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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 154
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, inc, con
    Celebs: Angelina Jolie
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Angelina coming home from work. As she walks in, and starts hanging stuff up, we hear her thoughts. "God, today, was a nightmare! Who the fuck hired the management at that place? Yeah, I know, probably their uncle or something." She closes her eyes and rubs her neck. "God, I need a long, hot soak..."

    We then see Angie lying in the bathtub, staring up the ceiling, as we continue to hear her thoughts. "You know what I really need? A good fuck. I mean, when was the last time I got laid? Who do I know who I could fuck?" She then smiles. "Well, there's David." Angie then chuckles to herself. "Oh, God, Angie, no! He's your fucking son!" She continues to smile. "Still, though, if he wasn't...I mean, he's not bad looking." Her smile widens. "No, not bad at all..." She again laughs. "Angie! You are sick!" Again continuing to smile, "Besides, he'd never go for it. I mean, your his mother." Her smile again broadens. "Then again, Angie...You're not so bad looking yourself. Who knows what might happen..." Her smile gets even wider. "God, can you imagine if he said yes?" She starts breathing hard, showing her teeth, as she smiles almost orgasmically. Her smile then suddenly disappears. "Angie, no! He's your son! Think about what this would do to him! To you!" After a momentary pause, her smile returns, and, breathily, she speaks aloud. "Oh, shut up! I'm fucking doing this!"

    We now see David putting some clothes away in his room. He's standing in front of his closet, when Angie walks in behind him, dressed now, hair still a little wet from the shower. Sensing her presence, David turns around. "Oh, hey, Mom. What's up?"

    "Hi, David. Could I talk to you about something?"

    "Okay, what?"

    "Well, I'm just curious..." She starts idly caressing her son's shoulder. "Do you have...How do I put this? Are there any girls at school you're interested in?"

    "Um...Idunno. Why?"

    "So, you don't have a girlfriend?"

    "No, Mom. Why are you asking me all these weird questions?"

    "Well, I know what it's like, you know, being all alone...Not having anyone to..."

    "Mom?" David gives Angie a look of extreme discomfort. "You're...acting weird..."

    "I just want you to know, son, that, if there's anything you need..." Angie whispers, "And I do mean 'anything'...I'm here for you."

    Looking like he's catching on, David starts to breathe hard, as he starts to back away. "Mom, I don't know what you're thinking, but..."

    "What're you scared of, David?" Angie says, stepping closer to him, wicked smile starting to creep into her face. "I can see it in your eyes, son...What you truly want...You're just afraid..."

    "Afraid of what?"

    "Your feelings..." She backs him into the closet door.

    "Mom...Please, stop..."

    "That's not what you really want, is it, son? No, I know exactly what you're waiting for me to do..." Angie steps forward, and gives her son an open-mouthed kiss on the lips. After half a minute or so, she stops, and starts caressing his chest.

    "Mom-" Angie cuts him off by placing her fingers on his lips.

    "Sh..." she whispers, "You don't need to say a word, baby..." She then starts taking off her clothes. David just stands there and watches, as his mother strips down in front of him, until she stands before him, completely naked. "I know you want me, David...It's okay to admit it..." She again kisses him, and this time he kisses back. "Oh, God, David!" She gasps almost into his mouth. "You're making me so hot, baby..." She starts kissing and rubbing him through his shirt, then grabs the bottom of it, and pulls it off him, then she starts kissing and rubbing his bare chest. Angie then starts to lower to her knees, kissing down her son's chest and stomach, until she gets to his jeans. David just watches, as Angie undoes his belt, then unzips his fly, and, in our first close-up, she pulls out his half hard cock, and wraps her voluptuous lips around it. As Angie sucks her son's cock, we hear her sultry moans, her lips sliding in and out, dragging on his shaft as she pulls back.

    "Mom?" David says with a slight whimper.

    "Yes, son?" Angie smiles up at him, slowly stroking his cock.

    We now see Angie on her back on David's bed, legs in the air, and face screwed up in pure ecstasy. "Ooh, David..." she moans breathily, kneading her breasts, and rubbing her nipples. In another close-up, David's tongue probes his mother's drooling cunt. "Oh, God, David!" Angie gasps, smiling, "Whoever taught you to do this, I wanna shake her hand!" Back in the close-up, David has his first two fingers in Angie's pussy, as he licks around her clit in rhythmic circles. Angie now starts to slowly grind her hips, as she feels the impending orgasm coming. "Oh, fuck..." she squeaks, brow furrowing, lips pursed. "Oh, David, I'm close...I'm so close, baby..." Suddenly, Angie's hips lock up, and she lets out a strangled cry, face screwing up, like she's in pain.

    Now, David lies on top of his mother, thrusting down into her, as they again lock lips. In another close-up, we see his cock pump in and out of Angie's pussy. Angie breaks the kiss, and moans throatily, "Oh, fu-u-u-ck!" As her son fucks her, we see Angie's tits bounce and jiggle. "Oh, God, harder, baby!" David starts speeding up, and Angie's tits now start to whip up and down. David stops for a moment to get up on his knees, then places his hands under Angie's ass, and holds it up, as, back in the close-up, he continues thrusting into her practically gushing pussy. "Oh, God, just like that, baby! I'm..." She then lets out another throaty cry, as she cums a second time.

    Angie's now on her hands and knees, her son bent over her, with one arm around her, as he fucks her from behind. The two look considerably more disheveled; Angie's hair matted to her forehead, David's back covered in sweat. "Oh, baby," she gasps, "you're gonna make me cum again..." Suddenly, she grimaces, baring her teeth, and lets out a hoarse scream. David stops, until Angie pleads, "No, don't stop, baby! I want your cum inside me!" David continues to fuck his mother, until, with a loud grunt, he pushes his cock deep inside her.

    Once he finishes, David gets up on his knees again, letting go of Angie, who falls onto her side, then rolls onto her back, and smiles up at her son, sucking air. "Whoo! God, David, that was incredible. You have no idea how badly I needed that."

    David just stares back at her. "Mom, what the fuck did we just do?"

    "We just committed incest, if that's what you're talking about."

    David sighs. "Yeah, Mom, it is."

    "Oh, son, don't tell me you feel guilty about what we just did. You obviously wanted to, or you wouldn't have. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't feel guilty, baby. You shouldn't either."

    David again sighs, this time with a smile. "Just promise it won't get weird when I do bring a girl home."

    "I promise, son." She then grabs his wrists, and her smile turns into a sexy smirk. "Now come down here and give me a kiss, baby." Grinning, he leans down, and the two share another open-mouthed kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 155
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, anal, preg, lact, ws, inc, con
    Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hailee Steinfeld
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Hailee sitting at the edge of a large tub, naked and heavily pregnant, her hair in a bun, washing herself with a sponge. The bathroom door opens, and Maggie enters, also heavily pregnant, wearing a see-through silk robe.

    "Hey, morning, sweetie!"

    Hailee looks up at her, and smiles. "Hey, Mom."

    Maggie walks toward the tub, taking the robe off along the way. "I see you started without me."

    "Yeah, I figured you'd be up soon." As she says this, Maggie steps in to the tub, and sits down a couple feet from her.

    "After you with the sponge?"

    Hailee finishes washing her pits, and hands it to her. "Here."

    "Ah, thanks, sweetie." Maggie proceeds to wash herself, as they continue talking. "So, how you feeling this morning?"

    "Not too bad." She pats her big belly. "I think this one'll be out any day now."

    "Yeah, you look about ready." She then rubs her own belly. "Of course, I could say the same for mine."

    "Weren't you and Grandma both pregnant at the same time, too?"

    "Yeah, when I was having you, she was pregnant with your Uncle Ted."

    "Kind of crazy odds, huh?"

    "Yeah, but it happens."

    "So, did you and Grandma...do the things we do...when you were both expecting?"

    Maggie gives her a daughter a half smirk/glare. "Did she tell you that?"

    "She...implied. So, did you and her..."

    Maggie does a full smirk. "Yeah. Your grandmother and I spent a lot of time 'bonding' during those nine months."

    "She must have been beautiful back then."

    Maggie smiles. "Oh, she was."

    "Actually, now that I think of it, she's not bad looking now. Maybe her and I can do some 'bonding'."

    Maggie gives Hailee a "Seriously?" look, and busts out laughing. "Okay, I think this conversation needs to end!" She continues to chuckle, as Hailee keeps talking.

    "C'mon, Mom, you, me and her! Tell me that wouldn't be the hottest scene ever!"

    Maggie again smirks at her. "Tell you what, sweetie. I'll talk to her, and we'll see."

    "Thanks, Mom." They lean toward each other, and, in our first close-up, share an open-mouthed kiss, with both their tongues briefly visible as they shift around. As they make out, Hailee reaches over, and gently squeezes her mother's breast, then, breaking the kiss, leans over, and starts licking Maggie's big, brown nipple, then plants her lips around it, and starts sucking.

    Looking down at her and grinning, Maggie chuckles, "I guess you're hungry this morning." She then cups her hand under her breast. and whispers, "Here, baby..." then pinches the nipple. In another close-up, Hailee has her mouth open, as Maggie squeezes some milk directly into it, a little of it dribbling down the side. After a couple of squirts, Hailee licks the last of it off her mother's nipple. "Hm..." Maggie breathes, "Lean back, baby..."

    Hailee leans back, planting one hand on the rim of the tub, as Maggie slides down into the water, and, in another close-up, she leans in and slips her tongue into Hailee's moist, steamy pussy. "Oh, Mom..." Hailee moans, closing her eyes, and, with her free hand, starting to squeeze and fondle her soapy, pregnant titties, alternating between them. Back in the close-up, Maggie works her first two fingers in and out of her daughter's sopping wet cunt. "Huh...Hunh...Ooh..." Hailee bites her lip and tilts her head back. Again in the close-up, Maggie uses the same two fingers to hold open Hailee's pussy, and laps up the moisture from the pink inside, then licks in a circle around the rim of the hole. "Oh, God, Mom...Rub my clit..." As Maggie continues licking Hailee's twat, she starts rubbing around her clitoris with her thumb. "Oh, God!" Hailee soon whimpers raspily, face screwing up. "Oh, Mommy, I'm cumming..."

    As the orgasm subsides, Hailee breathes through her nose, eyes closed. She then opens them, to see Maggie smiling at her. "Did...I just call you 'Mommy'?"

    "Yes, sweetie. It was very cute."

    Hailee cracks a tiny smile, and says, "Mom, sit your ass on the edge." This causes Maggie to laugh out loud.

    We now see Maggie sitting on the edge of the tub, leaning back on one hand, the other caressing the back of her daughter's neck, as, in another close-up, Hailee has her tongue buried in her mother's hairy, dripping pussy. "Ohhh..." Maggie moans, head tilted back, brow furrowed. "Baby, yes...Oh, put your fingers in me..." Back in the close-up, Hailee kisses her mother's inner thigh, close to her pussy, with her fingers upside down in said pussy. "Oh, sweetie, you're almost touching it..." Hailee moves her fingers a little, and Maggie moans loudly, face screwing up. "Oh, that's it! Oh, fuck!" Again in the close-up, Hailee is licking around her mother's clit, occasionally spitting out little hairs, as she continues rubbing inside Maggie's cunt. "Oh, baby, yes! Oh, God, I'm...Oh, Hailee, take your fingers out, baby!" Hailee does so, and Maggie's pussy immediately squirts, as we hear Maggie groan loudly and deeply. Once she stops, Maggie shivers.

    Hailee stands up, and kisses her mother. "Hey, Mom, let's get some breakfast." Maggie smiles in response.

    "Actually, I figured, while we're here, all squeaky clean..."

    "Oh, God..." Hailee groans, half-joking.

    We now see Hailee bent over the edge of the tub, while Maggie kneels behind her, face between her butt-cheeks, which she kneads and fondles with her long fingers. In another close-up, we see Maggie licking her daughter's anus roughly, tongue moving in slow circles, and occasionally prodding it a little. "Uhm..." Hailee moans, biting her lip. Back in the close-up, Maggie inserts her index finger in Hailee's asshole, and works it in and out in little jerks, causing Hailee to squeal and whimper raspily, and start humping the edge of the tub. Again in the close-up, Maggie tongue-fucks her daughter's butt, and we hear Hailee let out little gasps. Suddenly, Hailee bites down on her lower lip, and lets out a muffled squeal through her teeth.

    Now, Maggie is in the same position, with Hailee's head bobbing between her cheeks. In another close-up, Hailee licks her mother's butt-hole with long, rough strokes. "Yes..." Maggie moans, face looking like she's been crying, "Like that, baby..." Back in the close-up, with her fingers, Hailee holds open her mother's asshole, and licks the very middle in a circle. "Oh, God, Hailee, I wish you knew how good that feels..." As Hailee continues rimming her, Maggie starts breathing rapidly, whimpering on every exhale. "Oh, God, Hailee, put your fingers in my butt!" Again in the close-up, Hailee inserts her first two fingers in her mother's ass, and starts finger-banging her. "Oh, fuck!" Maggie whines, a couple of octaves higher than normal, one eyebrow arched. "Oh, God, I'm gonna..." Suddenly, she bows her head, and lets out another deep groan.

    Again shivering, and breathing choppily, Maggie lifts herself up, and her daughter wraps her arms around her, and starts kissing her neck. Immediately, Maggie smiles.

    "So," Hailee asks, between kisses, "breakfast?"

    Maggie chuckles. "Okay, let's go get something to eat." She turns her head, and her and Hailee share another long, sultry kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    The Family That Lays Together: Scene 156
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, rom, inc, con
    Celebs: Naomi Watts
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Naomi sleeping in bed, in a white tank and panties. She starts tossing and turning, as we hear her narrate. "Something happened a few weeks ago that I can't quite explain. I had recently been experiencing some very intense sex dreams, that often resulted in actual orgasms. I've been told this is a common side effect of menopause. This one, though, affected me quite differently than usual." Naomi suddenly wakes up, sits up on the edge of the bed, and stares silently at the wall. "The whole thing felt like a dream, except I remember vividly what I did after I woke up." Naomi gets up, and walks out of the room.

    We then see a door open, and Naomi walk through it. "I found myself standing...in my son, Paul's room...staring at him in bed. And then..." We see Paul lying asleep on his back, with a sheet covering him, which Naomi pulls off him, revealing all he's wearing is a pair of white jockeys. Smiling, Naomi gets onto the bed, and crawls toward her son. As she gets to his area, Paul wakes up.

    "Huh? What?" He looks down, and sees Naomi smiling back at him. "Mum?"

    Still smiling up at him, Naomi grabs the waistband of his underwear, and pulls down, exposing his limp cock and balls. She then leans down, and kisses around the base of her son's dick, then takes the head between her lips, and starts sucking it. "It's like I was possessed. I was aware of what I was doing, but couldn't stop myself." As she continues sucking her son off, his cock quickly reaches full hardness, at which point, she begins moving her head down, then closing her lips on it, and pulling back, then repeating.

    "Oh, Mum..." Paul moans, looking up at the ceiling. Back in the close-up, Naomi strokes his cock while she sucks it.

    "My insides felt like they were on fire, as my lips embraced my son's cock." Before long, Paul starts groaning, and Naomi holds her mouth open over his dick, which starts spurting, Naomi catching some of it with her tongue. Once he stops, she starts to lick up the rest of his cum. "Oh, God! The taste of my son's jizz...I was so turned on..." She then wraps her lips around his cock again, and starts sucking him off again. "I wanted more! I wanted all of it! I wanted...I wanted to drain my son's balls, and drink up every drop of his spunk!" As she says this, we see she has her other hand around his balls, rubbing and squeezing them. Eventually, Paul starts bucking his hips, then lets out a louder groan than before. This time, Naomi keeps her lips closed, and we hear her swallow repeatedly as her son continues to pop off in her mouth. Once he stops, Naomi smiles up at him, then comes up, gives him a quick kiss on the lips, then hops off the bed, and leaves.

    We then see Naomi sitting at the kitchen table, in a cotton robe. "The next morning, I couldn't tell if the previous night's activities really happened, or were just a dream." Paul comes in the room, then walks out the other end, barely acknowledging her. "My son...wasn't behaving any differently than normal. He came home pretty late in the evening, without calling, which, again, is not unusual for him. I barely saw him that day, or exchanged any words, but, once more, that's not that strange for a boy his age. I was starting to seriously think I'd dreamed the whole thing. That is, until that night..."

    That night, Naomi lies in bed, asleep, again in the tank and panties. Suddenly, her door opens, and Paul enters. After watching his mother for a moment, he gets on the bed, and crawls toward her. He then grabs the waist of her panties, and pulls them down. Naomi wakes up, and looks down, just in time to see her son pull her panties past her feet. "Paul?" As she watches, Paul comes back up, and, in another close-up, buries his tongue in her snatch, and starts to eat her out. "Huh!" Naomi gasps vocally, mouth gaping and brow furrowing. "I'd just woken up, and my son...was eating my pussy. In spite of that, I was pretty sure this wasn't a dream, which meant neither was last night." Naomi's face screws up further, as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back. "Oh, Paul..." she moans, starting to breathe hard. Back in the close-up, Paul roughly licks his mother's already drooling cunt, occasionally pausing to spit out a pussy hair. Naomi, meanwhile, whips her top off, then starts to feel herself up, rubbing around her nipples in slow circles, her hips occasionally jerking, as her son eats her. "Last night, as I sucked my son off, my whole body felt hot. Now Paul was doing me, and I again felt hot, but also weak. I could actually feel my knees starting to shake, as he probed my cunt deeper and deeper..." Back in the close-up, Paul now has his first two fingers in his mother's pussy, as he continues to lap up her copious juices. "Oh!" Naomi suddenly gasps, digging her nails into her tits. "Oh, Paul! I'm cumming!"

    Now, Paul is on top of Naomi, with one arm around his neck, the other hand on his back, while, in another close-up, the two trade quick kisses, flicking their tongues together, sucking each other's lips. We then, in yet another close-up, see Paul's cock is inside his mother's cunt, pumping in and out. "My son...was fucking me. I couldn't believe this was really happening. Not only was I certain this wasn't a dream, I was praying it wasn't." Naomi tosses her head back, and gasps, "Oh, God..." As her son thrusts into her, Naomi's tits bounce and jiggle, her nipples extremely hard. Back in the close-up, Paul speeds up, and we see his cock coming out dripping wet, from his mother's practically gushing pussy. "Oh, Paul...I'm so in love with you..." Naomi again narrates, "That wasn't a lie; I could actually feel myself falling in love with my son. He was like no other lover I'd had before. Every move he made...was perfect..." Suddenly, Paul groans, and Naomi grimaces, mouth gaping, letting out a barely audible gasp. "We both came at the same time, and I could feel his hot seed inside me. It felt...so sexy." The two share an open-mouthed kiss for a moment, then Paul starts thrusting into his mother again. "I suddenly remembered, I made my son cum twice last night. Now, he was going for the same thing with me." Again in the close-up, Paul's cock pumps in and out of Naomi's steamy cunt. Naomi, meanwhile, cries out raspily, baring her teeth, and digging her nails into Paul's back. Finally, Paul thrusts his cock deep into his mother, and lets out a loud, throaty groan, as she screams hoarsely. "When my son came in me the second time, I climaxed so hard, I almost passed out."

    As both catch their breath, Paul, once again in the close-up, pulls out, and his cum flows out of Naomi's pussy. Paul gives his mother a quick kiss on the lips, then starts to leave, but Naomi stops him. "No...Baby...Please stay..." Paul smiles, then he and Naomi share another long, open-mouthed kiss, her hand caressing his shoulder, as Naomi narrates one last time. "My son and I...are now lovers. Like I said, I can't explain it, but there it is. He's confessed to being in love with me, like I am with him, and I feel it, whenever we kiss, whenever he touches me, and especially when we make love." The two break the kiss, and smile at each other, as the scene fades out.



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