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    SEXXY, Part 51
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, ws, con
    Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Gal Gadot
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a talk show, where Anna shares the couch with Gal, who's wearing the Wonder Woman outfit. "Yeah, this is the new armor for the movie."

    "I'm just picturing thousands of lesbians filing that outfit away in their flick bank," Anna jokes, and Gal and the host laugh.

    "Oh, believe me," Gal then says, "I've already heard from my lesbian fans about this suit." This elicits more laughter.

    Moments later, Gal is in her dressing room, about to take the armor off, when Anna comes in, and leans on the door. "Hey."

    "Oh, hi!" Gal smiles. "That was really funny, what you said."

    "Yeah. Don't know if it'll make it to air."

    "Well, there's always Youtube."

    Anna laughs at this, and Gal joins her. "That's true."

    There's then a pause, before Gal speaks again. "So, did you want something?"

    "Hm? Oh, just, you know, shooting the shit..."

    "Okay..." Gal arches one eyebrow, then says, "Do you wanna make out?"


    "I recognize this vibe I'm getting from you right now."

    "Oh? Who'd you get it from before?"

    "Uhm, never mind. So?"


    It cuts to the two making out enthusiastically, Gal holding Anna against the wall, while Anna has her legs wrapped around Gal. "God, if my husband could see us..."

    Anna laughs at this. "So, are you in some kind of cuck relationship with him?"

    "No..." Gal giggles, "He just likes watching me make out with other women..." The two continue necking, until Gal starts grinding against Anna, and then stops. "W-Is there something in your pocket?"

    "This dress doesn't have pockets."

    "Well, what's..." Gal grabs the front of Anna's dress, and her eyes widen, as she looks down. "Oh, my..." Gal grips something in Anna's dress. "You have a..."

    Anna smiles sheepishly. "Um...Surprise? Uh, look, I'm sorry, I should've-"

    "No..." Gal smiles, and starts stroking Anna's cock through her dress. "This is...a rather sexy surprise..."

    "Um, really?"

    Gal then reaches up under Anna's skirt, and Anna lets out a little gasp. "Oh, and you have balls, too..." Looking at Anna lasciviously, Gal pushes the door closed. "Let's shut this..." Gal lowers to her knees, and lifts Anna's skirt. "How long has it been since you were properly sucked?"

    Gal pulls down Anna's panties, and her big, hard cock and balls bounce out. She then smirks up at Anna, leans in, and, in our first close-up, begins licking and sucking Anna's swollen head, before wrapping her lips around her rigid shaft, and sliding them up and down. "Oh, God..." Anna moans, brow furrowing. She then chuckles. "I can't believe I'm getting a blowjob from Wonder Woman..." Back in the close-up, Gal strokes Anna's dick, as she sucks her balls. "Ooh...squeeze 'em..." Anna groans right after saying this. Again in the close-up, Gal kisses up the underside of Anna's cock, then continues sucking her.

    Now, Gal sits up in the one chair in the room, the main armor piece off, but still wearing the tiara, bracers, and boots, as Anna kneels in front of her, completely naked, in another close-up licking out her moist cunt. "Ohhh..." Gal moans, and bites her lip. "Oh, God..." Gal rubs her thighs, looking down at Anna, as she switches out her tongue for her fingers. Back in the close-up, Anna licks around Gal's clit, while her fingers plunge in and out of Gal's drooling quim. "Oh, God!" Gal moans loudly, craning her neck up, "Give me your cock!"

    "Thought you'd never ask..." Anna moans, smirking as she comes up. She then, in another close-up, presses the tip of her cock against Gal's oozing slit, and pushes it in.

    "Ooh!" Gal groans, then gasps, as Anna starts fucking her. "God, I feel you so deep."

    "Hm, I know..." Anna gasps, "You're so tight, baby..."

    "That surprise you?" Gal smirks.

    "Well, maybe a little..." Gal laughs at this, then again moans, as, back in the close-up, Anna's cock pumps in and out, dripping wet from Gal's pussy juices.

    Anna now sits on the chair, as Gal kneels before her, licking and sucking her own juices from Anna's dick. Gal then gets up, straddles Anna's lap, and starts riding her. "Ooh!" Anna groans. "Okay, I'm pretty sure this isn't good for my pelvis..."

    "What about your cock?"

    "That I can't complain about..." Gal smirks at this, as Anna grabs one of her tits, and sucks it.

    "Uhm..." In a shot of Gal's ass, we see her pussy move up and down on Anna's dick, all the while drooling all over her balls.

    We now see Gal on her knees, bent over the chair, as Anna, up on one knee, rubs her cock up and down Gal's crack. In another close-up, Anna inserts the head of her cock in Gal's moist, sweaty asshole, then slowly, laboredly pushes it in, eliciting a whimpering groan from her.

    "That hurt?" Anna asks, gasping for breath, as she fucks Gal.

    "Yes...But, I love it..." Face down in the chair, Gal's brow furrows, and her lower lip trembles, as, back in the close-up, Anna's cock moves in and out a little easier, now gleaming with Gal's ass juices. "Oh, God! Huh! Harder!" Anna grabs Gal's asscheeks, and starts thrusting harder. "Oh, God, I'm..." Again in the close-up, Gal's pussy suddenly squirts all over Anna's balls.

    "Uhm..." Anna smiles, biting her lip, as she reaches down and cups her balls, then brings her hand back up, and sucks her fingers. "Wish I'd known you were a squirter."


    "I would've had you bukakke my face."

    "Well, you could do that to me."

    "Oh, believe me, I was planning to anyway..." Anna then groans. "Speaking of which..." Anna pulls out, and Gal quickly turns around, and sits in front of Anna, smiling excitedly, then immediately begins sucking Anna vigorously. "Oh, fuck, yes...Just like that..." Anna groans again, and Gal leans back, holding her tongue out, as the former frantically jerks off. "Oh! Fuck, here it comes..." Anna's throbbing dick shoots out a ribbon of cum, landing on Gal's forehead, then several more land on her tongue, her lips, and her cheeks. Once she stops, Gal licks her lips, and gives Anna one more suck.

    Moments later, we see Anna sitting in Gal's lap on the chair, Gal slowly stroking her spent cock while they tongue kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    SEXXY, Part 52
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FFF, oral, anal, mas, ws, con
    Celebs: Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Bella Thorne
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Z and Bella sitting around, watching a movie, when Bella's phone rings. "Hello?"

    On the other side, we see Selena lying next to the pool, sunning herself. "Hey, are you and Z doing anything?"

    "Not really. Why?"

    "Eh, I'm kind of bored here. Wondering if you two could come and hang out."

    "Um..." Bella covers the phone. "Z, wanna go hang out with Selena?"

    "Yeah, okay."

    "Uh, yeah, we'd love to. We're, uh, leaving right now."

    "Oh, and bring your bikinis."

    Selena hangs up, and Bella looks at Z slightly awkwardly. "What is it?"

    "She wants us to bring our bikinis."

    "Does she know..." Z starts to ask.

    "I don't think so." Bella then smiles and snickers. "Okay, I just got a brilliant idea."


    "Just get your bikini."

    Sometime later, Z and Bella show up, and Selena sits up. "Hey, you're here! I was going to jump in the pool, but that's no fun alone, you know?"

    "Yeah," Bella says, "we were just talking about how nice a cold swim would be today."

    "And you know what would be even better?" Z says.

    "What?" Z and Bella start untying their tops. "Oh, yes!" Grinning, Selena follows their lead. Once their tops are off, Z and Bella do the same thing with their bottoms. "Oh, my God!" Selena squeals, laughing, as takes hers off. "God, can you imagine if someone was watching?"

    "Yeah..." Bella smiles, "They'd be as surprised as you're about to be."

    "Huh?" Bella and Z separate their legs, and their large packages flop out. Selena's eyes bug out at this sight. "I...What...Wha..."

    "You're right, Bella," Z chuckles, "she is surprised."

    "W-How long have you two..."

    "Uh, all our lives?" Bella says.

    Selena looks at both of their packages, breathing hard. "This...is really weird, guys."

    "Oh, tell me about it," Z again chuckles.

    "No, I mean...God...I...I wanna blow both of you. Is that weird?" Bella and Z look at each other and laugh.

    We now see Z and Bella laying on loungers, already starting to visibly sweat from the heat, as Selena kneels between them, stroking their big, hard dicks. Selena leans toward Bella, and, in our first close-up, wraps her pouting lips around Bella's thick shaft. "Oh! Baby..." Bella licks her lips and feels herself up, as Selena sucks her deep, almost deep-throating her. Selena leans the other way, and, in another close-up, begins to suck off Z's big, black cock.

    "Yeah, bitch..." Z moans, playing with her hard, dark brown nipples. "C'mon, lemme feel those tonsils, girl..." Selena complies, gagging a little as she gets her lips close to Z's body. "Oh, fuck..." Z groans. After a bit, Selena does the same with Bella.

    "Oh, God!" Bella gasps. "God, I wanna..." She then grimaces, and starts thrusting up, fucking Selena's throat.

    "Oh, my God!" Z says, giggling a little, "Her eyes are watering!" Selena starts to lean back toward her, and Z says, "Wait, wait..." Z then lifts her legs up to her body.

    "Oh, God, Z!" Bella laughs. "You're really gonna make her..."

    "What, throat-fucking's okay, but rusty trombones are out?" Bella laughs out loud at this. In another close-up, we see Selena lick out Z's moist, sweaty asshole, while she jerks her big dick. "Oh, yeah..." Z sighs. "I think it's safe to say she's done this before..."

    Now, we see an underside shot, as Selena lowers herself onto Z's dick, which, after some groaning and straining, her tight asshole swallows up. "Ohhh..." Now dripping sweat, Selena starts to move up and down on Z's cock. Bella then moves in, and, in another close-up, inserts her dick into Selena's pussy. "Oh, fuck..." Selena gasps, face twitching, lower lip trembling, as both start to alternate thrusting into her, like pistons. "Oh, fuck!" Selena suddenly screams. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" Both start to thrust into her harder, making her scream and shriek, then, suddenly, "Oh, God, Bella, take it out!" Bella pulls out, and instantly Selena's pussy sprays all over her.

    "Oh, Jesus Christ, Z!" Bella laughs. "She just douched me!"

    "Wanna take this asshole for a while?"

    Selena stands up, while Z and Bella switch places, then gets back on, her now somewhat looser asshole now taking in Bella's cock, while Z starts fucking her pussy. "Oh, fuck!" Selena wails, sweaty face contorting, as both plow her holes. Gasping for breath, she then tilts her head back, and lets out a long, exhausted cry.

    We now see Selena face down on the lounger, whimpering as, in another close-up, Z fucks her asshole, which is starting to gape. "Oh, God..." Selena looks and sounds like she's sobbing, as she's sodomized.

    "Oh, fuck..." Z groans, as she pulls out, then strokes her dick, as Bella now assaults Selena's ass. Before long, Bella's now grunting.

    "Flip her over..." Z helps Selena onto her back, and immediately she and Bella take turns fucking her mouth.

    Finally, Z's face screws up, and, groaning deeply, she nuts all over Selena's tits. Soon after, Bella does the same, until Selena's chest is covered in sweat and jism.

    Selena then gives them both one last suck, as the scene fades out.

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    SEXXY, Part 53
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, ws, exh, con
    Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a POV from a camera phone, going into a hotel bathroom, where we find Jennifer standing in front of the toilet. "Jesus, Margot!" Jennifer laughs, turning slightly, revealing her holding her penis.

    "Hey, what are you doing there?"

    "The fuck does it look like I'm doing? I'm about to piss!"

    "Hm, hang on a minute then..." Margot zooms in on Jennifer's dick. "Okay, go ahead."

    "Holy shit, you're really going to shoot me peeing?"

    "Well, you can always hold it until I get bored and leave."

    "Oh, is that my choice? Fine, but make sure you get a good shot of this." Jennifer then starts peeing for about half a minute, which we hear hitting the toilet water. Finally, she stops.

    "Damn, you really had to go..." Margot says in a hushed, seductive tone. "You know, that made me kind of hard..."

    "Yeah, that turned me on a little, too, you watching me."

    "Can I suck you off?"

    "Well, maybe put the phone down first. That should be just between us."

    "Alright." Margot puts the phone on the sink, then kneels in front of Jen, and, in our first close-up, flicks her tongue on her still dripping head, then starts to suck it, quickly making Jennifer hard. "Fuck..." Jen whispers, lifting her shirt and rubbing her stomach, before taking it off, then dropping her pants, so she's completely naked. "Mmm..." Jennifer sighs, rubbing her knees together, while she cups her breast with one hand, and rubs her thigh with the other. After a bit, Margot pauses to take off her shirt, then sits for a moment to take her pants off, before returning to her knees, and continuing to suck Jen off. "Oh, fuck..." Jen now rubs her thighs with both hands. She then looks down, and says, "Holy shit, Margot! You are fucking hard!"

    "Told ya..."

    "Hm, switch places with me..."

    Now, Margot is leaning back against the sink, moaning and face twitching, as, in another close-up, we see Jen's lips slide up and down Margot's throbbing member. "Oh, fuck..." Margot gasps under her breath. Back in the close-up, Jen grips Margot's base tightly, while bringing her lips close to Margot's body, until we hear her gag, then pulling away, and wiping her mouth off.

    "Fuck!" Jen gasps, "Are all Aussies as big as you?"

    "No, we're like you Yanks. Most of us have little dicks, causing us to act like complete arses." Jennifer laughs at this.

    "Hm, speaking of 'arses'..."

    We now see Jen face down on the bed, with Margot on top of her, as, in another close-up, her cock is deep inside Jennifer's tight, moist asshole. "Oh, fuck..." Jen groan/whimpers, as Margot's cock pumps slowly in and out of her ass. "Oh, God, deeper..." Margot starts grinding her hips, getting her cock in deeper, until she's balls deep in Jen. "Ow!" Jen blurts out.

    "That hurt?"

    "Yeah, but don't stop. I kind of like it..."

    "Oh, is that so?" Margot smirks, then grabs hold of Jen's hips, and starts fucking her harder.

    "Oh, fuck!" Jen screams, as Margot's hips collide with her asscheeks, making a loud slapping noise.

    "Oh!" Margot grunts, grimacing, as she drives her cock deep in Jennifer one last time. A moment later, Margot pulls out, and, seeing Jen's gaping asshole, leans down, and, back in the close-up, licks around the rim, causing Jen to twitch and hiss.

    "Hah..." Jen sighs, then groans, as she clenches, and Margot licks up her load.

    Now, Jen lies on her back, with Margot straddling her reverse cowgirl style, as, in another close-up, she rides Jen's cock with her ass, her own spent, flaccid dick bouncing and flopping around. "Oh, fuck..." Margot moans, tilting her head back, "Your cock feels good all the way in my arse..."

    Soon, she starts riding Jen harder, resulting in, "Ow! Jesus, Margot, you're crushing my balls!"

    "Yeah, something tells me you like it." As if proving her right, Jen soon thrusts up into Margot, and lets out a loud, deep groan. "Hm..." Margot pulls herself off of Jen, then, back in the close-up, Jen's load oozes out of her. Smiling, Margot quickly gets on her stomach, and, in yet another close-up, licks and sucks Jen's cum off her dick and balls.

    "You nasty bitch..." Jen chuckles, gasping for air.

    "Shit..." Margot then mutters to herself.

    "What is it?"

    "I've really got to pee..." Margot starts to climb off the bed, but Jen stops her.

    "Wait...Lay back..."

    "Huh? What..."

    "You think you're the only one who knows how to be nasty?" Jen takes a few deep breaths, then, in another close-up, wraps her lips around Margot's limp dick.

    "Oh, crikey..." Margot again mutters, realizing what Jen is doing, and then lays back. "Hm..." she sighs, as, back in the close-up, we hear Jen swallow repeatedly. "Fuck, now that is nasty..." Finally, she stops, and Jen comes back up, and presses on her cheeks, forcing open her mouth, at which point Jen opens hers, and we see some of Margot's urine spill out into her mouth.

    "I saved one last mouthful..." Jen giggles.

    "Yeah, I can see that..." Margot smirks, then pulls Jen down, and the two share a long, sultry tongue kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    SEXXY, Part 54
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Lizzy Caplan, Aubrey Plaza
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Lizzy and Aubrey making out in the kitchen, Aubrey leaning her butt against the island. "Fuck..." Lizzy whispers into Aubrey's mouth between kisses, "I've been waiting for this all day..."

    "Hm...I can tell..." Aubrey smirks as she says this, and down below we see her rubbing the front of Lizzy's pants. "Feels like you've been resisting the urge to rub one out all day..."

    "Oh, you have no idea...You know what I was thinking of all that time I wasn't jerking off?"


    "Draining your balls, then you draining mine..."

    "Ooh!" Aubrey's knees buckle for a second when she lets out this groan. "Well, you'd better do it soon, before I cum in my pants..." Lizzy gives Aubrey a sultry tongue kiss, then lowers to her knees, and unzips her pants. She then reaches into Aubrey's pants, and pulls out her rock-hard cock, and then, in our first close-up, licks and sucks Aubrey's swollen head, before wrapping her lips around it. "Ohhh...fuck..." Aubrey moans, tipping her head back. Back in the close-up, we see Lizzy's lips slide up and down Aubrey's rigid shaft. "Fuck...You gonna do that thing?" As if in response, Lizzy slowly brings her lips as close to Aubrey's body as possible, then we hear Lizzy gag as she holds it there. Eventually, she pulls away, and wipes her mouth off, then pushes Aubrey's cock up against her stomach, and starts sucking her balls. "Huh...Jerk me off, baby..." Lizzy begins stroking Aubrey's dick, rubbing her swollen head with her palm. She then kisses and licks up the underside, then flicks her tongue on the tip, before continuing to suck Aubrey off. "Uh! Fuck..." As Lizzy sucks her more vigorously, Aubrey's breathing speeds up, and her face contorts. Suddenly, she starts gasping, "Oh, fuck...Baby, I'm..." Lizzy then leans back, and holds her mouth open, as she tilts her head up. Almost immediately, Aubrey starts groaning, as her cock spurts several times, covering Lizzy's face, and even getting some in her hair. Once she stops, Lizzy gives her one last suck, again causing her to moan.

    Now, Lizzy's sitting on a chair next to the kitchen table, as Aubrey pulls her stiff cock and balls out of her pants. In another close-up, Aubrey rubs and fondles Lizzy's balls, as she deep-throats her. "Oh, God..." Lizzy moans, watching Aubrey suck her off. "Ooh..." she then groans, as Aubrey closes her hand on her balls, squeezing them. Back in the close-up, Aubrey wraps her other hand tightly around the base of Lizzy's cock, as she sucks her more vigorously. "Uh! Fuck..." Lizzy starts to buck her hips, then Aubrey squeezes her dick tightly, and sucks her faster, until Lizzy grimaces, and grunts loudly, "Hah!" Again in the close-up, Aubrey wraps her hand around the tip, and strokes Lizzy's throbbing, purple head. "Oh, fuck! Oh, God, let me cum!" Lizzy tears up, and clenches her teeth, as she again starts bucking her hips, this time more frantically. Once more in the close-up, Aubrey starts sucking again, while continuing to squeeze Lizzy's balls. Aubrey rubs Lizzy's head with her lips, faster and faster, until, finally, she lets go of the base, and, with a loud, raspy groan, Lizzy's cock spurts directly into Aubrey's mouth for almost a full minute. "Fffuck..." Lizzy gasps, as Aubrey licks up the rest of her cum, then gives her one last suck.

    Standing up again, the two now kiss, and whisper lovingly to each other, while doing their pants up, as the scene fades out.

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    SEXXY, Part 55
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Famke Janssen, Evangeline Lilly
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on an office at night, where we see Famke at her desk, and Evey behind her, massaging her shoulders.

    "God, this was a long day..." Famke sighs.

    "Well, at least it's the weekend."

    "Yeah. Just wish I could fucking relax."

    Evey looks down at Famke, smirking. "You saying this isn't helping?"

    Famke looks up at her in turn. "Oh, don't get me wrong, Evey. Your hands feel really good."

    "Yeah...I think I know what would feel better..." Evey turns Famke to face her, then lowers to her knees.

    "Oh, baby, do you know me..." Evey unzips Famke's pants, and pulls out her half-hard dick, which she immediately wraps her cock-sucking lips around. "Fffuck..." Famke moans, looking down at her. A moment later, she starts to unbutton her shirt, then, once that's open, undoes her bra in the front, and starts rub and squeeze her breasts. "Uhm..." Famke sighs, then tilts her head back, and bites her lip, as Evey starts to deep-throat her cock.

    We now see Evey on her back, in her black silk bra and panties, the former of which she takes off, while Famke pulls her panties aside, and fingers her already sopping wet pussy. Famke then begins rubbing the tip of her cock up and down Evey's juicy slit, before inserting it, both moaning as it goes inside.

    "Oh, fuck..." Evey moans breathily, her breasts starting to bounce as Famke grabs her hips, and starts thrusting into her. "Oh, God...You're so hard, baby..."

    "That surprise you?" Famke smirks, and Evey giggles, before going back to moaning and whimpering, as Famke leans over, and speeds up.

    "Oh, God! Uhm...Fuck..." Evey grabs her tits, and squeezes them hard, even digging her nails in a little. As Famke goes harder, Evey's moans turn into shrill wines, and her face screws up, like she's going to sneeze. Before long, Evey throws her head back, and cries out, loudly and deeply. As the two catch their breath, Famke leans down, and her and Evey share a long, passionate tongue kiss.

    Now, Evey's bent over the desk, and Famke's behind her, rubbing her cock up and down Evey's crack, before pushing it into her moist, sweaty asshole. "Ooh!" Famke whines loudly, face contorting, as Famke's dick goes in, then moans, "Huh..." as Famke starts slowly thrusting in and out of her hot, tight butthole. "Oh, God, Fam...I can't believe how good that feels..." Evey's cries become louder and more shrill, until Famke starts groaning, then, seconds later, pulls out, and nuts all over her back.

    Smiling, Famke leans over, and kisses Evey's shoulders, until the latter turns her head, and the two share another lusty tongue kiss, as the scene fades out.

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    SEXXY, Part 56
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FF, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Emmy Rossum, Zazie Beetz
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a porno set, where we see Emmy walk on, looking around nervously.

    "Holy shit!" we hear, as Zazie approaches. "You're Emmy-"

    "Yeah! I, uh, know..."

    "Man, what are you doing here? Don't you usually do the straight shit?"

    "Yeah, well...I've kind of fucked up there, so..."

    "This is it for you?"

    "Pretty much."

    "Well, I won't say, 'Who knows, maybe you'll like it?' but, for your sake, I hope you do end up liking it, cause..."

    "Do you?"

    "Oh, yeah..." Zazie smirks, "I wanna be here. So, any idea who your first scene is with?"

    "I, uh, don't think they've decided yet."

    "Well, tell you what, I'll try to get us together. I can help you ease in, and, seriously, I have wanted to work with you for years."

    "Well, thanks...I guess..."

    "Zazie..." Zazie smiles and extends her hand.

    "Yeah..." Emmy shakes her hand.

    Later, we see the two kneeling on a set bed, naked, both their large cocks hanging limply. "Damn..." Zazie says, "That thing looks bigger in person."

    "You're one to speak. Yours...terrifies me." Zazie snickers at this.

    "Okay, action!"

    "Just..." Zazie whispers, starting to kiss Emmy, "let me lead..." She then wraps her hand around Emmy's cock, which quickly becomes fully erect. "Oh, my..." After stroking Emmy's dick for a minute, Zazie leans down, and starts to suck her off.

    "Huhm...Oh, Jesus..." Emmy's face contorts, and she starts rubbing her thighs, as she looks down at Zazie, her lips sliding up and down Emmy's throbbing member. "Oh, fuck...That feels fucking amazing..."

    "It helps having one myself..." Zazie whispers back, before continuing to suck her, while rubbing and squeezing her smooth, pink balls.

    "Fffuck..." Baring her teeth, Emmy starts to shake and groan.

    "Whoa, not so fast..." Zazie closes her hand tightly around the base of Emmy's dick, stemming the flow. "Better holster that..."

    Now, Zazie's on her back, propped up on her elbows, looking down at Emmy, as she hesitantly strokes her big, black dick, then starts kissing the head, followed by licking it, then finally sucking the head, while stroking the shaft. "Wow...I think you might actually enjoy this job..." As Zazie says this, Emmy starts properly fellating her, gripping her cock tightly as she strokes it. "Oh, fuck..." Zazie then sighs, smiling.

    We now see Emmy on her hands and knees, Zazie kneeling behind her. "Just breathe..." Zazie whispers, "It won't hurt nearly as much as you think it will..."

    "Just...put it in..." At that, Zazie pushes her cock into Emmy's tight, pink asshole, causing her to grimace, and again shake, while letting out a shrill, barely audible whine, as Zazie's dick slowly goes all the way in. "Oh, fuck..." Emmy whimpers, as Zazie starts fucking her.

    "There, is that so bad?" Zazie says.

    "I think...I like this..."

    "Yeah? You like my big dick in that tight ass of yours?"

    "Yeah...Feels good..." Zazie smiles, and slaps Emmy's ass, causing her to yelp.

    Now, Emmy's on her back, gripping her dick tightly, as Zazie's pumps in and out of her somewhat looser butthole. "Oh, fuck! Oh, God, harder!" At this prompting, Zazie speeds up, and Emmy immediately shrieks.

    "Oh, fuck..." Zazie groans, "Take your hand off..." Emmy lets go of her dick, and Zazie pulls out, groaning loudly as her cock erupts all over Emmy's balls, dick, and stomach.

    Zazie's now on her back, legs in the air, as Emmy's cock is balls deep in her ass. "Oh, fuck!" Zazie whimpers. "God, I can't believe how hard you are..."

    "Oh, God!" Emmy cries out, "Fuck!" then pulls out, and shoots her load all over Zazie, balls to neck, and even a little on her chin.

    Exhausted, Emmy collapses on top of Zazie, and the two again kiss. "Yes..." Zazie whispers between kisses, "You did great..." The scene then fades out on them.

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    SEXXY, Part 57
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: Ff, oral, mas, con
    Celebs: Alicia Vikander, Mckenna Grace
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins at a lavish mansion, where we see Mckenna sitting in her room, as we hear the front door open elsewhere in the house. As Mickey gets up and walks out, we hear Alicia talking to her mother. "Yes, the agency just called me, like, an hour ago, and gave me your address."

    "Oh, thanks for coming, Ms, uh..."


    "Yes. Mickey's father and I have looked all over for someone, uh properly qualified..."

    "Oh, yes, the agency told me everything about your daughter."

    As they speak, Mckenna approaches the landing, and her mother looks up. "Oh, there she is now! Mickey, this is Alicia, she's your new au pair."

    "Hi, Mickey!" Alicia waves, smiling.

    "Hi," Mckenna waves somewhat half-heartedly, then goes back into her room.

    The next day, Mckenna's again in her room, as Alicia appears, standing in the doorway. "Can I come in?"

    "Yeah, sure, why not..."

    Alicia comes and squats on the bed, opposite Mckenna, smiling. "So, your mother and father tell me you're 'special'."

    Mckenna chuckles sardonically. "Oh, did they? And you had to see for yourself?"

    "Mickey, can I show you something?"

    "What?" Alicia sits back a bit, then unzips her jeans, before reaching in, and pulling out her large cock. Mckenna gasps, then smiles. "So, you're..."

    "Mm-hm..." Alicia nods, smiling.

    "Can I...Can I touch it?"

    "Okay..." Mickey crawls over, and wraps her hand around Alicia's member. "Ooh..." Alicia moans, as Mckenna's touch causes it to harden a little.

    "Would you like to see mine?"

    "I would." Mckenna sits up, and hastily undoes her pants, before letting out her own twelve-year old member.

    "That's beautiful, Mickey..." Alicia leans forward, and reaches out. "Can I..."

    "Alright..." Alicia wraps her hand around Mickey's unit, and it instantly swells up to full hardness.

    As she slowly strokes it, Alicia asks, "Wanna touch them together?"

    "Huh?" Alicia gets up on her knees, holding her piece in her hands, and rubs it against Mickey's, and soon both are completely hard. "This...is weird..."

    "Have you ever played with yourself?" Alicia whispers.

    "Um, no..."

    "Want me to suck it?"

    "Um, Idunno..." Smirking, Alicia leans down, and begins sucking off Mickey's hard, preteen dick. "Uh...Alicia..." Mckenna gasps and groans, and, almost immediately, cums in Alicia's mouth. Not done yet, Alicia continues sucking, making Mickey hard again, until, with more whimpering and bucking her hips this time, Mickey again cums, this time all over her dick and balls, which Alicia licks up.

    "Yes...Suck it..." Mickey now lies on her stomach in front of Alicia, who kneels on the bed, and licks and sucks her swollen head. "Ohhh...You're a natural, Mickey..." As Mckenna keeps sucking, she takes Alicia's cock in a little deeper every time, until she's almost choking. Suddenly, Alicia groans, "Pull it out..." As she does so, Alicia immediately cums all over Mickey's face.

    Once she finishes, Alicia wipes Mckenna's face, then leans down, and kisses her.

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    SEXXY, Part 58
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: F, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Elizabeth Debicki
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    The scene begins with Elizabeth in the shower, washing her body, as, below, we see her long, thick organ hanging between her legs. "Hm..." Elizabeth sighs, smiling, as she starts idly stroking her cock, gradually making it hard. Once it's fully erect, Elizabeth strokes it more vigorously, rubbing the swollen head with her palm.

    Later, we see Elizabeth sitting on the toilet, slouching a little, and we soon see why, as she points her throbbing member upward, and begins sucking herself off, lips reaching all the way past her puffed up head. "Huhm..." We hear moans, muffled by her dick, which she also strokes with one hand, the other one rubbing and squeezing her smooth, pink balls.

    Now, Elizabeth has a big, black dildo, with which she rubs up and down her own cock, then gives her balls a little whack. Eventually, she holds the toy under her, and lowers herself onto it, her asshole enveloping it, as she begins fucking herself, wincing as she drives it in hard and deep. Meanwhile, Elizabeth continues sucking her cock, to the point of deep throating herself.

    She strokes herself faster and faster, until, groaning and body shuddering, Elizabeth ejaculates a huge load into her mouth. Once she stops, Elizabeth leans back, and spits the load all over her breasts and stomach, then gives her spent dick one last suck.



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