrieks, as she again cums.

    "Oh, fuck, I wanna taste it!" Billy shoves his cock in Karen's mouth, and she again deep-throats it. He then puts it back in her ass, and fucks her some more, this time faster, as her asshole has loosened up. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh, fuck!" Karen is screaming bloody murder by the time Billy starts groaning, and again pulls out. Karen gets on the floor, and vigorously sucks him off, until he starts groaning louder. She then holds her mouth open, as Billy jerks off over it. Finally, Billy cums, getting most of it in Karen's mouth, but also some on her chin, on her cheek, even a little on her forehead. As soon as he stops, Karen gives him one more suck, making Billy moan.

    "Now, Billy, did you see me in here?"

    "I didn't see anyone in here, Miss Gillan."

    "Good boy," Karen smiles, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 7
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FMM, oral, anal, voy, mas, con
    Celebs: Gwendoline Christie
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Gwen, standing in a gym locker room, taking off her coach's uniform, followed by close-up shots of her tits and ass as she takes off her bra and panties. She then steps into the shower area, and turns one on. We next see her pick up a bar of soap, and start to soap up her body.

    Meanwhile, two male students walk into the locker room, appearing to have just been playing some sport. "Man, I'm telling you, aim for the square on the backboard, you'll swish it every time."

    "That's what I'm doing, dude, I still can't get it in!"

    Walking in, they hear the shower running.

    "Hold up, man, someone's in there."

    One of them peeks around a locker.

    "Holy shit," he whispers, "that's Christie!"

    "The field hockey coach? What's she doing in here?"

    "Idunno, maybe they're cleaning the girl's shower?"


    "I'll tell you one thing, though, she is pretty fine."

    "Coach Christie? Really?"

    "Take a look, man!"

    The other one looks. "Holy shit, look at that ass!"

    "You know, I can hear you out there."

    There's an awkward pause, then the two step out. "Uh, hi, Coach Christie."

    "Ah, Lamar, Brodie. Here to use the shower, too?"


    "C'mon, you look like you need it. Get in here."

    Lamar and Brodie start to get out of their sweaty clothes. When they lower their shorts, Gwen's eyes widen at the size of their cocks.

    As they all shower, Gwen can't help staring at their dicks. "So, you two like the way I look?"

    "You heard that?" Brodie says.

    "You talking about my arse, yes. Tell you what, you don't tell anybody you saw me in here, and I'll..."

    "Wait," Lamar says, "you talking about..."

    "You know," Brodie cuts in, "we had you figured for, uh..."

    "A dyke?" Gwen says.

    "Uh, yeah."

    "Yes, they've been saying that for years, but in spite of what you've heard, I'm a big fan of the cock. In fact, at the moment, I'm quite taken with yours..."

    It then cuts to Gwen kneeling between the two, stroking their now hard cocks, and, in a close-up, we see her lips sliding up and down Lamar's big black shaft, which she deep-throats, then she switches and does the same with Brodie's big white dick.

    We then see her bent over, continuing to suck off Brodie, as Lamar gets behind her, and starts fucking her pussy. In an underside shot, we see his black rod slide in and out of Gwen's twat. "Oh, fuck..." Gwen moans, taking Brodie's cock out of her mouth. "Grab my arse!" Lamar grabs Gwen's ass-cheeks, and starts thrusting into her faster, causing Gwen to groan loudly.

    Next, we see Gwen laid out on one of the benches, head turned to the side, sucking Lamar off, as Brodie now fucks her. In another close-up, we see Brodie's cock move in and out of her cunt. Brodie speeds up, causing Gwen's small tits to jiggle up and down, until she spits out Lamar's cock and cries out, suggesting she's cumming.

    "Mmm, very nice. Think you could shove that thing up my arse?"

    We see another close-up, as Brodie slides his cock between Gwen's cheeks, and into her asshole. "Ohhh, fuck!" As Brodie fucks her ass, Gwen diddles her twat with one hand, and stroke's Lamar's dick with the other.

    Now, we see Gwen standing between Lamar and Brodie, with one foot on the bench next to her. Another underside shows Lamar's cock is in her ass, and Brodie's in her pussy. "Yes," Gwen grunts, "fuck my holes! Oh, God!" Gwen throws her head back, groans, and grimaces, as she again cums.

    It then cuts to Gwen again kneeling between the two, jerking their dicks. Lamar starts groaning, and he shoots a big load all over Gwen's face. Brodie then groans, and further glazes Gwen. Gwen licks her lips, then sucks their swollen heads, to get the last drops.

    "So, you two promise not to tell anyone you saw me naked?"

    "Who would believe us?" Lamar jokes, and all three laugh, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 8
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, con
    Celebs: Zooey Deschanel, Brighton Sharbino
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Zooey sitting on the desk in an art class, when there's a knock on the door.

    "Come in." The door opens, and Brighton enters. "Oh, hi, Brighton. What can I do for you?"

    "Well, I've been thinking of what to do for my project, and I was wondering, could I paint you?"

    "Uh, sure. Just get a canvas and some paint."

    "Okay." Brighton goes to the closet to gather the stuff. "Oh, and, uh..."


    "Well, I was wondering..."


    "Well...I was wondering if I could paint you..."

    There's a lengthy pause, then Zooey says, "Naked?"

    "Um..." Brighton breaks out in giggles.

    "Yeah, I thought so." Zooey starts to unbutton her blouse with one hand. "Well, get your stuff together."

    Minutes later, Zooey sits on one of the art tables, naked, in an artistic pose. We get a shot of Zooey smiling, and shots of various parts of her body, including her breasts and bush, alternating with shots of those being painted.

    Finally, Brighton says, "Okay, I'm done."

    "Lemme see," Zooey asks, moving to the edge of the table. Brighton turns the easel around.

    "Oh, Brighton, that is lovely. I don't think I've ever looked so beautiful."

    "Well, I don't know. I don't think anything could compete with, uh..." Brighton again devolves into giggling.

    Smiling, Zooey says, "Brighton, can I be honest with you about something?"

    "Uh, yeah?"

    "I've...known for a while now that...well...you've got a crush on me."

    "Oh, no, Ms. Deschanel, I-"

    "Brighton, It's okay. There's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. We can't choose who we love."

    "Um, thank you." Brighton laughs nervously.



    "Have you ever been kissed?"

    "Um, no. I haven't."

    "Come here." Brighton steps forward, and Zooey puts one hand on the side of her face, then leans in, and kisses her on the lips. "Oh, Brighton..." Zooey whispers, "You're so young and beautiful." She kisses Brighton again, longer this time, and starts to undo the straps on her overalls, then, once those are down, grabs the bottom of her shirt, and pulls it off her.

    We then see the two of them, lying on the table, naked, painting each other's bodies various colors, including a close-up shot of Brighton's nipples, which Zooey paints green, and Zooey's navel, which Brighton paints a magenta circle around.

    Next, we see a close-up of Brighton's pussy, as Zooey starts licking the outside of it. Zooey holds open Brighton's pussy-lips, then licks the pink, juicy interior. "Oh...Oh, Ms. Deschanel..." Zooey's tongue probes deeper into Brighton's twat, causing Brighton to moan on every breath. "Huh...huh...huh..." Zooey is basically tongue-fucking Brighton, when she cums, her back arching, and moaning, "Huh!"

    Zooey is now on her back, running her fingers through Brighton's hair as, in another close-up, Brighton starts to lick and finger Zooey's hairy cunt. "Oh, Brighton, my little lover...Just like that, baby..." Back in the close-up, Brighton holds open Zooey's pussy lips, and flicks her tongue all over the inside. As Zooey approaches orgasm, she starts to jerk her hips. "Oh, God, baby!" Zooey's voice squeaks, "You're gonna make me cum!" Suddenly, Zooey's pussy sprays all over Brighton's face. Barely missing a beat, Brighton continues to slowly lick Zooey's pussy, as Zooey sighs vocally.

    The two, now sitting face to face, once again kiss, this time with some tongue visible.

    "Ms. Deschanel," Brighton whispers, "can I be your secret lover?"

    "Anything you want, baby," Zooey whispers back, grinning. They kiss one more time, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 9
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, con
    Celebs: Jessica Chastain, Elle Fanning
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Jess teaching a high school science class. As she's mid-sentence, the bell rings, and she talks over it.

    "And we'll continue this Monday. Read chapter 14 and have a good weekend. Miss Fanning, can I see you for a minute?"

    As the other kids leave, Elle approaches Jess, who's sitting on her desk. "Yes, Ms. Chastain? What is it?"

    Jess picks up an envelope from behind her. "I, uh, believe these are yours, Elle?"

    "Um, yeah." A close-up shows Jess pulling several printed out naked selfies of Elle.

    "You sent these to my house."

    "Well, yeah. I didn't wanna risk sending those through my phone, what with that whole fappening thing."

    "My husband could've seen them!"

    "I-I'm sorry, Jess."

    "Look, Elle, you know I love you, but I'm afraid we can't do this anymore. I mean, what we're doing is beyond inappropriate, and we came really close to my husband finding out."

    "I...Jess, please, I-I love you!" Elle starts to tear up.

    "Elle, please...You should be with someone your own age, who, you know, isn't your teacher...or married..."

    Elle wipes her eyes. "Well, can we at least...one last time?"

    Jess thinks for a moment, then says, "Let me lock the door." As Jess goes to do so, Elle sits on the science table behind her. Jess comes back, and her and Elle start kissing. A close-up shot of their mouths shows brief glimpses of their tongues, writhing and entwining together.

    The camera pulls back to show Jess groping Elle's knee, hand moving toward her plaid skirt. Elle then starts to unbutton her white blouse, while Jess pulls off her sweater. Once Elle gets her shirt off, Jess pulls down the front of her bra, exposing her nipples. In another close-up, Jess licks and sucks on one of them, making it hard and pointy. "Uhm..." Elle moans, and bites her lip. She then takes off her skirt, and Jess moves down, and, in yet another close-up, Jess pulls aside the crotch of Elle's white cotton panties, and buries her tongue in Elle's juicy slit. "Oh...oh...ooh..." Elle leans back, and pinches and pulls on her nipples, as Jess eats her pussy. Cutting back to the close-up, Jess starts to finger Elle's twat, while roughly licking her clitoris. "Mm-mmm!" Elle whines, her back arching, as she cums.

    Jess is again sitting on her desk, with her black bra pulled down, and, in another close-up, Elle is licking, sucking, and even gently biting her pink nipples. "Oh, Elle, baby..." Jess moans, tilting her head back. A shot of her panties shows Jess rubbing herself through them. She then pulls them aside, and starts fingering her ginger cunt. Elle kisses down Jess' stomach, then, in still another close-up, starts licking the outside of her pink snatch, until Jess spreads her lips with her fingers, at which point Elle starts licking the copious amount of juice from the inside. Jess again tilts her head back, while biting her lip and furrowing her brow. Once again in the close-up, Elle fingers Jess' hole, while sucking on her clit. "Oh, yes! Oh, God! Elle, you're gonna make me cum!" Suddenly, Jess falls back on the desk, crying out hoarsely, as she climaxes.

    Elle is now bent over her table, as Jess kneels behind her, squeezing her butt-cheeks. In another close-up, Jess' tongue caresses Elle's pink asshole. "Uhm...mm...unh..." Jess inserts her first two fingers in Elle's ass, causing her to moan even louder, then pulls them out, and sucks the juice from them, before continuing to lick Elle's butthole. As she does this, Elle, with her arm under her, rubs her dripping wet pussy.

    Jess is now on her hands and knees on the table, as, in one more close-up, Elle licks and tongue-fucks her quivering anus. "Oh, God, little girl...I keep forgetting how good you are at that." As Elle performs analingus on her, Jess rubs and fingers her pussy. "Mm, finger my ass, baby..." Elle inserts her middle finger in Jess' asshole, and fucks it roughly. "Ah! Mmf! Fffuck!"

    We now see the two lying side by side, flicking their tongues together. "Oh, God, Elle...I can't let you go...I love you too much...I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can't give you up, baby." Elle smiles at this, and they kiss passionately, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 10
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, con
    Celebs: Jennifer Aniston
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a young man walking to his front door. "Coming!" He opens the door, to find Jennifer standing there. "Wh-Ms. Aniston!"

    "Oh, c'mon, Justin, we're not in school, call me Jenny."

    "I...Jenny, what the hell are you doing here? I told you I can't see you anymore!"

    "I know, honey, that's why I came by. I want you back."

    "J-Ms. Aniston, I'm your student; we shouldn't have been doing it in the first place! What if my parents found out?"

    "Speaking of which, they're not here, are they?"

    "No, they're in Florida for the weekend."

    "Hm, really?" Jennifer smirks wickedly, then sees the way Justin's glaring at her. "Oh, c'mon, baby! Don't you miss our tutoring sessions, just a little bit?" She steps forward, places her hand on Justin's shoulder, and starts to rub it. "Remember that first time, when we had sex on my bed?"

    Justin sighs in irritation. "Yes, Jenny."

    Jen then places her other hand on Justin's other shoulder. "You know, I remember we used to talk about doing it in your bed, but didn't know how you were going to sneak me past your parents."

    "Yeah..." Justin appears to be loosening up.

    "And they'll be gone for the whole weekend..." Jennifer whispers this, as she leans in, presses her lips to Justin's, and the two share an open-mouthed kiss.

    We now see the two kneeling on Justin's bed, making out, both sans shirts. Justin starts groping Jennifer's tits through her bra, then leans down, and buries his face between them, as he continues to squeeze and fondle them. "Ooh, Justin..." she moans, then proceeds to remove her bra. In our first close-up, we see Justin suck one of Jen's nipples, as he continues to manhandle her tits. As he does this, Jen kisses his neck and shoulder. She then leans in, and whispers in his ear, "Lie down, baby..."

    As Justin lays back, Jennifer leans forward, and starts kissing down his chest, then stomach, while she undoes his belt, then unzips his jeans. She then reaches into his boxers, and pulls out his already throbbing hard cock. "Hmm..." she sighs, smiling, "Always ready for me, huh, baby?" She then leans down, and, in another close-up, wraps her lips around his rigid shaft, and begins to suck him off.

    "Uhmmm..." Justin moans. Back in the close-up, Jen kisses and licks the underside of his cock, before continuing to fellate him. At one point, she jerks him off, while kissing around his hip, before again continuing to suck him.

    Now, we see Jennifer straddling Justin, lowering herself onto his cock. "Ohhh, yes..." she moans, tilting her head back, as she starts to ride him. "God, I love how deep your cock goes inside me..." As she rides him, her tits jiggle slightly. After a while, she speeds up, causing her tits to bounce faster. She then leans down, and the two again kiss, as Justin now grabs her hips, and starts to thrust up into Jen, causing her to moan into his mouth.

    Jen is now on her back, face twitching, brow furrowing, watching as, in another close-up, Justin fingers her pussy, occasionally taking his fingers out, and sucking her moisture off them. Before long, he then leans in, and starts to lick her by now drooling cunt. "Oh, baby...You're amazing at that..." Back in the close-up, Justin holds Jennifer's pussy open, and laps up her copious juices, then starts to lick around her clit. "Oh...fuck..." Jennifer gasps, breathing audibly between words. Eventually, she starts to shake, clutching at herself, digging her nails into her tits. "Oh, God, Justin! Give me back that cock!"

    Justin is now kneeling between Jen's thighs, holding her ass up, as, in another close-up, we see his cock pump in and out of her. "Oh!" Jennifer squeaks, face contorting, "Oh, God!" As Justin thrusts into her, Jen's tits whip up and down, and we see her chest, neck, and stomach are visibly starting to sweat. "Uhmmm!" Jennifer groans, biting her lip, and we see her forehead is also starting to sweat, hair starting to stick to her forehead. Suddenly, Jen starts screaming and convulsing. "OH, FUCK! FUCK ME!"

    We now see Jen on her side, as Justin, lying behind her, continues to thrust into her, with one hand tightly grasping her tit. Before long, Jennifer again starts screaming, as another orgasm hits her. As they both catch their breath, Justin suddenly pulls out, and, in another close-up, slides his cock between Jen's cheeks, and into her moist, sweaty asshole. "Uh! Wh..." Jennifer closes her eyes, bares her teeth, and starts to groan deeply, as Justin slowly fucks her ass. Back in the close-up, Justin's cock pumps in and out of Jen's ass, which has loosened up somewhat.

    Suddenly, Justin starts groaning, and pulls his cock out, aiming for Jen, and, soon after, he shoots his load, landing all over Jen's sweaty chest and stomach. "Hmm..." Jen sighs, smiling, then turns her head to Justin, and the two share another deep, sexy kiss.

    Later, the two lay facing each other, under a sheet. "You know," Jen says, smiling, "it just occurred to me, do your parents even know I'm your teacher?"

    "It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't. Why?"

    "I was just thinking, when you go to college next year..."

    "I know where you're going with this, and I'm pretty sure they'd find out. Besides, you're older than both of them."

    Jen drops her smile. "I thought you didn't care about that."

    "I don't, but they might."

    Jen's smile creeps back in. "I suppose I'm hoping for too much." She places her hand on his shoulder. "Well, I have you right now, and I guess that's enough to make me happy."

    Justin smiles back at her. "You wanna go again?"

    Jen chuckles at this. "Of course!" The two kiss, and start again, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 11
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, ws, con
    Celebs: Susan Sarandon
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a school gymnasium, where a party is taking place, with a banner saying, "Welcome Back, Class of '08!" We see Susan sitting alone, with a cup of punch.

    "Holy shit, Ms. Sarandon!" One of the classmates walks over.

    "Billy? Billy Sullivan?"

    "You remember!"

    "Wow, you've, uh, grown into quite a handsome young man."

    "Yeah, I know," Billy says, sitting down next to her. "I don't think I hit a hundred pounds until college."

    "And your skin!"

    "Yeah, that cleared up about that time, too. And, God, look at you! You're still hot as fuck!"

    Susan laughs, covering half her face with her hand. "Yeah, I could tell back then you were thinking of me that way. Especially whenever I wore something low cut..."

    "Oh, yeah. You know, now that you're not my teacher anymore, I feel like I can finally tell you, uh...I used to fap to you."

    "Again, I had a feeling."

    There's a pause, then Billy gets a look in his eye. "So, you still with Mr...um..."

    "No, we split up about eight years ago. What about you, since you're so interested in my love life?" Susan smirks as she says this.

    "I have kind of an off-and-on thing, which is off right now."

    "Oh, well, that's convenient." Both laugh out loud at this.

    "Yeah, I know, I'm not being very subtle, am I?"

    "That's okay, honey. But, you do realize I'm old enough to be your grandmother, right?"

    "Yeah, you've never been shy about that. Look..." Billy grabs a napkin from the table next to him, and pulls out a pen. "Lemme just give the room number for the hotel I'm staying at..."

    "Oh, Jesus..." Susan chuckles, "You're really doing this."

    "Yeah, I know..." Billy chuckles with her. "You probably won't even show up, but...fuck it."

    Susan takes the napkin. "You never know, I may surprise you."

    It then cuts to Susan getting out of a hotel elevator. After looking both ways, she walks down the hall, finally stopping at one door, and knocking. Seconds later, Billy answers. "Susan, you came!"

    "Well, you know, I was just thinking, 'He's not my student anymore, so fuck it.'"

    "Well, come in." He ushers Susan in, and she enters. "Have a seat."

    As soon as the door closes, Susan grabs Billy, and pushes him against the wall. "Oh, come on, Billy..." she whispers aggressively, "You didn't invite me up here to sit..." She then shoves her tongue in his mouth, and the two start making out.

    "Holy shit..." Billy says, between kisses. "Never seen this side of you."

    "You like it?"

    "I think it's obvious I do."

    Susan smirks, and the two continue making out, while, down below, we see her rub up against Billy's area. "Hm...sit down."

    Billy sits on the bed, and Susan proceeds to strip out of her dress, then stand before him completely naked. Seeing where his eyes are pointed, she begins to fondle her large breasts. "Are they everything you imagined them to be?"

    Billy snickers. "Oh, yeah." Smiling, Susan gets on her knees in front of him, and starts to undo his belt, then unzips his pants, and finally pulls down his boxers, and his hard cock bounces out.

    "Fuck..." In our first close-up, Susan starts to stroke Billy's cock, then leans down, and begins to suck him off. "Hmm..." she moans onto his dick, as her lips slide up and down the rigid shaft.

    "God..." Billy sighs, and, back in the close-up, we see Susan stroking his shaft, while licking and sucking his swollen head.

    We now see Susan on the bed, kneading her big tits, as, in another close-up, Billy fingers her drooling snatch, while licking around her clit. "Oh, God, Billy..." Susan gasps, looking down at Billy as he eats her out. "I know men twice your age who aren't as good at that as you." Back in the close-up, Billy pulls his fingers out, and sucks them.

    Now, Billy kneels between Susan's thighs, as, in another close-up, he inserts his cock in her sopping wet cunt, and starts to thrust in and out. "Oh, fuck, Billy..." Susan moans, her tits starting to bounce and jiggle. Billy grabs her hips, and speeds up, and Susan's titties begin to whip up and down. "Oh, God!" Susan's face contorts, as she again grabs her tits, this time digging her nails in.

    Susan now straddles Billy, in a reverse cowgirl position, as, in another close-up, she guides herself onto his cock, and then starts to ride him. "Oh, fuck..." she sighs raspily, "Your cock feels so good inside me, Billy..." As she rides him her tits again bounce and jiggle, occasionally slapping against each other.

    Now, Susan's on her hands and knees, with Billy kneeling behind her. "Yeah, put it in..." In another close-up, Billy presses his cock against Susan's tight asshole, and pushes it in slowly. "Oh! Fuck!" Susan starts to groan and grunt, as Billy fucks her ass. Back in the close-up, Susan starts to diddle her twat, going faster as he, too, speeds up. "Oh, fuck! Huh!" Suddenly, Susan's twat squirts all over the bed, and goes for a good thirty seconds before stopping.

    We now see Billy on his back, with Susan on her knees in front of him, as, in another close-up, she vigorously sucks and strokes him, intent on making him cum. Before long, Billy starts groaning, and Susan holds her mouth open over his cock, while continuing to stroke him, until he starts spurting, some of it landing on her tongue. Once he stops, she licks up the rest of his cum, and then gives his cock one last suck.

    Later, we see Susan lying on her side next to Billy. "So, how long are you here?"

    "Oh, I go home tomorrow."

    "Ah, it figures. Well, you mind if I stay here with you tonight?"

    "Fuck, I'd stay here with you if I could."

    Susan grins at this. "Well, let's at least keep in touch." She leans over, and the two kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 12
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, anal, mas, con
    Celebs: Amber Heard, Lulu Wilson
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Amber teaching a class of middle schoolers. As she paces, giving her lesson, Lulu watches her, mouth gaping a little, before she bites her lip.

    "So, who can tell me what other states were admitted after 1900?" Several students raise their hands. "Uh, Ryan." As the student gives the answer, Amber suddenly finds herself distracted, as she notices Lulu has her hands under her desk. "Uhm, correct, Ryan..."

    Later, the bell rings, and the class gets up to leave. "Ms. Wilson, would you mind staying behind a minute?" Lulu starts to sit down again. "Uh, please, sit up here." Lulu gets back up, and sits up front, across from Amber, who leans on her desk. "Lulu, I hope you don't mind me asking this. I noticed you had your hands under the desk for most of today's class, and you were also chewing your lip a lot. I...again, I don't want to embarrass you, but, were you...masturbating?"

    "Um...no..." Amber nods her head, looking incredulous at Lulu's answer.

    "Lulu, could you lift your skirt for me?"


    "Just...lift it up for me..." Sheepishly, Lulu lifts her skirt, to reveal she has no panties on. "Lulu, I ask you again. Were you masturbating in my class?"



    "I...don't wanna say."

    Amber sighs. "Okay, you don't have to tell me..." Amber then lifts her own skirt, revealing, to Lulu's surprise, she's also going commando. "I think I know why, anyway..." She then starts rubbing and fingering her pussy. "Uhm..." Amber sighs, and bites her lip. Lulu, now even more surprised, but also visibly turned on, starts playing with her own thirteen year old twat. Seeing Lulu touch herself, Amber licks her lips, and breathes hard. "Lulu...do you know what cunnilingus is?"

    "Um, yes, ma'am." Amber responds to this answer by beckoning Lulu to her with her finger.

    Hesitantly, Lulu gets down in front of Amber, then sticks her tongue out, and starts to lick the outside of her pussy, before working it inside her folds. "Mmm..." Amber moans, rubbing her thighs, before starting to unbutton her blouse, eventually revealing a black bra underneath, which she then takes off, as Lulu gets more into eating her out. "Oh, fuck..." Amber gasps, feeling her breasts up, then moving her hands down, and again rubbing her thighs. "Oh, God, you're so good at that..." Amber whimpers, voice shaking, as Lulu starts to finger her, while licking her clit. "Ohf...Oh, God, Lulu, right there..." Amber tilts her head back, and again bites her lip, face contorting. Suddenly, she digs her nails into her thighs, and lets out a deep, throaty groan.

    Now, Lulu is lying on Amber's desk, naked, legs spread, as Amber sits in her chair in front of her, fingering her tight little pussy, and rubbing her little clitty with her thumb. Eventually, Amber leans in, and starts licking Lulu's pussy, sliding her tongue inside her oozing slit. "Oh, God..." Lulu whines, feeling up her little boobies, and rubbing her hard little nipples. As Amber probes her cunt deeper, she pulls her fingers out of Lulu's drooling cooze, and inserts them in her tight, young butthole. "Oh! Hoh!" Lulu starts to grind and buck her hips, before finally arching her back, and squealing shrilly.

    As Lulu gasps for air, a smiling Amber stands up, and leans over her. "So, do you want me to stop masturbating in your class?"

    "Well, yes, I mean, it's a distraction. But, uh, maybe start coming after school for a little extra-curricular work, and..."

    "Gotcha," Lulu says, smiling, and Amber leans down, and gives her a lustful tongue-kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 13
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Katheryn Winnick, Sophia Lillis
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    We fade in on a high school running track, where we see several girls doing laps, as Katheryn stands on the sideline, providing support. "C'mon, my grandmother can run faster than that!"

    Later, in the locker room, we see Katheryn watching the girls undress, then file into the shower. Sophia's last in line, and half her body is bright red. "Whoa." Katheryn stops Sophia from entering. "That looks bad. Does it hurt?"

    "Uh, yeah, it stings a little."

    "Yeah, I'd better see to you in my office."

    Moments later, Sophia is sitting in Katheryn's office, as Katheryn takes out a bottle of lotion. "This'll feel a bit cold." She squirts some on Sophia's back, causing her to wince, then Katheryn proceeds to rub it into her back and shoulders. "God, your skin feels hot to the touch. Someone as pale as you shouldn't be out so long without sunblock." As she rubs the lotion in, Sophia starts to look intoxicated. "Especially you, Sophie, you have beautiful skin..." Katheryn squirts some more lotion into her hand, and starts rubbing it into Sophia's neck, who starts to tremble.

    "Ms. Winnick?"

    "Yes, Sophie?"

    "I feel...funny."

    "Funny how?"

    "Like...I don't know, my heart is going really fast. You think it's the sunburn?"

    Katheryn looks puzzled for second, then smiles. "Well...What if I do this?" Katheryn leans down, and starts kissing Sophia's neck and shoulders, causing her to breathe hard.

    "Ms. Winnick...what are you doing?"

    "Oh, Sophie...Turn your head..." Sophia does so, and Katheryn gives her a long, sultry tongue kiss. "I have wanted to do that for so long..." Katheryn kisses Sophia again, and her hands migrate down, where she starts feeling up Sophia's young breasts.

    "Ms. Winnick...Can you touch my pussy?" Katheryn immediately moves one hand down, lightly touching Sophia's stomach, then between her legs, and Sophia breathes in, body tensing up.

    As Katheryn fingers Sophia, she asks, "Do you ever touch yourself, Sophie?"


    "Has anyone...ever licked you down there?"


    "Do you want me to?" Sophia subtly nods, so Katheryn turns her chair around. After looking her up and down for a second, Katheryn leans in, and starts kissing and licking Sophia's pink nipples, before kissing down her stomach. Katheryn then starts kissing Sophia's thighs, as she parts them, before moving in on her moist, young ginger twat, kissing it for a second, then sliding her tongue in her juicy, light pink slit.

    "Huh!" Sophia gasps vocally, brow furrowing, as Katheryn licks her out.

    "Does this feel better than touching?" Katheryn whispers between licks.

    "Yeah...it does."

    "Sophie? Can you do something for me?"


    "Tell me when you cum..." Katheryn continues licking Sophie's pussy, working her tongue deeper inside.

    "Huh! Uhm..." Gripping the arms of the chair, Sophia gasps and squeaks, as Katheryn starts to lick her little clitty. "Ohg...Huhm..." As she gets closer, Sophia starts to shake, and her knuckles turn white. Suddenly, she takes a deep breath, and squeals, "I'm cumming, Ms. Winnick! I'm cumming!"

    As Sophia recovers from her orgasm, Katheryn comes up, and gives her another tongue kiss, allowing her to taste her own juices.

    "Ms. Winnick?"

    "Yes, Sophie?"

    "Can I...do you?"

    Katheryn grins, then stands up, and begins taking her clothes off. Once she's naked, Katheryn sits on the edge of her desk, and beckons Sophia closer. Hesitantly, Sophia gets down off the chair, and on her knees, then tilts her head up, and starts licking the outside of Katheryn's pussy, then works her tongue inside.

    "Oh, Sophie..." Katheryn moans, tilting her head up, and pulling on her hard nipples. "You're doing that so good..." She then bites her lip, and furrows her brow, as Sophia buries her tongue deep in her drooling cunt. "Oh!" Katheryn suddenly jerks her hips slightly. "Oh, right there, Sophie...Yes..." Katheryn again jerks, grunting this time. This continues, until Katheryn is bucking her hips, until finally, grimacing, she groans throatily, "Oh, fuck. Sophie, I'm cumming."

    As Katheryn catches her breath, Sophia comes up, and the two again kiss. "You'd better get to your next class..." Katheryn whispers, and Sophia nods, smiling, before walking out of the office, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 14
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, ws, rom, con
    Celebs: Pom Klementieff, Mckenna Grace
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    We fade in on a middle school art class, where we see the students filing out, the bell having just rang. The teacher, Pom, stops Mckenna. "Mckenna, can I talk to you?"

    "Okay, Ms. Klementieff."

    "I was thinking over what you said about wanting to sketch live models? And I had an idea: Would you like to sketch me?"

    "Um..." Mckenna starts giggling, big smirk on her face. "Okay..."

    "Do you know where my house is?"

    "Oh, yeah, I think you told us."

    "That's right...Well, how about you come over Friday night, and you can practice on me?"

    "Why not here?"

    "Oh, uh, I have a whole space cleared out there, you know...It's better for that kind of thing than here."


    That night, Pom answers her door, to find Mckenna on the other side. "Mckenna! Come in!" Mckenna enters. "So, did you want to start now, or we could have dinner first, if you like?"

    "Oh, I already had dinner, ma'am."

    "Okay, well, let me show you the space we'll be working in..."

    Pom leads Mckenna to a space in the basement, where she has some boxes, covered with grey sheets. "Wow! Do you do all your modeling here?"

    "Well, for friends, yes."

    As Mckenna is looking at the set, she suddenly notices Pom start to undress. "Uhm...Ma'am, what are you doing?"

    "You wanted a live model to practice with? You're going to need to learn to work with curves and contours..." Once she's naked, Pom gets into a reclining position on the boxes, propped up on her elbows, with one knee up.

    "Uhm...okay..." Nervously, Mckenna sits down, and begins sketching.

    Some minutes later, a more relaxed Mckenna announces. "I'm done."

    "Oh, lemme see..." Mckenna holds her sketch up. "Oh, that's beautiful, Mckenna!" Pom points to certain parts of the picture. "Very nice job on my, um, anatomy..."

    "Yeah. Felt kind of funny working on those parts..." Pom giggles at this.

    "Well, now it's your turn."

    "Um, what?"

    Pom smiles. "Take your clothes off."

    "Um, okay..." Again nervous, Mckenna starts to disrobe.

    More minutes later, we see Mckenna once again looking more relaxed, as Pom finishes up her sketch. "Okay, what do you think of this?" Pom holds the pad up.

    "Very nice, Ms. Klementieff."

    "Well..." Pom gets up, and sits next to Mckenna, who herself sits up. "I have wanted to draw you ever since you first came into my class." As she says this, Pom places her hand under Mckenna's chin. "Such a beautiful child..." Mckenna smiles at this. "Such a shame a love like mine for you is considered 'immoral' in your country..."


    "Mckenna..." Pom whispers, leaning in slowly. "Can you feel my love?" Pom then kisses Mckenna, who, while momentarily confused, begins to kiss back. After the kiss, Pom whispers again, "Would you like to go to my bedroom?"

    Moments later, the two are on Pom's bed, kissing, Pom caressing Mckenna's young body, before pushing her onto her back. Kissing down her chest and stomach, Pom sucks Mckenna's little nipples, and licks around her navel. Finally, Pom begins licking Mckenna's twelve year old twat. "Ooh! Huh..." Mckenna starts to moan and breathe hard, watching Pom lick her out. "Ms. Klementieff...I feel funny..."

    "Have you ever played with yourself?" Mckenna shakes her head, and Pom smiles. "Well...you're in for a nice surprise..." Pom continues to eat Mckenna's pussy, fingering her cunt while licking her little clitty

    "Oh, God! Oh!" Before long, Mckenna lets out a shrill squeal, as her pussy suddenly squirts in Pom's face. "Oh, Ma'am, I'm..."

    "No..." Pom giggles, licking her lips, "That was nice...Did that feel good?" Mckenna nods quickly. "Would you like to do me, now?"

    "Can I touch your boobies?"

    "Yes...Yes, you can..."

    Now Pom is propped up on her elbows, as Mckenna, straddling her lap, squeezes her big tits, and sucks her puffy nipples. "Oh, Mckenna..." Pom moans, "I hope you grow up to have large breasts, so you know how good this feels..."

    Eventually, Mckenna makes her way between Pom's legs, where she starts licking the outside of her pussy. "Ohh..." Pom moans, tilting her head back. "That feels so lovely..." Her moans deepen, and her face contorts, as Mckenna works her tongue inside Pom's juicy slit. "Oh! God..." Pom starts to shake, before, finally, the orgasm hits her. "Ooh!"

    As Pom catches her breath, Mckenna crawls up her, until they're face to face. "I love you, Mckenna..." Pom sighs, then the two kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 15
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Rashida Jones
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    We fade in on band practice, where we see Rashida conducting the students, until somebody makes a mistake, causing everybody to laugh.

    "Okay, class, settle down. Milton, where were we?"

    "Uh, second line."

    "Okay, we'll just start at the top of the page." Rashida lifts her stick, and the band starts playing again.

    Later, two students are leaving the school, talking. "Man, Ms. Jones is fine!"

    "Yeah, but I don't think she'd be interested in you," the other one says, chuckling.

    "What? Why not?"

    "Wasn't that you who screwed up earlier?"


    "And don't you do that a lot?"

    "Hey, not as much as you do!"

    "Yeah, but I ain't tryin' to fuck her."

    "So, who do you think she would go for? Fucking Milton?"

    "Oh, hell, no! Fuck, that nerd wouldn't know what to do with a woman like her!"

    It cuts to Rashida making out with Milton in the darkened band room. "Hmm..." Rashida smiles up at Milton, rubbing the front of his pants seductively. "So, do you just have this thing raging all through practice?"

    "What can I say, ever since he heard you play the flute the first time, I can't keep him down around you." Rashida laughs at this.

    "I think seeing me purse my lips might've had something to do with it, too..." Rashida gives Milton another kiss, then lowers to her knees, and then slowly pulls down Milton's zipper, while licking her lips up at him. Finally, Rashida reaches in, pulls out his cock, and begins to suck Milton off.

    "Fuck..." Milton whispers, as Rashida's lips slide up and down his rigid member.

    "Language, young man!" Rashida says, then smirks, causing him to laugh, as she continues blowing him, licking and sucking his head, while gripping the base tightly. "Huhm..." Rashida sighs, as she kisses the underside, just above his balls, before making her way back up, then flicking her tongue on the tip, and again continuing.

    Later, we see Rashida on her back on one of the tables, as Milton leans over her sucking her dark brown nipples. "Uhm..." Rashida moans faintly, then breathes hard as Milton kisses down her stomach. Squatting in front of her, Milton pulls aside Rashida's panties, and proceeds to lick her out, sliding his tongue inside her oozing slit, while fingering her drooling hole. "Oh, God..." Rashida gasps, face contorting, then groans, "Ohh..." as Milton holds her pussy open, and laps up her juices from the pink inside, then flicks his tongue side to side over her throbbing clit.

    Now, Milton is on top of Rashida, who groans long and deep, as he inserts his cock into her, then gasps vocally, as he begins to thrust into her, causing her brow to furrow, and her breasts, with their achingly hard nipples to bounce and jiggle. "Oh, God! Ouh! Fuck!" Rashida starts to cry out, craning her neck back.

    "How'd you never become a famous singer?"

    Rashida smirks, and chuckles. "Because I can only sing like that while being fucked?"

    "Then, how'd you never become a famous porn star?" Rashida laughs, giving Milton a light slap, and he laughs himself, then leans down and they kiss.

    Rashida is now bent over one of the chairs, Milton fucking her from behind. "Oh, God! Huh!" Milton grabs her waist, and starts fucking her deeper, causing her to almost scream. "Oh, fuck! Keep hitting that spot!" Finally, Rashida shrieks, loud enough to echo in the big, open band room, "Oh, God, I'm cumming!" At the same time, Milton grimaces, and lets out a deep grunt.

    Sweaty and disheveled, Rashida stands up, and wraps her arms around Milton's neck, as he kisses hers, and caresses her breasts and stomach. "I don't know what I'm gonna do when you graduate..." she murmurs, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 16
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, ws, con
    Celebs: Millie Bobby Brown, Daisy Ridley
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    We fade in on Millie lying on her bed, awake, as she starts to narrate. "I am very confused. I have these weird feelings that I don't really understand, whenever I'm in Ms. Ridley's class. I...keep feeling like I want to kiss her. Whenever I look at her, I start thinking I might be a lesbian, but that can't be." Lying there, staring at the ceiling, Millie starts feeling herself up through her nightshirt. "Bloody hell..." she mutters to herself, "I'm not a lesbian. I'm not." Eventually, Millie closes her eyes, and whispers, "Fuck..." as she begins rubbing herself through her panties. "Uh...Ms. Ridley..."

    We now see Daisy sitting on the edge of her desk, smiling flirtily at Millie, and beckoning her with her finger. Millie, in her school uniform, and the only one in Daisy's class, gets up, and walks up to Daisy, and then the two kiss passionately. After a bit, Daisy stands up, and helps Millie up onto the desk. Smiling up at her, Daisy pushes Millie's skirt up, as Millie parts her thighs. Daisy then moves aside Millie's panties, as the latter does so in real life, then begins to finger her pussy. "Huhm...." Millie sighs, tilting her head back, then takes off her school shirt, and rubs herself through her bra, as Daisy begins slowly licking her cunt. "Ohg...Hm..." Millie lays back on the desk, sliding her fingers into her bra, and rubbing her nipples, making them hard and pointy. Daisy, meanwhile, starts licking around Millie's clit in rhythmic circles, causing her to twitch and breathe hard. "Oh, God...Ms. Ridley, I'm gonna..." Millie suddenly grimaces, and groans, as, both in the fantasy and reality, she cums.

    Millie lies there for a moment, idly touching herself, as she catches her breath, before starting to masturbate again. Back in the fantasy, Daisy's laying back on the desk, rubbing and pinching her hard nipples, as Millie, kneeling in front of her, licks the outside of Daisy's pussy, before pulling her lips open, and lapping up her juices from the pink inside. "Ooh..." Breathing choppily, Daisy rubs and fondles her small breasts, before moving one hand down, and running her fingers through Millie's hair, as the latter starts to finger her. "Oh, Millie..." she moans breathily, "I've secretly wanted you since you first walked into my class..." She then groans, as Millie fingers her faster, and flicks her tongue on her clit, causing her to jerk her hips. Suddenly, baring her teeth, Daisy's voice cracks as she cries out, and her pussy squirts all over Millie's neck and chest, as, in reality, Millie's pussy squirts as well.

    Sighing, Millie fixes her panties, then rolls over on her side, and closes her eyes, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 17
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sadie Sink
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    We fade in on the front door of Maggie's house, where we see Sadie approach, and knock. Moments latter, Maggie answers. "Oh, hey, Sadie! I think you're early."

    "Yeah, well, I figured if we got started early, you know..."

    "Well, whenever you wanna start. C'mon in."

    Later, we see the two in the kitchen, surrounded by various baking implements, as Maggie slides a tray into the oven, and closes the door. "Okay, got those in." She then leans on the kitchen island, next to Sadie, who's scooping up the last remnants of dough from the bowl, and licking it off her fingers. "Hm, let me have some of that." Maggie reaches over, and scoops some up herself. "So, something tells me you'd like to be a chef."

    "You can tell?"

    "Well, you asked for this extra credit, even though you're acing my class."

    "I think I just like the idea of making my own creations."

    "So, you think you might start a restaurant, or a bakery?"

    "Something like that."

    Maggie looks down, and dusts herself off. "Well, I should probably change. You okay down here?"

    "Oh, uh, yeah." Sadie stammers, looking straight ahead, as she says this, then watches Maggie as she leaves the room.

    Minutes later, Maggie's in her bedroom, taking off her flour covered shirt and pants. Outside, we see Sadie watching her through the cracked open door. Suddenly, Maggie hears a creak, and looks in that direction. She then smiles, and giggles a little. "Yeah..." she starts to address Sadie, "I had a feeling you had another reason for wanting to spend time with me." As Maggie continues speaking, she starts to take off her bra. "You know, when I was in college, I had this roommate, ginger like you. And, uh, I got to see first hand that...her carpet matched." Maggie pulls the bra off, and lets it drop to the floor, then just stands there, in only her panties. "Ever since then, I've always had a thing for redheads..." Next, she turns, and walks toward her bed. "Well, c'mon in..." As Maggie lies on her bed, the door opens, and Sadie comes through.

    Sadie looks back at Maggie, as she starts taking off her clothes. Once she's naked, Maggie beckons her over with her finger. Sadie crawls onto the bed, and, finally face to face, the two kiss. "Oh, God, Sadie...I can't believe we're doing this..." As they make out, Maggie reaches around Sadie's thigh, and slides her fingers in the girl's moist, light pink cunt.

    "Uhm..." Sadie moans, biting her lip, then leans down, and sucks Maggie's hard, pointy nipples, while rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

    Now, Sadie's on her back, knees up, as Maggie, lying on her stomach in front of her, licks out her drooling teenage twat. "Ohg! Huh..." Sadie's brow furrows, and she starts to writhe and squirm under her. As Maggie probes Sadie's cunt deeper with her tongue, Sadie's juices start to dribble down her chin. "Ohh, fuck...Uhm..." Sadie begins gyrating her hips, her breath getting deeper and raspier. Finally, voice shaking, Sadie whimpers, "I'm cumming..."

    Maggie is now on her back again, as Sadie, arms wrapped around her thigh, fingers her sopping wet cooze, and licks around her clit from above. "Oh, wow..." Maggie gasps, starting to twist and spasm on the bed. "God, how are you so good at that?" Sadie just keeps licking and fingering her, plunging her first two fingers deeper inside Maggie's practically gushing cunt. "Oh, fuck..." Baring her teeth, Maggie begins bucking her hips, as the orgasm builds up in her. Finally, crying out loudly, Maggie climaxes.

    Once the orgasm subsides, Sadie comes up, and the two lie there, kissing. Suddenly, a faint beeping sound is heard downstairs. "Shit...I should get that..." Maggie gets up, and walks out of the room, Sadie watching her leave and smiling, as the scene fades out.

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    Hot For Teacher: Part 18
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Rosario Dawson, Sophia Lillis
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins in an English Lit classroom, where the teacher, Rosario, is having students read poems of their choice aloud. A male student has just finished, and is sitting down, when Rosario scans the class, and picks Sophia. "Ms. Lillis, how about you?"

    "Um..." Sophia stammers nervously, "Can't I do it for you...um, in private?"

    "There's no need to be shy, Sophia. Go ahead."

    Hesitantly, Sophia stands up in front of the class, and, after some coughing, begins to read, "My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun...Coral is far more red than her lips’ red..." As Sophia reads, her voice starts shaking, until, "If snow be white, why then her br...Her, uhm..." Sophia's face withers, and she runs out, sobbing.

    Rosario sighs, and goes after her. "Kids, I'll be right back..."

    Moments later, she enters the girl's room, where she hears weeping from one of the stalls. "Sophia? Is that you?"

    Sophia attempts to regain her composure, before responding, "Hey, Ms. Dawson."

    "Are you okay?"

    "I..." Sophia starts to break down again. "I thought I could do it, but..."

    Rosario again sighs, then says, "Look, why don't you come around to my place tonight, and you can read for me there."

    "I...I can't..."

    "Nobody needs to know where you're going. I...How about I talk to Ms. Dunst? You have her right after me, right?"


    "Okay, so, I'll talk to her, and she'll tell your parents you're meeting her for some extra-curriculars. That sound alright?"

    Sophia snickers, as her mood quickly improves. "Okay."

    That night, Sophia sits in Rosario's living room. "...And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare...As any she belied with false compare."

    "That was a beautiful reading, Sophia." Rosario pauses, then, "You probably didn't know this, but I went to high school with your parents. They...were kind of shitheads back in the day, too."

    Sophia again snickers. "You know they both still stand behind their decision to vote for...that Cheeto-faced ass clown."

    Rosario laughs. "Yeah, sounds like them." She pauses again, then, "Sophia, if I could be candid with you...I've known pretty much since you entered my class that you're a lesbian. Of course, I had no idea you had a crush on Isabela..."

    "Wait, what?"

    "Well, the poem you chose, I mean...She is the only girl in class it could be..."

    "Ms. Dawson, it...It's not Isabela. It's..."

    There's a lengthy silence, then Rosario's eyes widen, as she realizes who Sophia's talking about. "Oh, you mean..." Sophia nods, then sits next to her. "Um, Sophia, maybe you should..."

    "Ms...Rosie...Do you think I'm...I mean..."

    "I...Sophia...I can't answer...If we did what you're thinking of...I mean, I could lose my..."

    "Aren't I officially at Ms. Dunst's place?"

    "Well, yeah, but..." Sophia leans up and kisses her, and, in spite of herself, Rosario kisses her back. "Dios mio..." As they make out, Sophia takes off her flannel over-shirt, followed by her tank top. "God, you're so beautiful..." Rosario starts kissing Sophia's freckled shoulder, as the latter takes off her bra. Sophia then leans back, and starts pulling her jeans down, while Rosario licks and sucks her pink, eraser-like nipples. Once Sophia's pants are off, Rosario slides her hand in her panties, and begins fingering her oozing, ginger twat, while she kisses down Sophia's soft belly.

    Eventually, Rosario arrives at Sophia's panties, which she pulls aside, before inserting her tongue inside her oozing slit. "Oh, God..." Sophia immediately grimaces, and starts bucking her hips, as Rosario probes her cunt with her tongue and fingers. Suddenly, and before long, Sophia's hips lock up, and she squeals, almost inaudibly.

    Some minutes later, the two kneel on Rosario's bed, both naked, as Sophia squeezes and sucks Rosario's large breasts. Eventually, Rosario lies back, and Sophia begins kissing down her stomach. "Huh!" Rosario gasps vocally, the moment Sophia's tongue penetrates her hot, wet cunt. "Fuck...You're a natural at this, aren't you?"

    "I...might have looked up online how to do this..."

    Rosario chuckles. "Of course..." Her face then contorts, and she starts shaking, as Sophia licks her deeper and deeper. "Ohh! Fuck..." Finally, Rosario's spine contorts, and she cries out loudly, as she cums.

    Later, the two lie in bed, smiling and whispering to each other. Finally, Sophia sighs. "I gotta go home soon, don't I?"

    "Yeah, your parents are bound to call Ms. Dunst eventually."

    "Was this...wrong, Ro-Ms. Dawson?"

    "Uh, let's just say we should probably keep this to ourselves."

    Sophia chuckles. "Okay." The two kiss.



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