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Thread: Sapphic Erotica

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    Sapphic Erotica: Scene 151
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rosario Dawson
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins in a Brooklyn motel room, in the 70s, seconds before the door opens, and the two enter, in their maid uniforms. "Thank God, we got a decent one."

    "Hold that thought until we've seen the bathroom."

    Maggie chuckles. "If it's as bad as it was that one time, we'd know by now."

    "God, you have any idea how many showers I had to take after that?"

    Maggie now giggles. "No, but I can picture it."

    A few minutes later, the two sit on the foot of the bed. Rosario sighs, and says, "Got the time?"

    Maggie looks at her watch. "Uh...About one."

    "Okay, so we have a few minutes." Rosario lies back, and Maggie follows her. After a moment, Maggie speaks.

    "Hey, Rosie?"


    "You ever think that all your life decisions haven't really been yours?"

    "Honey, I'm an unmarried Puerto Rican woman, you're a Jewish single mom. Only decision we've ever made is whether keeping the lights on is really that important."

    Maggie turns on her side, and props her head up with her hand. "No, I mean...You're female, so from birth, your life path is decided for you; find a man, marry him, move to the suburbs, have his babies, and if one is female like you, you spend the next eighteen years preparing her for the same thing. And you're supposed to be ecstatic when you manage to achieve one of these things, even though someone else told you that's what you want."

    "I...kind of see what you're getting at."

    "But let's say you realize before that first step you don't even like men?"

    Rosario turns her head toward Maggie. "Um, okay..."

    "Or worse, what if you realize this when you're forty?"

    Rosario now notices Maggie is tearing up. "Maggie? Are you alright?"

    "I...I'm sorry..." Maggie starts to sob.

    "Oh, honey...No, it's okay."

    "Rosie...have you ever, I mean...Look, I hate to ask you this, but...can you kiss me?"

    Rosario hesitates for a moment, then leans toward Maggie, and gives her a long, passionate kiss, that quickly becomes open mouthed, as the two start to move their hands over each other. They stop for a moment, to catch their breath, and Maggie gives Rosario a look that can only be described as animalistic lust.

    Rosario smirks. "To answer your question, Maggie; yes, I've been with a woman."

    The two kiss some more, and now their uniforms start to come off. As they're down to their underwear, Rosario starts to kiss down Maggie's neck, then her chest, while she starts to pull down her bra. One of Maggie's hard, brown nipples pop out, and Rosario immediately begins to suck it, while squeezing the breast in her hand. "Uhm..." Maggie bites her lip, and starts to squirm under Rosario, as the latter slides her hand down Maggie's stomach, and into her panties. "Ooh! Huh..." Maggie begins to move her hips, almost grinding against Rosario's hand. "Rosie?"


    "I...I've never been...I mean, no one's ever..."

    "Licked you out?"

    "Yeah." Again smirking, Rosario kisses down Maggie's stomach, while continuing to finger her already audibly wet twat. On arriving at her area, Rosario pulls Maggie's panties aside, and buries her tongue in the middle. "Huh!" Maggie gasps vocally, and her brow creases. "Oh, God..." Down below, Rosario plunges her fingers deep in Maggie's oozing hole. "Oh, my God!" Maggie's face contorts, and she starts grinding harder. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Suddenly, Maggie arches her back, and again gasps, this time turning into a loud groan, as she cums.

    Now, Rosario's sitting up, propped up on her hands, as Maggie rubs and squeezes her large breasts, and sucks on her hard nipples. "Hmm...Yes..." Rosario moans and sighs, and tilts her head back, as Maggie sucks one nipple into her mouth. Eventually, Rosario lays back again, and Maggie starts to kiss her way down. "Uhm..." Rosario starts to writhe on the bed, as Maggie begins licking the outside of her pussy, then works her tongue inside her labia. "Ohh...Doing beautifully, honey..." Rosario grunts faintly, furrows her brow, and squeezes her breasts, digging her nails in a little. "Fffuck..." Down below, Maggie two-fingers Rosario's drooling cunt, and starts wriggling them around inside, causing her to start bucking her hips. "Oh, fuck! Right there!" Not long after, Rosario convulses, and claws at her tits.

    As her orgasm subsides, Maggie kisses around Rosario's stomach. "Fuck...How'd you know to do that?"

    Maggie grins. "When you're married to a guy like my ex, you become very good at masturbating." Rosario starts laughing, and Maggie joins her.

    "Fuck..." Rosario then says, "What time is it?"

    "I don't know, but we should probably get out of here."

    Later, the two are dressed, and about to leave. "Wait..." Rosario says, "We should probably change the covers."

    "Eh, I'm sure it'll be dry by the time anyone lays there."

    Rosario now laughs out loud. "Oh, you're nasty, girl!" The two share a quick kiss, then leave.

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    Sapphic Erotica: Scene 152
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, ws, con
    Celebs: Zendaya, Letitia Wright
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Z sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Lagos, Nigeria, looking around, like she's a little out of her depth. At one table, she sees Letty, and gets up, to sit next to her.

    "Hi, um, sorry to bother you, but do you speak English?"

    Letty smirks. "You know, I could tell the moment I saw you, you're an American."

    "Um, okay..." Letty laughs at this.

    "Actually, I'm not from here, either. I'm British, I'm just visiting relatives."

    "So, do you know your way around here?"

    "A bit."

    "Well, you got me beat. I, uh, just graduated from college, and someone suggested I see the old country, and I figured it was here or Ireland."

    "Oh, I've been to Ireland, that place is awesome."

    "Well, might have to go there next. So, uh, what would you say to me tagging along with you today, wherever you're going?"

    "Just make sure you can keep up. Of course, with those long legs of yours, that shouldn't be a problem." Z chuckles at this, and Letty extends her hand. "Letitia."

    "Zendaya." Letty laughs.

    "Yeah, you look like a Zendaya." Both laugh at this.

    That night, the two come home to where Letty's staying, a little tipsy. "Sshh..." Letty shushes, as she's carefully unlocking and opening the door, "My aunt and uncle are probably asleep by now, so be quiet."

    Later still, the two lie face to face on Letty's bed. "Man," Z says, grinning, "I had such a great time."

    "Well, it was great having you. My aunt and uncle are kind of homebodies, so I would've had to see everything myself, if you hadn't shown up."

    "Well, thanks." There's a moment of silence, and hesitantly, Z leans forward, and kisses Letty. "I-I'm sorry, that..."

    "No..." Letty whispers, and returns the kiss, this time open-mouthed, with visible tongue.

    "Oh, God..." Z whispers into Letty's mouth between kisses, "I feel so hot..."

    "I'm sure..." Letty says, placing her hands on Z's sides. "I can feel your heart racing..." The two continue kissing, pausing only to take off each other's shirts.

    "Hm..." Z starts kissing Letty's shoulder, and she in turn pulls her closer, and runs her fingers through Z's curly hair. Z, meanwhile, grabs the cup of Letty's white, silk bra, and pulls it down, exposing her almost jet black nipple, which she immediately begins licking, then sucking.

    "Uhm..." Letty moans, smiling as she tilts her head back. "Hm, lay back..." Z rolls onto her back, and Letty starts kissing her rising and sinking chest, while caressing her stomach, before grabbing the bottom of Z's powder blue bra, and pulling it down. Letty then licks around the rim of Z's dark brown nipple, quickly making it hard, then flicking her tongue on it, before finally taking it between her lips, and sucking on it.

    "Ouhm..." Z starts to squirm a little, while Letty slides her hand down her stomach, and finally into her panties. "Huh!" Z gasps, brow furrowing, the moment she feels Letty's fingers inside her moist, dripping twat. "Oh, fuck..." she then whispers, barely audibly. "Oh, God, eat me..."

    "With pleasure..." Letty whispers back, smirking, then crawls over, so she's slightly on top of Z, then bows her head, while pulling Z's panties aside, and begins licking the outside of her pussy, gradually working her tongue inside Z's labia.

    "Ohg!" Z yelps, trembling, then moans, voice shaking, "Hu-uh..." Letty begins licking Z's pulsating clit, while again fingering her oozing hole. "Oh, God!" Z whimpers, face contorting, as she starts grinding against Letty's hand. "Oh, fuck..." she then gasps shrilly, beginning to clutch at herself. Finally, Z starts muttering, "Waitwaitwait...I think I'm gonna..." She then lets out a deep groan, and her pussy squirts in Letty's face. "Um, sorry..." Z exhales.

    "Hm...Don't apologize..." Letty responds, licking Z's juices off her lips.

    Now, Letty is on her back, panties off and legs spread, looking down at Z, as she kisses the outside of Letty's moist, ebony quim, while massaging either side of it with her hands. "Ouhh..." Letty moans, craning her neck back, when Z's tongue finally slips inside her oozing slit. "Yes..." Letty lays flat, and starts rubbing her now achingly hard nipples. "Oh, girl, you've done this before..." Down below, Z pulls Letty's lips open, exposing the sopping wet pinkness inside, which Z immediately licks. "Huh!" Letty immediately starts jerking and bucking her hips. "Oh, fuck! Put your fingers in..." Z stuffs her first two fingers in Letty's cunt, and starts directly licking her clit, and instantly Letty's bucking gets more intense, while her face looks like she's about to sneeze. Finally, Letty arches her back, and cries out loud enough to be heard all over the house.

    The next morning, the two lay together, naked, and holding each other, as they smile in their sleep.

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    Sapphic Erotica: Scene 153
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Lauren Lapkus, Elle Fanning
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Elle running through the park, as we hear Lauren narrate. "You ever done something really dumb, to get the attention of someone you like? There's this girl in my building, twenty years old, and cute as a button, who, God help me, I have such a crush on. She loves to run, so, to possibly get her to notice me, I started running." We now see Lauren running behind her, dripping with sweat, close to hyperventilating, and struggling to keep up. "Problem is, I'm thirty-three, and most of my adult life has been spent in a cubicle." Suddenly, Lauren collapses.

    Hearing her hit the ground, Elle turns around. "Oh, my God, are you okay?"

    On the ground, gasping for air, we hear Lauren's thoughts once again. "Well, I got her attention."

    "Lauren!" Elle shouts, bending over, "Can you hear me?"

    "I'm good. Just...let me get up..." At this, Elle grabs her shoulders, and helps her up.

    Later, we see the two walking the hallways of their building, Elle holding Lauren by the waist, until they get to Lauren's door. "Do you need help getting in?"

    "No, I'm fine." Lauren leans a little on the door, as she unlocks it.

    "Well, if you need anything..."

    "Look, I'm embarrassed enough as it is, alright?" After blurting this out, Lauren looks regretful. "I'm...I'm sorry."

    "No, it's okay." Elle sees Lauren fumbling with the key, so helps her. "Uh, here."

    We then see Lauren laying on her couch, as Elle brings her a bottle of water. "Can I ask you something?" Elle says.


    "Why would you start with something so strenuous? I mean, if you want to get in shape, there are less dangerous ways to do it, you know?"

    Lauren sighs. "Because that's what you were doing."


    "I didn't do this to get in shape, so much as..."

    "Oh. Oh!"

    "I know, it's stupid. I'm in my thirties, and you can't even drink yet."

    Elle giggles, sweeping her hair over one ear. "It's not stupid! I...like you, too." There's a pause, then Elle stands up, and crawls onto the couch, and straddles Lauren. "I suppose there's no reason now not to do this." Elle then leans down, and gives Lauren a long, passionate kiss, which is quickly reciprocated. In the silence after, Elle then grins and says, "You know, if you are interested in getting in shape..."


    Elle again giggles, then gets off of Lauren. "Tell you what, I'll let you recover, and call you tomorrow."

    We now see Lauren answering the door, in a t-shirt and shorts. On the other side is Elle in similar attire. "Okay, you ready for our workout?"

    Next, we see the two kneeling on the bed, taking each other's clothes off as they make out. Eventually, Elle lowers Lauren onto the bed, and then leans down, and kisses the middle of her chest. "Uhm..." Lauren moans, as Elle begins licking and sucking her hard nipples, before beginning to move down, kissing Lauren's stomach. "Ooh! Huh..." Lauren starts to squirm, as Elle's fingers find their way into her oozing snatch. "Oh, fuck..." She then gasps vocally, starting to grind her hips, as Elle begins licking her out. "Ohg! Unh..." Elle licks and sucks Lauren's clit, and her fingers plunge in and out of her oozing cunt. Finally, Lauren arches her back, and lets out a high-pitched gasp.

    Now, Elle is on her back, looking down, as Lauren kisses around her navel, and caresses her thighs. "Ohh...God..." Elle groans, tilting her head back, as she feels Lauren's tongue inside her pink, blonde haired cunny. "Oh, Jesus..." Biting her lip, Elle starts rubbing and pinching her nipples, as Lauren's tongue probes her twat deeper, while her thumb begins to massage her little clitty. "Oh, God!" Face contorting, Elle starts bucking her hips, faster and faster, until, her whole body spasming, Elle shrieks.

    Lauren's again on her back, legs spread, while Elle kneels in front of her. Placing her hands on either side of her, Elle starts grinding her pussy against Lauren's, who herself starts pushing back. "Oh, fuck..." Lauren gasps breathily, shaking slightly. As they grind against each other, we see both starting to sweat noticeably. Finally, groaning loudly in unison, both climax, and Elle collapses on top of Lauren, who's gasping for breath.

    "So, is that a better workout, or what?"

    "Oh, yes. I think I could get in shape in no time doing that every day." Elle giggles one last time, and the two again kiss.



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