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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 301
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FFM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con
    Celebs: Emma Thompson, Emma Watson
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Emma I lying on her unmade bed, at about dawn, naked, watching a young man lick and finger her hairy pussy. "Oh, God..." she sighs, tilting her head back, and grabbing her tits, digging her nails in, as we hear Emma II speak in voiceover. "When I was about fifteen, my older brother, Jack, came in my room one night, and...fucked me. For some reason, at the time, I was okay with what we did, and I definitely enjoyed it, but later, I felt guilty, so, eventually I confessed what had happened to our mum. I was a little surprised how indifferent she seemed to be to this revelation, but I would soon find out why..."

    Meanwhile we see Emma II coming out of the shower, and drying off with a towel, as she exits the bathroom, to find her brother eating out their mother, causing her to smirk wickedly. "After I told her what me and Jack did, Mum went and...seduced my brother. I don't know for sure, but I suspect she'd secretly wanted to, because she told me what she did while making out with me..."

    Still smirking, Emma II climbs on the bed, next to her mother, and they share a long tongue kiss, before she speaks, idly massaging one of her mother's breasts. "You two started without me, I see..."

    "Yes..." Emma I replies breathily, moaning a little. "Woke up to your brother eating me out."

    "Well, that's a little disappointing. I was hoping to wake you both up, freshly showered. So, is he..."

    "I imagine so..." Emma II looks down at her brother, and scoots down next to him.

    "C'mon..." she says, pushing on his pelvis, "Roll over..." Jack does so, revealing his raging erection. "Oh, nice..." Emma II whispers, wrapping her hand around her brother's cock, and beginning to suck him off.

    "Ooh!" Emma I moans vocally, "Yeah, he likes that..." As his sister licks and sucks his swollen head, while stroking his thick shaft, Jack probes his mother's cunt with his tongue and fingers, eventually taking the latter out, and inserting them in her hot, tight asshole. "Oh, fuck!" Emma I moans loudly, almost breaking the skin on her tits.

    Now, Emma II is on her back, moaning and squealing, her titties bouncing and jiggling, as her brother's cock pumps in and out of her practically gushing pussy. Emma I, meanwhile, alternates rubbing and licking her daughter's clit. After a bit, she grabs the base of her son's cock. "Lemme taste, son..." Jack pulls out, and Emma I deepthroats his organ, as it drips with his sister's juices.

    Jack's now on his back, with Emma I on top of him, as he squeezes and sucks her tits, and thrusts up into her. Behind them, meanwhile, Emma II licks her mother's juices off her brother's balls and shaft. Eventually, she starts to migrate upward, rubbing and squeezing Emma I's cheeks, while she licks her moist, sweaty asshole.

    Emma II is on her back now, looking down at Emma I licking and tongue-fucking her cunt, and occasionally screaming into it, as we see, in back, Jack has his big, throbbing cock thrusting in and out of her ass. "Oh, God!" Emma shrieks, shoving her first two fingers in her daughter's ass, as Jack shoves his cock balls deep in hers.

    Now, Jack lies behind Emma II, who squeals and grimaces, as he aggressively fucks her ass, while Emma I, down there again, finger-fucks her daughter's cunt. Eventually, Jack starts groaning, so she pulls his cock out of Emma II's ass, and starts sucking it vigorously, until, finally, he cums directly in her mouth.

    Once he stops, Emma I crawls up, and kisses Emma II, sharing her brother's load with her.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 302
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con
    Celebs: Morgan Lily
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Morgan asleep in bed, being watched from the doorway by a 45-ish man in his boxers, who we hear in voiceover. "I lost Morgan's mother about ten years ago, and, since then, I've taken care of my daughter by myself. It was difficult, but not that bad, for a couple of years, especially with no time for dating, but, as Morgan got older, she began to fill out, until she was quite voluptuous, like her mother, and...I started to feel attracted to my own daughter. I, naturally, fought this, until Morgan turned eighteen, and left for college. I figured that, in her absence, these immoral feelings would subside, especially with the chance to date around. And then, she came back for Christmas, and...things just got worse, until..."

    After staring for a few minutes, the man hesitantly walks up to his daughter's bed. "Um...Morgan?"

    Slowly, Morgan wakes up, to find her father standing next to her. "Dad? What is it?"

    "M...Morgan..." The father stands there, breathing hard for a moment, then suddenly tosses the covers aside, and gets on top of his daughter, shoving his tongue in her mouth. Surprisingly, she reciprocates.

    Morgan giggles, when they stop, then smirks. "I wish I could say this surprises me, Daddy..." She then pulls him closer, tongue-kissing him. As they make out, the man starts to grope his daughter's large breasts through her white tank, which she takes off, and he immediately begins to squeeze and suck her tits. "Fuck, Daddy..." she sighs, "I can't believe I used to fantasize about this..."

    The man soon moves down, kissing down his daughter's pudgy belly, as she, giggling, pulls down her by now moist cotton panties. "Oh, fuck..." Morgan whispers, beginning to rub and squeeze her breasts, as she feels her father's long, hungry tongue in her drooling snatch. "Oh, God, Daddy..." She then whimpers, voice shaking a little. "I've wanted you to eat my pussy for so long..." She gives her breasts a squeeze, as he inserts his first two fingers in her hole, and slides his tongue in her juicy slit.

    Some minutes later, Morgan has her legs spread, as her father, kneeling before her, his boxers now gone, rubs his throbbing member up and down her sopping wet cunt. "Fuck me, Daddy..." Morgan whispers breathily, then winces, when he inserts his cock in her.

    "You're...still a virgin?"

    "Of course, Daddy..." Morgan smiles. "I wanted you to take it..." The father starts slowly thrusting into her, causing her breasts and even belly to shake and jiggle.

    "Oh, fuck, sweetie..." the father groans, starting to speed up.

    "Ooh! Oh, Daddy..." It doesn't take Morgan long to climax, arching her back, and crying out shrilly, "Daddy!" As he pauses to let them both catch their breath, Morgan asks, "Daddy? Can I suck it?"

    The man pulls out, and Morgan sits up, wraps her hand around the base of her father's cock, and begins to suck him off, deep-throating him, as she sucks her juices off it. "Jesus, Morgan..."

    Moments later, Morgan's on her back again, crying out loudly, her large breasts bouncing violently, as her father lies on top of her, thrusting down into her practically gushing cunt. He tongue-kisses her, muffling her cries somewhat.

    Now, Morgan's on her elbows and knees, as her father crouches behind her, licking and fingering her moist, pussy-juice soaked asshole. "Oh, God...That feels so good, Daddy..." The father then gets up on his knees, and, slowly and laboredly, pushes his cock into Morgan's tight, virgin asshole. "Oh, God!" Morgan cries out, starting to shake, face contorting, as her father pumps her ass, faster and faster. Suddenly, groaning loudly, the father pulls out, and nuts down her sweaty ass-crack, which drips down onto her pussy.

    Sighing, Morgan now relaxes, lying on her stomach, and her father leans down to kiss her. "Daddy? Can you sleep with me,?"

    "Okay, sweetie..." he whispers, and the two share one more kiss.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 303
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, ws, inc, con
    Celebs: Penelope Cruz
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins in a lavish mansion, where we see Penelope making out with a younger man, caressing his bare chest and shoulder as the two tongue-kiss deeply. "My son, Luiz, is beautiful. I had him when I was eighteen, by a much older man, who paid me a generous amount not to tell anyone he was the father, especially his wife. I used that money to start my own business, which turned out to be more successful than I ever could've imagined. Now me and my son live in luxury." As they continue to kiss, Luiz starts to caress his mother's hips, and then slowly move his hands down. "By the time Luiz was fifteen, I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous he'd become, and so I asked him if he would be my lover. To my surprise, Luiz told me he'd thought about asking me."

    At this, Penelope begins kissing down her son's chest, pausing to lightly suck one of his nipples, before continuing, kissing down his stomach, while rubbing his hard cock through his pants. On her knees now, Penelope undoes her son's belt, and unzips his pants, all while looking up at him, cupping her tongue. She then sucks Luiz through his jockeys, before pulling them down, and wrapping her voluptuous lips around his thick, rigid cock. "Ohh...Mama..." Audibly breathing through her nose, Penelope takes most of her son's cock in, gagging a little at the end, and then pulls back slowly, her lips tightly gripping him. "Si..." After a bit, she begins kissing the underside, and flicking her tongue on that spot just under the head, while rubbing and squeezing her son's balls.

    Now, Penelope lies on her and her son's bed, naked except for her panties, one arm over her head, so we can see her unshaven underarm. Down below, Luiz kisses and licks his mother through her panties, causing her moan and writhe around. Luiz then pulls her panties aside, and buries his tongue in the middle of her hairy, drooling pussy. "Ohg! Huh..." Brow furrowing, Penelope starts to claw at her tits, and grind her hips, as her son licks her out, and finger-fucks her. "Si...Ouh, si..." Suddenly, she places her hands on Luiz's head, and begins to hump his face, before arching her back, and crying out shrilly.

    Moments later, Luiz is on top of his mother, squeezing and sucking her tits, before moving up, and inserting his big, throbbing cock inside of her. Penelope winces, and lets out a deep, throaty groan, as her son fills her up, then gasps vocally, as he starts thrusting into her. "Si!" Penelope grunts, her big tits bouncing with every thrust, first slow, then fast. "Ouh!" she cries out, voice cracking, before pulling Luiz down, and clawing at his back.

    Penelope is now sat up, gripping the headboard, as her son holds on to her sides, and thrusts into her hard and fast, causing her tits to whip up and down, her nipples already achingly hard, as she's sweating noticeably. "Ouh! Bebe, si!"

    We now see Penelope on her elbows and knees, hair matted to her forehead, tits swinging back and forth, as Luiz fucks her doggy-style. "Oh, fuck..." In back, we see Penelope's so wet, her pussy drools all over her son's balls.

    She's still in the same position, while behind her, Luiz has his face between his mother's cheeks, as he licks out her sweaty asshole. Luiz then gets up on one knee, and Penelope lowers her head and groans, as her son inserts his cock in her hot, tight asshole. "Ouh...Mierda..." Penelope gasps and grunts, her body shuddering with every thrust.

    Now, Penelope's again on her back, covered in a thick layer of sweat, and nipples achingly hard, as her son fucks her somewhat looser asshole, her practically gushing pussy drooling all over his dick. "Ouh! Si!" Penelope shrieks, baring her teeth, as Luiz assaults her asshole. Suddenly, Penelope screams, and her pussy erupts all over her son.

    Seconds later, Luiz starts grunting, then pulls out, and nuts, covering his mother's sweaty body from twat to neck. Once he stops, Luiz puts his cock back in his mother's cunt, and fucks her until, with another deep groan, he cream pies her.

    As the two catch their breath, Luiz leans down, and the two share a long, passionate tongue kiss.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 304
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FFMM, oral, mas, anal, ws, inc, con
    Celebs: Kristen Bell, Natalie Dormer
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Kristen and her son in the back of a British taxi. "So, Mom, what's your cousin's name, again?"

    "Natalie, and her son's name is Liam."

    "And they don't know..."

    "No. Believe me, Danny, this is going to be a rough week for me, too."

    "Well, you think we have time to, you know...get each other off?"

    Kristen hesitates, then, "Alright, uh...real quick." First making sure the driver isn't looking, Kristen leans over, and starts undoing her son's pants, eventually pulling out his cock, and sucking it, quickly making it completely hard.

    "Aw, fuck, Mom..." Danny moans quietly, as he undoes Kristen's pants, then slides his hand in and starts finger-banging her. Before long, both climax, doing their best to keep quiet, then quickly get their clothes back in order.

    Some time later, the two emerge from an elevator in Natalie's building. It then cuts to a sweaty and disheveled looking Natalie, being fucked doggie-style by her son. "Oh, fuck! Oh, bloody hell!" As she achieves orgasm, Natalie's face screws up, and she cries out, "Oh, God, cum in me!" Seconds later, Liam thrusts into her one more time, and groans deeply. As both are catching their breath, they hear the doorbell ring. "Oh, fuck! That's them..." Natalie leaps off the bed, and quickly scrambles into her yoga pants.

    "Wait, I thought they were showing up at five!"

    Natalie motions to the clock. "It is five! We've been fucking for three hours!"

    Liam smirks. "Wow, really?" In response, Natalie tosses his jeans at him.

    "Get dressed!"

    Moments later, the two answer the door, having done their best to clean up. "Kris!" Natalie exclaims, and the two peck each other's cheeks. "Excuse my appearance, I was on the bike, didn't realize what time it was until you rang."

    "Oh, I totally understand. I've almost forgotten to pick Danny up at work when I'm on mine."

    Danny and Liam, meanwhile, shake hands. "How's it going, mate?"

    "So," Natalie says, "I hope you too are hungry; there's a great Indian place nearby that delivers." As she's talking, Danny discreetly wipes the sweat from Liam's hand off on his pants.

    Later that night, Natalie and Liam are having a hushed argument in the bathroom. "Mum, I'm pretty sure they know!"

    "Know what? You really think the first place they'd go is that we're fucking?"

    "Well, they know something's up. Anyway, didn't you tell me you used to lust after her? And now you think it's a good idea to double up?"

    "Safer than doubling up with you, love..." Natalie says this, rubbing her son's chest, suggesting how badly she wants to fuck him at the moment. "Look, I can handle this, son. Okay?"

    Later still, Natalie lies awake, periodically glancing at Kristen, who's fast asleep. After fighting it for a time, Natalie scoots over next to her cousin, then, after a bit more fighting, locking lips with her. "Huhm..." Kristen moans in her sleep, before slowly waking up. "Natalie?"

    "I..." Natalie stammers, bowing her head. "I'm sorry, Kris. I...know it's wrong, but..." She's cut off by Kristen shoving her tongue in her mouth. As they make out, Natalie gropes Kristen's breasts through her night shirt, before eventually just whipping it off, and kissing her tits. Kristen, meanwhile, pulls Natalie's panties down, and slides her hand between her legs. "Huh!" Natalie gasps, as she feels Kristen's fingers in her pussy.

    "Oh, God..." Kristen whispers, as Natalie begins grinding against her, rubbing their pussies together.

    "Ohg!" Natalie groans, as Kristen inserts one finger in her ass.

    After a couple of simultaneous orgasms, Kristen gasps, "Danny and Liam...Let's wake them..."

    Now, the two sit on the edge of the bed, side by side, their sons in front of them, Kristen sucking off Liam, while Natalie sucks Danny.

    "So, you guys know?" Danny asks, looking down.

    "No, we didn't," Liam replies, also looking down. Below, we see Kristen deep-throating Liam's cock, while Natalie sucks Danny fast, rubbing and squeezing his balls.

    Some minutes later, Natalie rides Danny, tits bouncing hard, as Danny holds her sides, and thrusts up into her. "Ohh! Bloody hell..."

    Liam, meanwhile, is on top of Kristen, thrusting down into her. "Oh! Fuck!" Kristen cries out loudly, her titties whipping up and down.

    Now, we see Kristen with her face between Natalie's legs, licking her out, while Danny fucks her from behind. Liam, meanwhile, mouth-fucks his mother, causing her to gag a little.

    Kristen now straddles her son, riding his cock with her ass, as Natalie, lying on her side, and being anally fucked by Liam, licks Kristen's juices, ass and pussy, off of Danny's balls. Natalie then props herself up on her hands, and buries her tongue in Kristen's pussy. "Oh, God..." Kristen groans, starting to grind against her son's dick, and her cousin's face. "Oh! Oh, fuck..." Suddenly, Kristen's pussy squirts in Natalie's face, causing her to laugh.

    Both cousins now lie side by side, holding their mouths open, and sticking their tongues out, as their sons jerk off over their faces. Finally, Danny and Liam both go off, shooting their cum directly into their mothers' mouths. Once they stop, Kristen and Natalie roll towards each other, kissing, and sharing their sons' loads.

    Later, we see it's morning, as Danny and Liam sit, watching their mothers continue to lez out on the bed.

    "Fuck, I don't think I can handle them both at the same time."

    "Me neither, mate." The two have a good laugh at this, as the scene ends.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 305
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: F, fm, oral, mas, voy, inc, con
    Celebs: Morena Baccarin, Rowan Blanchard
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with a fifteen-ish young man riding in a car shotgun, with Morena driving, as we hear him narrate. "My mom is in the hospital, having a baby, her first since having me, and my dad is spending most of his time not at work with her, so I have to stay with my aunt Morena, and...my cousin, Rowan."

    "Oh, by the way, Jimmy, Rowan's really looking forward to seeing you again."

    "She's a couple of years older than me, and...when I was ten, I had a massive crush on her. I haven't seen her in a few years, and...I'm kind of hoping I don't have the same reaction to her now."

    We then see Jimmy getting out of the car, backpack slung over his shoulder, when Rowan comes out of the house. "Hi, Jimmy," she says, flirtily.

    Jimmy grimaces a little, and we hear, "Crap."

    Later, we see the three eating dinner, and Jimmy continues, staring at his cousin. "God, Rowan was hot now. All through dinner, I was fighting off thoughts that were just plain wrong."

    Later still, we see Jimmy brushing his teeth, as his narration goes on. "I found myself actually dreading going to sleep that night, knowing I would probably dream about my cousin."

    Coming out of the bathroom, Jimmy runs into Rowan, wearing a long t-shirt, and, presumably, panties underneath. Rowan turns to Jimmy before going into her room. "Sweet dreams, cuz..."

    Jimmy stands there, staring blankly. "Now, that's not even fair."

    The next morning, Jimmy is coming out of the bathroom. "The whole night, I kept dreaming about Rowan, as I was afraid I would. Weirdly, Aunt Morena was in them, too, and it made me realize...she'd been giving me some weird looks the day before, that I didn't really register." We then see Rowan's bedroom door is ajar. "I saw it, and instantly felt dread. After fighting with it for a minute, I knew I would have to take a peek." Jimmy creeps up to the cracked open door, where, inside, we see Rowan take off her night shirt, leaving her in only her panties. "I knew I was going to hell the moment I saw my cousin's tits, and got an instant erection. And then..."

    We next see Morena, in a silk nightgown, come up the hall. Seeing Jimmy, she smiles, then sneaks up behind him. "Looking at your cousin, Jimmy?" she whispers, and Jimmy nearly jumps up to the ceiling when he hears her.

    "A-aunt Morena? I wasn't..."

    "Oh, it's alright, Jimmy. I know you've always had a thing for her." Morena peeks in herself. "Oh, my..." Morena starts pawing her teenage nephew, a little creepily. "Are you hard, Jimmy?"

    "Um, yeah."

    "Yeah, I'll bet you are. You must be tenting in those tighty whities, Jimmy. Your father always had a big cock, even when he was your age. So..." Morena whispers sultrily next to Jimmy's ear, "wanna go in there?"

    "Uh...Should I?"

    "Oh, trust me, Jimmy...She wants you to..." She then backs away, smiling, and Jimmy hesitantly opens the door, and walks inside.

    "Jimmy? What are you doing?" Jimmy pauses for a second, then grabs Rowan by the shoulders, and shoves his tongue in her mouth. "Oh, God, Jimmy...We shouldn't..." Rowan kisses Jimmy back, with even more tongue than he did, and her hand moves down. "Oh, fuck!" We then see her stroke his cock through his briefs.

    Outside, Morena watches, biting her lip, breathing hard, and groping at herself, as, inside, Rowan lowers to her knees, pulls down Jimmy's jockeys, and begins sucking him off. "Yesss..." Morena licks her top lip, as she lowers the straps on her nightgown, and lets it fall to the floor. "Oh, God...Suck him, baby..." As she watches her own daughter sucking her cousin's cock, Morena starts rubbing herself through her panties.

    Now, Rowan is leaning against her dresser, rubbing and squeezing her breasts, as Jimmy kneels before her, licking her out. "Ohg...Huhm..." Rowan moans, and bites her lip, while, outside, her mother moves her panties aside, and starts to rub and finger her pussy.

    Rowan and Jimmy are now on her bed, and we hear her groan as Jimmy inserts his cock in her, and start thrusting. Outside, Morena, visibly sweating, face contorted, leans against the doorframe, grinding against her hand, as, inside, her daughter cries out, little titties whipping up and down. Eventually, Jimmy pulls out, and cums all over his cousin, twat to neck, as, at the same time, Morena climaxes, almost falling over.

    After taking a moment to recover, Morena walks in, aheming to get Rowan and Jimmy's attention. "So, breakfast? I'm making pancakes."

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 306
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con
    Celebs: Mackenzie Foy
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Mackenzie in bed at night, sleeping restlessly, even sweating a little, as we hear her in voiceover. "My mom left me and my dad when I was little, so it's just been him and me for most of my life. As I began puberty, I started having these...weird feelings for him, but I dismissed them as probably normal." We then see her sat in front of a laptop, as she continues. "Recently, though, I was looking for something on my dad's computer, when I stumbled on..." We hear moaning coming from the laptop, while Mackenzie looks both shocked and aroused. "The movies in my dad's porno stash were...kind of rough..." From the computer, we hear gagging. "But made me hot, anyway. Still, I couldn't help but notice a few of them were..." We then hear the girl on screen whine, 'Daddy...'

    Back in the present, Mackenzie tosses and turns, sweating a little more noticeably now. "Since I found that folder, I have repeatedly told myself that, just because he has...those kind of movies in his stash, doesn't mean he wants to..." Mackenzie's voice shakes at this point, then she regains her composure. "But, whether I'm right or not, that doesn't change the fact of the dreams I've been having..."

    We then see Mackenzie lying on her bed, in only a pair of white cotton panties, looking down, as a handsome older man, in only his briefs, licks and fingers her moist, pink twat, having moved said panties aside. "Ohg...Ohh, God, daddy..." Mackenzie moans and whimpers, face contorted, as she rubs and pinches her hard little nipples. "How do I taste, daddy?" she moans, smiling.

    "Oh, sweet, baby."

    "Ouhm..." Mackenzie groans and cranes her neck back, as her father inserts two of his fingers in her pussy, and slides his tongue inside her juicy, pink slit.

    Now, Mackenzie kneels in front of her father, full lips wrapped around his thick, rigid member, licking and sucking his swollen head, while her hand tightly grips the base. "Oh, sweetie...You're a natural at this..."

    "Thanks, Daddy..."

    "So, how do I taste?" he chuckles.

    "You have a lot of pre-cum, daddy."

    "Well, you know what that means, sweetie..."

    "Yes, Daddy..." With this, Mackenzie takes her father's cock in her mouth again, and slowly moves her head closer to his body, until we hear her gag, then pulls it out, and smiles up at him.

    Mackenzie's on the bed again, arms stretched over her head, looking down as her father, kneeling in front of her, rubs his cock up and down her drooling pink gash, before pushing it in, causing her to groan deeply, as he penetrates her, and slowly begins to fuck her. "Oh, God, Daddy..." Mackenzie whimpers shrilly, "Your dork feels so good in me..." After a bit, he grabs her hips, and starts thrusting harder, causing her little titties to whip up and down, and her to shriek, "Oh! Daddy!"

    Now, Mackenzie straddles her father, as he lowers her onto his cock. "Ouh..." Giving him a sultry look, Mackenzie rides her father, rubbing and clutching at herself. "Oh, God, Daddy, you're so deep..." Mackenzie starts to ride harder, her moans and whines getting louder, until, arching her back, she screams, loud and high enough to break glass.

    We now see Mackenzie on her elbows and knees, whimpering again, as her father, kneeling behind her, fingers her pink butthole. He then rubs his cock up and down her buttcrack, before, with some effort, pushing it into her hot, tight asshole, and starting to fuck her, causing her face to twist, and her eyes to tear up.

    Mackenzie is again on her back, legs up to her body, almost literally crying, as her father continues to fuck her now considerably looser asshole. "AAH!" Mackenzie screams like she's being tortured, as her father brutally assaults her gaping asshole. Not long after, Mackenzie's father pulls out, and nuts all over her, from twat to neck.

    At this point, in the real world, Mackenzie cries out, and bucks her hips, as she cums in her sleep. Once the orgasm subsides, Mackenzie's body slowly relaxes, and she turns onto her side, and falls into a much more restful sleep.



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