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    Default Victoria's Misfortune

    Victoria's Misfortune

    by RomanCEisdead


    Victoria was born to Charles and Mary Sessions on the 3rd of June 1894. She was named after Her Majesty Queen Victoria, stressing her parent's loyalty to the crown and to the establishment within the country.

    Charles was a middle-class businessman, with pretensions towards becoming upper-middle class -- perhaps even gaining a title one day. His wife was the youngest daughter of a successful entrepreneur. Charles saw it as an opportunity to extend his contacts and to expand his own business, which was based upon the tailoring industry. He was always dressed in the smartest of suits in order to impress. Naturally, he insisted upon his wife being equally well dressed. He was used to her turning heads.

    Although the couple had intended to have a large family (as expected in Victorian England), they were blessed with just the one child -- a daughter. Victoria grew up in a household with a Nanny and half a dozen servants in a town house in the not-quite fashionable area of Hackney. She was sheltered throughout her life, with a private tutor being brought in for her education. She showed a reasonable level of intelligence and took easily to reading and writing. As with her mother and father, she was always dressed in the most attractive clothing.

    She was approaching her nineteenth birthday, when her mother began to talk about finding a match for her. Her father was determined that this should be a step up the social ladder, but he needed to find an opening to make this possible. Then, one day in 1912, he announced that he had worked out how to increase trade and make his move into the upper echelons of middle class England. Everyone who was anyone was going to travel to New York on the White Star Line's magnificent new liner.

    The ship was due to depart Southampton on April 10th. Charles took the train from London and hired a taxi to transport him from the station to the White Star Line Dock, where he boarded shortly after 10am. He was shown to his suite by one of the stewards, while a young man followed along carrying his luggage.

    The ship left its moorings at around midday and sailed off to meet its destiny (and an iceberg) in the North Atlantic four days later.

    Charles Edward Stimpson Sessions was listed as missing presumed lost when the RMS Titanic sank.


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    Chapter 1 A

    It came as quite a shock to Mary to discover that her husband had left considerable debts behind. He had taken a gamble on the voyage in the hope that he could advance his own position in the world. It had never occurred to him to consider what would happen in the event of his own demise. Fortunately, he had retained a good legal advisor, who took control of the financial situation. It was necessary to sell the town house, but afterwards there would be no remaining debt.

    The problem of where to live and how to finance this became an immediate problem. Fortunately, she had one card up her sleeve -- an ageing aunt who had always doted on her. Mary contacted Eleanor, who immediately offered her the position of companion. This would provide food, shelter and an income to enable her to dress well, while escorting her aunt on her travels. Mary asked about Victoria, but Eleanor explained that she wouldn't be able to employ her as well.

    For two days Mary pondered what to do, until Aunt Eleanor rang her again. She said that a gentleman she knew would be interested in taking on Victoria as a member of his household staff. Victoria's mother was appalled. Just a month ago they had been discussing the possibility of finding an advantageous marriage for her. Now she was contemplating putting her into service. The fact that someone was prepared to take her on, when she had never done any household work before was a minor miracle. She had no choice but to accept this generous offer.

    Victoria left London with her mother the following week. Her new role was a considerable distance from her mother's destination, but fortunately it lay along the same railway line. This allowed them to travel together.

    Since being informed of the situation Victoria had said very little. Her world had been torn apart, first by losing her father, then her home and now her leisured lifestyle. She wasn't lazy by any means and had usually kept herself busy with reading, needlework, walking and playing the piano.

    Victoria bade her mother goodbye as the woman left the train. Her great aunt had sent a manservant to escort her to the house. As the train pulled out of the station and she lost sight of her mother's waving handkerchief, for the first time in her life she felt alone and afraid.

    An hour later the steam engine slowed the carriages to a halt at Victoria's destination. She stepped down carefully clutching her large carpet-bag, which contained the only possessions she had left in the world. She looked along the platform, seeing other passengers being greeted, but knowing that there was nobody to meet her. She put her bag on the ground and retrieved the envelope that contained her instructions. She sighed, picked up her bag and walked through the station exit, handing her ticket to the collector as she passed.

    It was a warm day and Victoria set off with a determined stride. She ignored the looks that people gave her as she walked past, concentrating on maintaining a good pace. After a mile she found herself on a country lane. She knew that she was on course, but she was starting to suffer a little from the heat. The outfit that she was wearing didn't help, being of a relatively heavy dark blue material. And, as fashion dictated, the various layers of clothing that she had on only served to exacerbate the problem.

    The lane was following the course of a little stream, so Victoria decided to step off of the road and rest in the shade of the trees by the water for a while. She sat down by a fallen tree trunk in a manner that would not have been approved of by her mother, but realised that she wasn't feeling any cooler. She stood up and looked around to ensure that she wasn't being observed, before removing her ankle high boots. Feeling very nervous, she looked round once again and then raised her skirts high enough to be able to untie the ribbons holding up her stockings.

    That felt so much better. She slumped back down and smiled at her toes poking out from under her skirt.

    Victoria sat like this for as long as 30 minutes. She was trying to persuade herself to begin moving again when an idea occurred to her; there was nobody else around, so why didn't she have a little paddle in the water to help the cooling process?

    The stream was about ten inches deep and this meant that she had to lift her skirt and petticoats up to keep them clear of the water. She stepped carefully from the bank onto the gravel at the bottom and stood, feeling the water swirling around her toes. Looking down, she noticed that she had pulled her clothing so high that the frilly edges at the bottom of her open-legged drawers was visible. Standing with her legs apart she could feel the cool breeze upon her thighs. Her face flushed at such a feeling and she rapidly moved back onto the grass.

    Victoria had to sit down to don her stockings and re-secure the ribbons at the tops. By necessity her skirts were pulled up above her knees. With her knee raised in order to tie the bow, she could once again feel the gentle caressing breeze on her flesh. She didn't rush to complete the task and remained seated to put on and fasten her boots as well.

    She was totally unaware of the young farmhand who had been watching her for some time from behind the bushes on the far side of the stream. His hardened penis was standing out from his unbuttoned fly and he had been gently stroking it as he watched. When Victoria lifted her leg and pulled her stocking up, he was afforded a perfect view of her naked thighs and dark bush. His hand began moving rapidly as she leaned back to pull the second boot on, the glimpse of pink amongst the dark curls became too much for him. His ejaculation was so powerful that the white strings were left hanging from the leaves and branches in his line of fire.

    Victoria picked up her carpet-bag and began walking again. The house came into view a few miles later as she passed a small church. The house itself was Georgian in style and quite large, with fairly extensive gardens. For some reason, she had assumed that she was going to work in a household of maybe six servants. This place must have dozens.

    Her feet crunched along the gravel drive as she approached the front door. She was looking for a knocker, but there didn't appear to be one. As she raised her hand to rap on the wood it was suddenly opened. The butler stood looking her up and down, sighed and the said; "Round the back with you girl. This door is for guests only."

    Victoria tried to say sorry, but she felt it would be pointless to apologise to a piece of wood. She turned and began to walk around the building. There were a number of doorways at the back of the house, but outside one stood a stern looking woman with her hands clasped in front of her.

    "Miss Sessions, I presume?" she asked.

    "Yes," replied Victoria.

    "Not a good start. The front door is for Sir Robert's guests only."

    "Yes, I know. The butler told me."

    The woman raised her eyebrows. "You will in future refer to him as Mr. Rogers. I am Mrs. Trustworthy, the housekeeper. You will not speak until spoken to in future. Do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes, Mrs. Trustworthy."

    "That's better. We take discipline very seriously in this household. Try to remember that. "Now, come with me."

    Victoria followed Mrs. Trustworthy on what seemed a complicated trek through the house, until they reached her office. It wasn't very large, but she realised that there was a door leading off from it into what she assumed must be a bedroom. The room itself contained a leather-topped desk, behind which was a large leather chair with arms. On this side was a straight-backed wooden chair.

    "Sit down," commanded Mrs. Trustworthy. "I shall now explain your duties."

    "You will rise each morning at 5am and bathe. You will be sharing a room with another member of staff. You will each be responsible for ensuring that the other is ready on time to start work at 5.30.

    "Your duties will mostly involve cleaning and polishing. Can you sew?"

    Victoria nodded.

    "Stand up girl." She rose from her chair as Mrs. Trustworthy walked round the desk with a thin walking stick in her hand. Without warning, she lashed out and brought it smartly across Victoria's rump. Even with the thick clothing she felt the sting. She wanted so much to rub the pain away but felt that this would probably be a bad idea. The housekeeper left her standing but returned to her own chair. "In future you will answer correctly. That does not include a nod of your head. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, Mrs. Trustworthy."

    "Good." She continued, "You will also be expected to make and repair clothes. Five days in each month you will work below stairs in the scullery. On these occasions you will be involved with laundry duties. Your meals will be eaten with the other staff members below stairs.

    "You are expected to keep your shared room in an immaculate condition. You will not enter the room of any other member of staff unless you are specifically instructed to do so by either Sir Robert or me.

    "You will attend church every Sunday morning and on special occasions. You will wear the household uniform only. I will explain this in detail in due course."

    Mrs. Trustworthy stood up and walked to the door. She turned the key in the lock and then walked through into her own bedroom. When she returned, she was carrying a plain brown box, which she laid on the end of the desk and opened. Victoria could see what she assumed were clothes -- possibly the uniform that had been mentioned.

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    Chapter 1 B

    "Sir Robert is very keen on the physical fitness and health of all staff members. Before I can accept you into this household I must examine you fully. Do you understand?"

    Victoria wanted to say, 'But you're not a Doctor!', instead she recalled the cane and said, "Yes, Mrs. Trustworthy."

    "Very well. Stand up and undress. You can lay your clothes on the chair."

    Victoria blushed and wondered if this was some kind of test. From the look on the housekeeper's face it clearly was not. She pulled the pins from her hat and removed it, hooking the hat onto the upright of the chair. Then she unbuttoned her coat and took it off. She laid it across the seat and then started to unfasten the sleeves of her blouse.

    The garment was added to the neat pile. She then removed her skirt, aware that she had only ever done this in front of her mother. It was at this point that she realised that to go any further would incur the loss of what little modesty she had left. Victoria could feel her face flush an even deeper crimson as she began to unbutton her over-corset. It slipped from her shoulders, revealing the tops of her breasts pushed up by the corset itself. If she removed this, her breasts would be fully exposed. She hoped that Mrs. Trustworthy would stop her at this point, but she was disappointed.

    Victoria decided to remove her petticoat next and pulled the end of the bow undone. She lowered the white cotton material to the ground and stepped out of it. She could feel the cold air of the room on her partially exposed bottom cheeks. She tried to keep her legs together to prevent the split at the front from opening and revealing her most private place. This was - of course -- impossible, as she had to remove her boots and stockings next. She couldn't look the housekeeper in the face.

    She was fighting back the tears as she unhooked her corset and removed it, revealing her young, firm breasts. When she finally lowered her drawers to the floor, she achieved something that she had not done since reaching womanhood; she was standing naked. Even when she washed, she normally kept some clothes on, using a flannel underneath her nightgown. She hadn't ever looked at the dark mass of hair between her legs. She raised her head and stood with her eyes closed.

    "Hold your arms out straight from your sides." She did as she was ordered.

    Mrs. Trustworthy then walked behind Victoria and began to check her arms and back for anything unusual. She was a trained nurse and, as such, was well capable of carrying out a medical examination. She moved closer to Victoria's back and slipped her hands round to her breasts. First, she weighed them and then she squeezed and gently probed with her fingers. She brushed her fingertips across the nipples until they began to respond, at which point she began to pull on them gently using her index fingers and thumbs. Victoria's eyes jerked open at this and she looked down. Victoria couldn't understand why, but she wanted her to continue. But she didn't.

    "Bend over," she was instructed.

    Mrs. Trustworthy then continued her intimate examination by pulling Victoria's cheeks apart and looking at her anus.

    "Stand up." Victoria felt immense relief as she did what she was told, but then felt like bursting into tears as the woman continued, "Now sit on the desk and lay back."

    Victoria lay on the desk and when she was told to bring her legs up and place her heels on it with her legs apart; she felt the tears beginning to prickle her eyes. Mrs. Trustworthy knelt down and Victoria could feel her breath on her pussy.

    As if she hadn't embarrassed her enough, Mrs. Trustworthy said, "My, you are a hairy young lady, aren't you? We'll have to see about that."

    She pulled Victoria's labia apart and said, "So, you've been a good girl eh?"

    She didn't understand but replied "Yes."

    Mrs. Trustworthy deliberately stroked Victoria's clitoris as she rose to her feet. The girl gasped at the sudden spark that this caused within her body.

    "Your uniform is in this box. We do not wear corsets, nor do we wear drawers. You will wear two petticoats, black silk stockings and skirt, a chemise and a white blouse. Your hair will be worn up at all times. Your black shoes will suffice."

    Victoria, now beyond the horrors of embarrassment and shame, sat down to pull the stockings on. She tied the first petticoat around her waist and then slipped the chemise onto her arms. Once buttoned, she then pulled on her second petticoat. The blouse was followed by the skirt and the finally the boots. Being fully clothed did not wipe from her mind the memory that someone had seen her naked. Into that mind came, unbidden, the curiosity of what it would be like to see a man naked. She shook her head violently to rid herself of the thought.

    Mrs. Trustworthy walked to the wall and pulled a cord. In less than a minute there was a knock on the door. "Come," she said.

    Another young woman, dressed in the household uniform, walked into the room.

    "Jenny, this is Victoria. She will be sharing your room with you. Kindly take her upstairs and look after her. I will not expect her to start work until tomorrow, but it will be your responsibility to show her the ropes."

    "Yes, Mrs. Trustworthy."

    Jenny led Victoria some distance before she spoke, "Don't worry about Mrs. Trustworthy. She's all right as long as you follow the rules and don't upset her. Where were you working before?"

    "I wasn't." Jenny stopped and looked back at her. Victoria explained her circumstances.

    "Oh that's awful! You poor thing," she said. "Well at least you've found yourself in employment. There are a lot of people who wouldn't have."

    Jenny opened a door and led the way into a small attic room. There were two beds, one on each side and two corresponding chests of drawers. The single window was small and gave only a small amount of light, but the room had a single light bulb operated by a switch next to the door.

    "Home sweet home," said Jenny. "That's your bed there. There's another uniform in the drawer. We wash each of them once a week. We get up at 5am and go down the back stairs to the shower room. By 5.30 we have to be in the kitchens to eat breakfast. By 6am we start work."

    It took a while for Victoria to consider the unfamiliar phrase she had heard. "Shower room?"

    "Mm. Sir Robert had showers fitted at the same time as having the electric lights installed. There are separate ones for men and women. They aren't heated -- except on Sundays before we go to church."

    The rest of the day was spent being shown round the house (via the back stairs). Before it was too dark, Jenny showed Victoria around the gardens, but had to make a quick detour when she saw some of Sir Robert's guests coming. She was introduced to some of the gardeners and the stable boy en route and then when they got back to the kitchens she met the rest of the household staff. Cook was very busy preparing the evening meal, but took just enough time to give Victoria a friendly welcome.

    Eventually, bedtime came around. The early risers went at 9pm, whilst those who waited on Sir Robert and his guests late into the night lay in bed longer in the morning.

    Victoria found a nightgown in one of her drawers and faced away from Jenny in order to undress. She finished as quickly as possible and hopped into her bed. Jenny was already in hers and said, "Light?" She quickly moved across the floor to flick the switch and felt her way back to bed.

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    Chapter 2

    Victoria felt that she had hardly closed her eyes when Jenny shook her awake. She led the way downstairs and into the shower room. To Victoria's horror, the showers (six of them) were completely open. Big shower-heads hung from pipes extending out from the wall. A large lever controlled the flow of each unit.

    Jenny lifted her nightgown straight over her head and unselfconsciously walked under one of the showers. She pulled the lever open and jumped up and down as the cold water hit her. She grabbed hold of the soap and washed herself rapidly. Victoria noticed immediately that Jenny was hairless, both under her arms and between her legs.

    Victoria dragged her nightgown off and then stepped into the shower. The shock of the water took her mind off of anything else. She too washed quickly and then stepped out. Jenny threw her a towel from a pile. "Hurry up!" she told her, "We've got something to do before we go down for breakfast."

    Having donned their nightgowns again, they quickly made their way back to their room. When they got there, they found a steaming bowl of hot water, a brush, a bar of soap and a cut-throat razor.

    "Time to get you tidied up. Come on, lay down on the bed, we haven't got much time."

    As Victoria lay down, Jenny fetched a small pair of scissors from her chest of drawers. She pushed Victoria's legs apart and began to trim the pubic hair as short as possible.

    Once again, Victoria was feeling exposed, embarrassed and vulnerable. Jenny worked quickly and when finished, brought the shaving implements closer. When Jenny used the brush to lather the soap all over Victoria's pubic region, she almost snapped her legs together, particularly when she stroked across one particular area. When the razor came into contact with her skin, she held her breath and didn't move.

    Victoria moved around as Jenny instructed, allowing her to shave her completely, including the area around her anus. When she finished, she took a small bottle of oil from her drawer and said, "This will stop it from itching." She poured a small amount into the palm of one hand and then applied it to Victoria. Jenny took her time rubbing the oil in, making sure that she had covered every inch of shaven skin. She seemed to even be paying attention to areas where there hadn't actually been any hair.

    Victoria looked down between her breasts at Jenny, who was now concentrating her attention on a point at the very top of the pink flesh that she could now see. Victoria thought that she was going to wet herself. "Stop!" she said. "What are you doing?"

    "Do you like that? Is it nice?"

    "You mustn't! It's… it's not… right." Victoria was desperate to stop Jenny before she urinated everywhere. "Besides, we've got to get dressed and get down to the kitchen."

    Jenny, although disappointed came to her senses. "You're right. We don't want to upset Mrs. Trustworthy."

    They were five minutes late. The housekeeper was upset.

    "I'm sorry Mrs. Trustworthy," explained Jenny. "But we had to… tidy up a bit."

    "In which case, you should have arisen from your beds five minutes earlier. Report to me at 9pm and you will receive your punishment."

    Much to Victoria's surprise, the tasks that she was set during the day were not as onerous as she had expected. Later in the evening she was given some sewing repairs, which she finished to the housekeeper's satisfaction.

    At 9pm promptly the two girls stood outside Mrs. Trustworthy's office and knocked on the door


    The two women walked in and stood in front of the housekeeper's desk.

    "Victoria, I mentioned when you arrived yesterday rule breaking is punished in this household. I also explained that it was the duty of both of you to ensure the absence of tardiness. Please bend yourself over the back of this chair." She indicated the straight-backed seat that stood to one side of her desk. She walked up to it and bent over. The chair back was just below her waist height, allowing her to bend easily and grasp the seat. The housekeeper walked around behind her and raised her skirt up over her back.

    Victoria couldn't believe what was about to happen. Not since she was ten had she been spanked. The first petticoat was raised and then the second. She was now fully exposed to Mrs. Trustworthy's gaze -- and to Jenny's also.

    "I would normally use the cane, but as this is your first offence and I consider that Jenny is more rightly to blame, I will instead use my hand." With hardly any pause at all, she brought her hand down sharply upon Victoria's left cheek. She let out a yelp, which had hardly left her lips when the second blow fell upon her right cheek.

    The slaps continued until Victoria had lost count. The initial pain had subsided somewhat, to be replaced with a different feeling, one she couldn't quite understand.

    Mrs. Trustworthy finished the punishment and used both hands to massage the severely reddened buttocks. She continued as she spoke to Jenny, "I see that you've done a good job here." She slid her hand between Victoria's legs to feel the smoothness.

    She raised an eyebrow as she said, "Either you used a little too much oil afterwards, or this girl has enjoyed her punishment a bit too much." She flipped Victoria's clothing back down and told her to return to her place. She merely nodded at Jenny, who clearly knew what was expected of her. She walked over to the chair and as she bent over, threw her skirt and petticoats up onto her back. The caning was swift, as both cheeks were hit at the same time. The marks that were left looked nasty, but Jenny didn't make a sound.

    Following the punishment, the two were dismissed. Jenny virtually ran all the way to their room. By the time Victoria walked through the door Jenny was laying on her bed on one side, her hand between her legs.

    "What are you doing?" she asked.

    "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Oh!" Jenny grunted. Her hand was moving rapidly. Victoria was worried that Jenny wasn't well. She wasn't sure what to do and wondered if she should go and get help. Just then, Jenny let out a long low moan.

    "Are you all right?" she asked.

    "Of course I am, you silly girl," Jenny smiled weakly. "Look, I'm sorry; it always gets to me like that."

    Victoria just stared at Jenny, confused.

    "You really don't understand, do you?"

    Victoria still had a blank look on her face. "Listen, when I put the oil on you, did you enjoy it?"

    "Yes. I mean No! I mean, well, what I mean is that it helped."

    "But when I rubbed between your legs, did it do anything?"

    Victoria flushed as she recalled the sensation. "It made me want to pee."

    "But was it a nice feeling or not?"

    Victoria nodded absently. A kind of heat had been building in her stomach at the time. Jenny's face was split with a wide grin. The two women undressed and donned their nightgowns.

    Jenny turned the light out before Victoria had climbed into bed. She felt her sit next to her on the bed. "What I did earlier. It was a form of pleasure. But sometimes it becomes necessary in order keep yourself under control. I think that perhaps you are old enough to find this out now. Why don't you lay back and just get to know your own body?"

    Victoria wasn't sure. She lay back on the bed and thought about the events of the last two days. She recalled the way that the housekeeper had massaged her breasts and then pinched her nipples. She attempted to copy what she had done and realised that she could achieve the same effect. She pulled up her nightgown and stroked her thighs before approaching her most sensitive area. When her hand reached it she gasped at the touch and was surprised to feel the wetness. She shivered as her index finger ran along her labia, but as her finger touched her clitoris her back arched.

    She was no longer aware of anything else around her. She didn't even register that Jenny was still sitting on the edge of her bed watching her in the dim moonlight coming in through the tiny window. Jenny had begun to play with herself again. As she became more and more aroused she had the urge to touch Victoria, to help her achieve climax. She held back though, as this was a solo voyage of discovery.

    Victoria came silently. She was overwhelmed by sensations coursing throughout her body. When she finally achieved orgasm, it brought her to tears. She rolled over onto her side and fell asleep. Jenny pulled the bed covers over Victoria, before climbing into her own bed.


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    Chapter 3

    Victoria was awake well before 5am. She lay on her bed, tormented by the feelings of guilt, yet also astounded by the sense of pleasure. She wasn't even sure why she should be feeling guilty. Nobody had ever explained to her about sexuality. It had been assumed that she would discover these on her wedding night.

    She woke Jenny (she knew the time by the chiming of a clock along the landing) and they made their way downstairs to the shower room. Just as they arrived, two other girls came out of the door, giggling. All of the staff got up at staggered times in order make the running of the household more straightforward. The male members used a different route to their shower room and no contact was allowed between the two.

    "Hurry up Gilly, or you'll be for it," said Jenny.

    One of the girls grinned at her, "We got a bit carried away." The other servant laughed even more as they made their way quickly back upstairs.

    Jenny and Victoria walked into the shower room and stepped under the oversized heads. For some reason, the water didn't seem quite as cold today. In fact it felt tepid, rather than cool. Jenny asked Victoria if she could soap her back for her as her buttocks (or arse, as Jenny put it) was so sore. The wheals across Jenny's soft flesh were a livid red, tinged with a hint of blue bruising.

    Victoria gently massaged Jenny, fascinated by the way her cheeks seemed to move independently. Jenny's breathing had become more rapid and Victoria assumed it was from the discomfort she was feeling.

    "My turn now," said Jenny. "Turn round".

    Victoria stood while her back was soaped. Jenny seemed to be taking her time and was really kneading her flesh; her fingertips were brushing against the sides of Victoria's breasts and ventured further with each rotating movement of the hands. She felt almost as though she was in a dream as Jenny's hands began to cup her bosoms and started to tease the already hardened nipples.

    The hands moved back round and down. "Bend over Vicky. Your bum is very red. I think it needs some attention."

    As Victoria bent forward, Jenny knelt behind her. She gently rubbed the soap around, easing the rounded mounds apart. A finger slid down the groove, making her shiver. It felt good and although she considered she should ask her to stop, Victoria allowed her to continue.

    Jenny realised that her colleague was acting in a compliant manner and ventured to run her fingers down past Victoria's anus and over her pussy lips. Vicky gasped, but did not move away, so Jenny began to rub with more pressure, moving further in order to make contact with the hood of flesh at the top of her labia.

    Victoria knew that Jenny was going to do what she had done to herself last night. It was wrong; it was so, so wrong. But she was past caring. She wanted to feel that wonderful sensation again. The burning feeling began to spread and she opened her legs wider for Jenny, whose fingers came dangerously close to pushing their way into her vagina.

    Victoria's legs collapsed from under her and she found herself on all fours. Jenny was merciless in her masturbation technique and continued her manipulations all the way down. Vicky came even more strongly than the night before and ended up laying on her side on the floor, with Jenny leering down at her.

    There was no time to recover. Jenny pulled Victoria up so that they could continue getting ready. Neither of them wanted one of Mrs Trustworthy's canings.


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    Chapter 4

    Victoria spent the day in an almost dreamlike state. She went about her duties with little or no concentration, which meant that sooner or later she was bound to make a mistake. The small vase was on a table in the drawing room; it contained a spray of pretty flowers. The feather duster gave the porcelain object the merest nudge, but inevitably it fell over. Fortunately, she managed to catch it before it fell to the floor, but the arranged flowers were scattered and the water spilled. All this happened just as Mrs. Trustworthy came into the room to check on her progress.

    From that point on, Victoria's concentration was even worse. The prospect of seeing the housekeeper at 9pm was dreadful. She knew that she was in for a caning and that it was bound to hurt.

    "Come!" was the almost instant response to Victoria's knock on the door. Mrs. Trustworthy merely nodded at the chair and waited for her to position herself. Victoria bent over the chair back and gripped the seat with her hands. She felt her skirt being lifted, but instead of being bunched on her back, it was flung far forward and fell to cover her head. With each layer being tossed up in this manner she felt more and more naked. With her clothing raised to this height she could feel the air around her back and stomach right up to her navel.

    Mrs. Trustworthy took her time, perhaps this was to prolong the punishment or, more likely, to prolong her own pleasure. She walked around behind Victoria and pushed her foot in between the girl's. She tapped Victoria's heels indicating that she was to move her feet apart. Victoria complied, but the housekeeper wanted them wider, and wider. Victoria was shocked to feel her feet being pushed to almost three feet apart.

    Victoria then heard the practice swish of the cane and gritted her teeth. But instead of the stinging stroke that she was expecting, she instead felt a hand caressing her buttocks. The feeling was pleasant enough to make her relax -- which was when the first blow struck.

    There were only six strokes, but each of them stung more than anything Victoria had ever experienced in her life. Tears were squeezed from her eyes but she forced back the tendency to sob. She waited for Mrs. Trustworthy to pull her clothes back down and dismiss her, but instead she was left bent over the chair. Then she felt the woman's hands on her ass cheeks again, although this time they seemed to be applying something smooth and cool that seemed to ease the pain. Quite often, as the hands swept form side to side they 'accidentally' made momentary contact with Victoria's labia. These touches gradually became more and more bold.

    Victoria knew what was being done to her now. It was almost the same technique that Jenny had used, except that Mrs. Trustworthy's hands were roaming much further while she masturbated and a finger was even beginning to concentrate on her anus. Victoria was rapidly approaching the point where she felt she would lose control of her body. The finger pushed more firmly each time as it passed the little puckered hole. Then, just as she made a sharp intake of breath at the point of climax, Mrs. Trustworthy slid an entire finger inside of her ass. It was already slick with the young girl's juices that had been transferred from her pussy and met little resistance.

    The petticoats and skirt were pushed back down over Victoria's hips and once again covered her body. Mrs. Trustworthy looked flushed, with a wisp of her normally perfect hair hanging loosely down her face. There was a strange look in her eyes. One that Victoria did not yet recognise, but would come to learn was pure lust.

    Having been dismissed, Victoria made her way quickly to her room, where she faced the interrogation Jenny. "What did she do? Did she cane you? How many times? What else?"

    Victoria wasn't given a chance to answer as Jenny was quickly stripping her of her clothes (Jenny was already in her nightgown). Before long she was naked and bent over so that Jenny could inspect that damage. Jenny could tell that Mrs. Trustworthy had added her unique additional punishment. Victoria's pussy lips were still puffy and swollen and her juices were still very much in evidence.

    "She rubbed you like this, didn't she?" Victoria merely nodded, feeling her body responding yet again to another person's touch. "Did she do this?" Jenny added and pushed her digit up into her arsehole.

    "No!" said Victoria. Jenny began to slide the finger back out.

    "You mean she didn't do this?" The finger slid in and out once more.

    "Yes. She did, but you mustn't. It's wrong!"

    "What? It's wrong to slide my finger in and out like this? In and out, you're nice and wet and ready for it." Jenny began to set up a rhythm. Victoria remained bent forwards, but was trying to grab hold of Jenny's hand to stop the invasion of her anus. Her efforts were in vain. The movements became more rapid and Jenny reached under to stroke Victoria's clitoris. Very soon her knees began to buckle as she came again.

    Jenny picked Victoria up off of the floor and sat her on the edge of the bed. She then slipped her nightdress over her head and pulled her arms into the sleeves. Gradually, very slowly, Victoria regained her senses.

    "Jenny, you are wicked. I should never have let you do that to me. You took advantage!"

    Jenny grinned, "Try telling me that you didn't enjoy it."

    Victoria was too embarrassed to answer. Of course she enjoyed what Jenny had just done.

    "Good. Well, now perhaps you'd like to do something nice for me?" Jenny stood in front of Victoria and quickly pulled her nightdress over her head. She stood with her feet apart, one leg either side of Victoria's knees. Jenny's smooth, hairless pussy was less than a foot from her face.

    "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

    "Use your tongue on me. Make me come."

    Victoria was appalled. "That's disgusting!" she said. "You can't be serious."

    Jenny tutted and then stepped back a pace from Victoria. She knelt down and pushed Vicky's legs apart, while pushing the material up out of the way. She reached up and, cupping the girl's breasts, pushing her down onto her back.

    The tongue darted across Victoria's labia and then concentrated on the hooded nub at the top of her vagina. The sensations were amazing. But after only sixty seconds Jenny stopped, stood up and said, "Now it's your turn."

    Victoria sat up and looked at the pink lips of Jenny's vagina. She moved her face closer, able now to smell her arousal and see the liquid beginning to form a droplet at the base of the slit. The lips were slightly parted, revealing the wet, dark passage within. She poked out her tongue experimentally and moved her head forward until it finally tickled Jenny's flesh. Tentatively she began to lick up and down the labia. The moment that she made contact with Jenny's clit, the maid reached down and pulled the novice's face into her. Clearly she was enjoying Victoria's attention and began to grind herself against the girl's mouth.

    Barely able to breathe and with a pair of hands now clamped around her head, Victoria could only vaguely hear Jenny's stream of obscenities, egging her on.

    "Fuck me. Fuck me with your mouth. Use that tongue harder. Harder Vicky I want to come!"

    Suddenly Jenny came. Victoria found that the moisture that she had been lapping at had now become a torrent. She was shocked. At first she thought that Jenny was urinating on her, but then realised that this was merely part of her orgasm.

    When Jenny finally released Victoria's head, she looked down and said, "You poor thing. Look at you. You've got my come all over you."

    Looking down, she could now see that the liquid had soaked her nightdress. The material was glued to her breasts and the dark nipples were clearly visible.

    Jenny shoved Victoria's legs roughly apart and knelt down in front of her. She then leaned forward and began kissing her passionately.

    When their lips parted Victoria was in a more highly aroused state than she had ever imagined possible. Jenny said, "Would you like to know how that feels?" Dumbly, she merely nodded and watched, fascinated as the head dropped down and the tongue began to tease her mercilessly. Very soon she was approaching her fourth orgasm of the day, but Jenny deliberately eased off from her attentions and stopped short of taking her over the edge. Again and again she did this, until eventually Victoria was writhing and tearing her nightdress apart. Jenny relented and set to with a will.

    Victoria could not recall what happened after, merely that she awoke in the morning, tucked up in bed with one breast hanging out from her shredded nightie.


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    Chapter 5

    Victoria worked hard and tried to do her very best. She managed to stay out of trouble and was even complimented on the thoroughness of her work by Mrs. Trustworthy. She had to struggle hard not to smile.

    Meanwhile, Jenny was less reliable and from time to time returned to their room in the evening in dire need of the soothing oil. Naturally, the tender caresses developed into more wanton stroking and ended up with the two girls pleasuring each other.

    One day, the housekeeper told Victoria that her presence was required in Sir Robert's bedroom. The request was entirely innocent; he had notice a piece of decorative tasselling was coming loose around the base of the large four poster bed and asked for it to be repaired.

    Victoria had never been in the room before. The décor was very masculine, but tasteful. It was the work of only ten minutes to repair the damaged material and she put her needles and thread away in her sewing box. She started towards the door, but something stopped her. She was curious about the room and wanted to look around.

    Wandering about she looked at pictures on the walls and photographs on the dresser. Her fingers touched the silver handled brush and comb that were positioned just so. She walked back to the bed and pushed down on it to see how it felt. Her hands seemed to sink into the mattress. She had never felt one so thick and giving. She couldn't help herself, before she could even think she took a step back and dived onto the bed.

    "And what do you think you are doing?" Sir Robert's voice boomed.

    Victoria jumped to her feet and immediately began to try to smooth the bedcovers down as she answered, "I'm sorry sir, really."

    The handsome face didn't change its stern look, but his eyes seemed to take all of Victoria in before he told her to send Mrs. Trustworthy to him. She knew that her punishment was inevitable.

    Later that evening, Victoria made her way to Mrs. Trustworthy's office. "Come," she answered the knock on the door.

    As Victoria walked into the room, she became aware that there was another person there; Sir Robert himself. She hesitated, not sure of what was happening.

    "Well?" demanded the housekeeper. "You know what is expected, don't you?"

    Victoria was by now programmed not to question her superiors, but she faced the appalling prospect of being punished in front of Sir Robert -- and she would have to expose her naked flesh to him, to a man!

    She walked timidly across to the punishment chair and, bending over, pulled her skirts and petticoats over her back. The cane swished swiftly, leaving its stinging marks across both cheeks. When Mrs. Trustworthy finished, Victoria stood back up and quickly pushed her clothes back down, relieved that the housekeeper hadn't repeated the masturbation that she had experienced last time. However, only now did she realise that Sir Robert had been standing immediately behind her during the caning. With horror she realised that her pussy would have been fully exposed to his gaze.

    Victoria waited to be dismissed, but the command never came. Instead, Sir Robert strode across to the chair and sat down in it.

    "You've had your punishment from me, now Sir Robert wishes to punish you. Raise your skirts and position yourself across his knee. And do it quickly girl!" ordered Mrs. Trustworthy.

    Victoria stepped around in front of the chair and, as Sir Robert sat and waited, threw up her skirts and draped herself across his thighs.

    "Further forward girl, so that you're buttocks are raised and place your hands on the floor," she was told by the housekeeper. In this position her toes were only just touching the ground. She could feel the muscles in Sir Robert's legs moving even through the material of her skirts and petticoats.

    Victoria waited, but instead of the expected hand, Sir Robert spoke, "I am right handed, turn the girl round Mrs. Trustworthy. And her skirts will get creased, so they should be properly out of the way."

    The woman pulled Victoria to her feet and manoeuvred her round to the other side. The maid thought she would die of shame as Mrs. Trustworthy pulled her clothes up and told her to bend across the Master's knee again. This time she really could feel the man's muscles through his skin tight trousers. It seemed that they rippled almost continually and in this position began to tease her clitoris. Sir Robert began to slap her cheeks alternately. After the cane it didn't seem quite so painful, but instead of the six slaps that she was expecting, he continued on and on. The warmth spread through her cheeks and she felt the telltale tingling sensations in her pussy

    When he eventually paused, he kept his left hand on the small of her back, forcing her to remain in position. Victoria couldn't see Mrs. Trustworthy, but when Sir Robert asked, "Will this be sufficient, or do we need to go further?" the housekeeper's voice was husky, wavering.

    "I think, I think a little more Sir Robert. It does not seem to be affecting her over much."

    Victoria felt her knees pushed apart, her labia started to open and she felt a trickle of liquid forming. As Sir Robert resumed his spanking, she felt the housekeeper begin her teasing. She could feel the wetness being moved around towards her anus and she was fully expecting the invasion by the finger once more. It hurt a little at first, but the lubrication was adequate. She absent-mindedly marvelled at the length of the finger -- until she realised that it wasn't a digit at all. She didn't know what Mrs. Trustworthy was using on her, but she guessed that it must have been about six inches in length and slightly thicker than a man's finger.

    Panting and shuddering, Victoria felt herself losing any form of control she may have had. The handle of the riding crop began to fuck her arse furiously as the spanking continued. Her orgasm came and went and then came again. She couldn't prevent her body from bucking with the pleasure and the pain. Eventually, her tormentors relented and allowed her to rise -- unsteadily -- to her feet. She was immediately dismissed, but couldn't help noticing as she walked away how she had soaked Sir Robert's trouser leg. Turning to close the door a snapshot remained in her mind as it shut; Mrs. Trustworthy was kneeling in front of the Master.


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    Chapter 6

    It was late summer before Victoria had occasion to leave the household other than to attend church. Her needlework skills had been well appreciated and put to good use. Indeed, she seemed to spend more time sewing than doing regular housework. The supplies of cotton and darning materials had been depleted and she was told that she would have to walk to the village to replenish them. This was the same place that surrounded the station from where she had set off to the house four months earlier.

    The weather reminded her of that first day; warm sunshine with a gentle breeze, although she felt somewhat cooler due to the less constricted clothing that she now wore. Victoria had effectively been given the afternoon off, so she left the house shortly after lunch and walked at a measured, yet easy pace arriving in the town just after 2pm.

    The haberdasher's store was opposite the railway station. The assistant was very helpful, knowing that all of the purchases were to be on Sir Robert's account. It took Victoria no more than half an hour to complete her shopping. She spent the next thirty minutes looking through the windows of the various shops. Eventually, she decided to commence the journey home.

    She walked along, enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside. The pleasant gurgling sound of running water grew louder as Victoria approached the small stream in the place where she had paddled before. She was idly considering repeating the experience whilst walking up the middle of the lane, when a man on a bicycle sped around the bend. He was coming downhill, travelling too fast to steer round her and instead left the road, uncontrolled and heading for the stream. The front wheel dropped off of the bank, dug in and he made a spectacular somersault onto his back, fortunately landing in one of the deeper parts of the stream.

    Victoria rushed to see if she could help. The young man looked dazed. "Are you all right?" she asked.

    "I've had better days," he replied. He stood up and limped towards his broken machine. The front wheel was terribly buckled. He lifted the bicycle up and tossed it onto the bank. Victoria held out her hand to help him step back up. It was then that she noticed the blood on his trousers.

    "Oh my word! But you're hurt!"

    The man didn't say anything. He had lost his voice when he realised who Victoria was; the girl he had last seen while hiding in the bushes. He looked down and saw the red stain on his leg.

    Victoria assumed that he was still dazed and led him over to the rotting tree trunk and sat him down. She knelt by him began to roll up his trouser leg. A cut nearly two inches long crossed his lower shin and the blood seemed to be almost pulsing out of it. She thought for a moment and then made a decision. She lifted her skirt and ripped pieces off of one of her petticoats. She folded one piece up and pressed it against the wound.

    "Hold this down, will you?" she told him. Victoria took the other strip of material and began wrapping it around the leg, holding the wad against the wound. She split about six inches of the very end in order to tie the makeshift bandage snugly.

    "There. Hopefully that will stop the bleeding soon. How do you feel?"

    The young man answered honestly, "Dizzy". However, it wasn't the accident that was causing this but the closeness of this very attractive young lady, of whom he had already seen far more of than she could possibly know.

    Victoria told him to slip off of the log and onto the ground and to raise his knees. "This will help," she said. "You've had quite shock."

    Finally, he found his voice, "Are you a nurse? Only you seem to know what to do."

    "No, I'm not. The fact is that I once wondered about becoming a doctor and read a lot of books about ********. Of course, it was never going to happen, it was just a pipe dream."

    "A woman doctor?" he scoffed. "Don't make me laugh!"

    "I wouldn't have been the first you know," Victoria pouted.

    "Yes, but what if a man came to see you and had a problem with his whatsit?" he asked.

    Victoria looked blankly at him.

    He sighed, "You know, a problem in the trouser region."

    The light dawned and shone red on Victoria's face. She turned away to hide her blushing. "I suppose you would get used to it. After all, male doctors see women's… parts." Her face felt hotter still.

    His embarrassment was beginning to show in a different manner and the thought of seeing Victoria's 'parts' was enough to cause a distinct stiffening in his particular trouser region. He tried to change the subject, "My name is Jim. What are you called?"

    "Victoria, some people call me Vicky," she said, turning back to face him.

    Looking into Vicky's eyes, Jim suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to kiss her, but resisted the temptation. Besides, sitting with his back to the log and his knees raised was helping to hide his erection. If he tried to move now, she couldn't help but notice. Seeing the object of his last three months masturbation fantasies sitting so close to him wasn't helping matters.

    "Are you feeling better now?"

    "Yes, a lot better thanks."

    "Well, perhaps we had better sit you back up on the log. The ground may be damp." Before he could protest she had put her hands under his armpits and begun to lift him. She was never going to have the strength to do this on her own, so he had no choice but to go along with it. When he was re-seated, his dick was pushing straight up making a tent of his trousers. Vicky noticed.

    "What's that?" she asked out of curiosity.

    Jim couldn't believe how innocent Vicky was, but he was so aroused that he couldn't stop himself from thinking about taking advantage of the situation.

    "That's what you did. It's very painful." He was telling the truth, he had never felt his cock so swollen.

    "It looks awful. What can we do?"

    "We need to relieve the pressure; you'll have to undo some clothing." Victoria started to unfasten the button at Jim's collar. "No, down there I mean."

    "Oh," she said with some surprise. Her concern for the damage she may have caused overcame her common sense; she began to unbutton his trousers.

    As the last button was undone, Jim said, "Now pull them apart."

    The penis popped free from his trousers and slapped against his stomach. Victoria gasped. She though that she knew what men had between their legs, after all she had seen a naked baby boy before, but this was simply huge! As she watched, the shaft bobbed continuously as more blood tried to force its way into the member.

    Vicky was mesmerised. Her initial shock had turned to fascination. The sack containing Jim's testicles seemed to be continually on the move. The purple head glistened.

    "I need your help," Jim croaked.

    "What should I do?"

    He took hold of her hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft. "That's it. Now squeeze gently and rub it up and down like this." He moved her hand up and down until she seemed to get the hang of it and then let her continue alone.

    Jim was too far gone for it to take very long. He wanted to go further, feel her lips around his cock -- even feel her pussy enveloping him. But he knew that he would be crossing a line that could get him sent to prison -- just as his cousin had done.

    He grunted and sent a fountain of come from the tip of his penis. The first jets flew out and onto the grass. The last drops oozed out and ran down onto Vicky's hand. She continued to rub until Jim told her to stop. She looked at the milky white substance on her hand, wondering what it was.

    Jim slipped his cock back into his trousers and fastened the fly. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the spunk from Victoria's fingers.

    "That's better. Thank you." He smiled at Vicky and said, "Perhaps I could do something for you?"

    Victoria only vaguely understood his meaning, but thought about the things that she and Jenny did together. Was that what he was thinking of? She could feel the moisture beginning to flow from her pussy. She shook her head, "No, nothing."

    "Perhaps I could give you a kiss to say thank you then?"

    Vicky couldn't see that it could do any harm and agreed. Jim patted his lap to indicate that she should sit on it. It reminded her of when she had been draped across Sir Robert's lap. It felt nice and aroused her even more. Jim's kiss was tender and long. Much better than the kisses that Jenny gave her. And when his mouth opened, she opened hers as well and found his tongue dancing with her own. Jim's hands began to wander across her body, but Vicky realised that they had to stop. She broke away from the kiss and said, "No more. You make me feel nice, but I'm sure its naughty and we mustn't do it anymore."

    They said goodbye at the roadside, where Jim set off down to town carrying his broken bike, while Vicky walked up the hill in the direction of the house.


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    Chapter 7

    The journey back to the house seemed to take Victoria hardly any time at all. Her mind kept running over the events of the afternoon, wondering what would have happened, what it would have felt like if she hadn't stopped Jim kissing and caressing her.

    For the rest of the evening she couldn't concentrate properly. When she and Jenny finally retired to bed, she couldn't wait to tell her everything that had happened. Before she knew it, the other maid had stripped her naked on the bed and was masturbating Vicky furiously, while she continued with her story. The other maid told her that she had done something similar with the stable lad on a couple of occasions. "He's always trying to persuade me to go and visit him at night -- just for a kiss and a cuddle, but I don't think I would be able to trust him."

    The weeks passed and the autumn came and went. The days grew shorter and the nights colder. One evening, Mrs. Trustworthy told Victoria that the Master had a requested her for a special task. She waited for the housekeeper to tell her what she was required to do, but she merely told her to make her way to bed as usual and wait for her call.

    Jenny and Victoria were in bed when Mrs. Trustworthy knocked on the door. "Put your coat on over your nightgown," she told Vicky. "And come with me."

    Victoria followed in her wake watching the eerie shadows that were cast upon the wall by the weak and feeble light. Eventually she was shown into Sir Robert's bedroom, where her duties were explained.

    "Sir Robert intends to retire in about an hour's time. Usually a bedpan is used to warm the sheets, but the Master finds this very unsatisfactory, so he has asked for a bed warmer tonight. You are required to make the bed more comfortable for when he arrives."

    "Which… which side does he sleep on?" she asked.

    "That is not a question that I am able to answer," came the curt reply. "You'll just have to warm the whole bed."

    Victoria took off her coat and laid it upon the chair against the wall. She walked back to the bed, pulled back the covers and climbed in. It was no colder than her own bed when she first got into that evening, but she supposed that somebody of Sir Robert's status couldn't be expected to put up with such inconveniences. She moved about the bed, gradually warming the sheets to what she hoped was a comfortable level. Eventually, the thought occurred to Victoria that she hadn't been told when to leave the room. She assumed that she was to wait until he arrived and then told her to go.

    Shortly after another hour had passed, Vicky heard the door open and Sir Robert walked in. He seemed to be weaving slightly.

    "Shall I go now Sir?"

    "What?" he mumbled. "No. No, wait there a while longer." He turned and made his way through the other door to his private bathroom. Victoria waited patiently, listening to the loud splashing noises that he made prior to the chain of the lavatory being pulled and the cistern emptying its contents into the bowl.

    A few more minutes went by, as Victoria heard a mixture of grunting noises, a couple of thumps, and an expletive or two. Finally, Sir Robert emerged from the bathroom. He walked to the side of the bed in which Vicky lay and told her, "Move over." She did so.

    Sir Robert turned off the light using the switch on the wall by the bed and in the ensuing darkness pulled back the bed covers and clambered in. Victoria could smell the brandy as he muttered, "Mm. That's better. It's much warmer tonight."

    Although she was waiting to be told to leave, instead she found Sir Robert snuggling closer to her. "Roll over," he said. So she turned onto her side, facing away from him. Soon, a gentle snoring told her that he was asleep. She wondered if perhaps she should leave the bed now, but as she contemplated this, the Master rolled onto his side and draped an arm over her. Not long after, she too drifted off to sleep.

    It must have been close to dawn -- at a time when she would usually be getting up that she awoke. Victoria could feel Sir Robert's body pressing against her back, but was shocked to realise that his hand was cupping her breast. She didn't know what to do. The hand seemed inert, but something pressing into the small of her back most definitely was not. Vicky recalled Jim's erect penis and realised that this was what was now behind her. She tried to ease away from it, but the hand on her breast tightened its grip and pulled her back, pressing her harder against the Master's body. His hand was now moving, squeezing the flesh through the material and pinching the nipple.

    Victoria was sure that Sir Robert was still asleep, but in his dreams he was fondling her. Not surprisingly, it began to have an affect on her and she had to bite her lip to prevent herself from moaning aloud. She could feel the tell-tale wetness gathering between her legs. The Master's hand left her breast and moved onto her hip. She kept her legs tightly together as it slid onto her stomach and then down. Although his hand couldn't go very far, she could feel his fingers rubbing her pubic hair through the nightgown. Vicky gently pulled her knees upwards to prevent any further movement.

    The hand moved back to her hip and she breathed a silent sigh of relief, before the hand slid the other way and moved between the cheeks of her bottom. The fingertips were now brushing the covered lips of her pussy. Victoria found herself almost overwhelmed by a passion she could hardly understand -- lust. Her mind fought a battle with her body. She half wanted Sir Robert to rip the material aside and to use his hands on her naked flesh, but the other half knew that this was wrong. Her juices had begun to soak into the cotton fabric. She had to escape now or… or what? She wasn't sure, but an instantaneous decision helped her to roll onto her front and slide from the bed. Sir Robert remained where he lay and the snoring resumed.

    When Vicky caught up with Jenny, the other girl wanted to know all about her new duties. It was only when they got back to their room that evening that she was able to relate all that happened. But Jenny couldn't stand he suspense, "Did he fuck you?" she demanded to know, with an excited expression on her face.

    "What?" The blank look on Vicky's face told Jenny of her innocence.

    Jenny explained, in possibly more graphic detail than was necessary, what was meant by fucking. Vicky realised that her arousal that morning may well have led her to allow Sir Robert to do such a thing if he had wanted to - if she hadn't escaped when she did.

    Later that evening, Mrs. Trustworthy came and told Jenny that she had been chosen for special duties tonight.


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    Chapter 8

    "I touched it!" Jenny said.

    "No!" said Vicky. "What happened?"

    "Much the same as happened to you the night before except that when I felt it press against me I couldn't resist putting my hand down there. It felt so big! And it sort of throbbed."

    Vicky remembered Jim, "Did you rub it?"

    At first Jenny looked shocked at the question, but then sheepishly replied, "Yes. He seemed to enjoy it, so I carried on."

    Victoria waited, but when Jenny didn't continue she had to know, "Did he… spurt?"

    "Did he? It was all over my nightdress. It was soaked with it!"

    "What happened then? Did he carry on sleeping?"

    "Yes, but it didn't stop his hands from wandering. He started rubbing my pussy and even tried to push a finger in, but the material stopped him." She paused for a moment. "You know, if I hadn't had my nightgown on, I think I would have let him… you know. He made me come as it was."

    Vicky knew how Jenny had felt. She too had experienced the desire to go further.

    Mrs. Trustworthy rotated the bed warming duties around the younger female members of staff. Rumour had it that a girl -- Mary -- had actually fucked with Sir Robert, but she would never admit to this and one member of staff who was caught by the housekeeper discussing the subject was summarily dismissed.

    Victoria spent two more nights in bed with Sir Robert. On the second occasion she plucked up enough courage to do what Jenny had done and masturbated him.

    Pretty soon the winter months gave way to the milder days of spring. Bed warming was no longer required, so life and work continued normally. Once, Vicky received punishment from Mrs. Trustworthy, but this was the only occasion -- unlike Jenny, who seemed to almost enjoy it and found herself in the housekeeper's office at least once a month.

    Victoria didn't know that she was suffering from sexual frustration. She didn't know what it was and even if she did, she would have assumed that the fairly regular sessions with Jenny would have dealt with it. However, what she really craved was to see and touch a man again. She kept dreaming about her hand being wrapped around a thick blue-veined shaft. She wanted to look closer at it; she wondered what it would be like to kiss it.

    Once more, Victoria was given an afternoon off, which she decided to spend in the village again. The day was overcast, with a slight wind and the threat of rain. As she strode along the lane, she kept looking behind and to see if there was any sign of Jim. Realising that it was unlikely that he would be coming along on his bike again, she turned her attention to the fields around her. But there was no sign of him.

    Still some distance from the village, the dark clouds began to unleash their contents. At first it was the odd droplet, then a fine misty spray. After a short pause the large drops came crashing down, almost painful where they collided with exposed areas of skin. Visibility dropped to around seventy yards and streams began to form at the sides of the road she was walking along. A break in the hedgerow revealed an ageing barn. Perhaps it would provide some shelter from the rain.

    Jim had been watching Victoria from the hayloft of the barn for some time -- until the rain set in and he lost sight of her. He had been wondering what to say to her as she passed. Wondering if he could persuade her to stop and spend some time with him. Wondering if he would let him kiss her again and, who knows what else?

    Victoria pulled the large door closed behind her and turned to look at the interior of the dim barn. A figure dropped down onto a pile of hay off to her right and she jumped with surprise.

    Jim rose to his feet and said, "You poor thing you're soaked! Come on up to the loft where it's warm and you can dry off." He led the way up the vertical ladder and then turned to help her clamber onto the upper level. He held Victoria's arm to steady her.

    "Your coat is sodden. You'd better take it off to dry." He helped her out of it and then hung it on a nail in one corner. Looking at her dress, he realised that the rain had soaked right through this as well. "Your skirt is wet too. You'd better take that off, before you catch your death of cold."

    Victoria knew that she should object, that she should tell him that she certainly wasn't about to take off her skirt in front of him. She paused, about to say as much, but an involuntary shiver made her realise that keeping the thick material on would not be advisable. Besides, she told herself, she was wearing two petticoats underneath, so she would remain pretty much covered anyway. She stood up, turned round and began to unbutton her skirt.

    Jim couldn't believe his eyes; as the skirt was lowered to the floor, the dampness in the material caused the petticoats to adhere to Vicky's bottom. He watched while she hung up the garment on another nail close to her coat. He held his breath as she turned around. Victoria was unaware that her contours were vaguely showing through the material. She walked back to where he stood and promptly sat down on the soft hay by his feet.

    The young man quickly dropped down next to Victoria, hoping that she wouldn't notice the rapidly growing lump in his trousers. He tried to take his mind away from the erotic situation he found himself in. "So, what have you been doing with yourself since we last met?"

    "I'm still working for Sir Robert, still doing the same old cleaning, polishing and mending. And I've been making some new uniforms for the other members of staff recently. They seem to be pretty happy with them. What about you?"

    "Farming is different and the same all at once. You do different things throughout the seasons, but each year comes around and you start all over again. I'm lucky. Now that I can plough, I can do just about any job that's needed on the farm. My Uncle hasn't got any sons of his own, so maybe, one day… well you never know." He smiled wryly.

    Jim gabbled on in this vein for a few minutes, trying to ignore his rising desires, until he noticed Vicky shiver. "Are you still feeling cold? Come closer to me and get warm."

    Victoria snuggled up to him and he wrapped an arm around her. She liked the feel of his muscular arm and body pressing against her. She could feel the heat emanating from him and it warmed her quickly, although her earlier shivering had been more as a result of secret arousal rather than the cold. He placed his hand under her chin and raised her face towards his. He kissed her deeply. Vicky returned his contact, opening her mouth to allow their tongues to entwine once more. She didn't object when his free hand rested upon her left leg and began to stroke it lightly.

    Lost in her lust, Vicky hardly noticed as Jim's hand moved further up her leg. He lingered at her hip, before slowly inching his way under her blouse. The fingers traced their way up the seam of her chemise. When they reached the underside of her breast, she jumped. Her mouth still pressed against his, she was unable to do more than mumble a protest. Her hand came up to hold his, but it had already moved onto her breast. He began to squeeze and knead the flesh beneath the cotton. Not roughly, but firmly. His fingers found the nipple and began to pinch and rub the very sensitive tissue. Her protests subsided after only a few seconds.

    Vicky's hand dropped from Jim's and fell straight onto his lap, where she felt the hardness. She opened her hand and then wrapped it around the lump, beginning to rub it the way she had learnt before.

    Jim's mouth left hers and let out a moan. He dropped his hand down from her breast, tugged the chemise out of her petticoat and immediately slipped his hand underneath it to hold and caress the naked flesh. Vicky groaned aloud. She had never experienced such a fire in her body. The hand moved across to her other breast and repeated the process.

    By now Victoria was squirming with pleasure. Her legs kept moving; the heat in her pussy forcing her knees to stay apart. The juices were trickling down the crack in her arse. Jim slid his hand down, down under the waistbands of her petticoats, past her navel, down through her pubic hair, down to hottest wettest pussy he had ever encountered. His fingertips brushed across the hardened clitoris and Vicky came, yelling out his name as she did so.

    Jim knew that Victoria was ready to be fucked and that if he wanted to, he could take her right now. And he really wanted to, but something held him back. Meanwhile, his own arousal was evident by the pole that appeared to be residing in his trousers. Once Vicky had finished her orgasm, Jim took his hand out of her clothing and tasted his fingers.

    Thus far, Victoria had been passive, but months of fantasies about their last meeting began to have their effect. She wanted to see his dick again, to hold it and rub it. She sat up and moved onto her knees, reached down and began to unbutton Jim's trousers. As she did so, Jim unfastened his braces allowing her to pull his trousers down his legs. He wasn't wearing any underpants and having pushed his shirt out of the way Vicky could now see everything she had been dreaming about.

    She wrapped her tiny hand around the thick shaft, causing Jim to gasp aloud. Her other hand cupped his testicles. She wanted to know all about it. Vicky was fascinated by the way the skin on the penis moved as she rubbed it. The little hole at the tip oozed a tiny droplet and she picked it up on the tip of a finger and looked at it. It was sticky, yet clear.

    Victoria remembered her desire to kiss Jim's cock. She leant down and gently touched her lips to the head. "Yesss," hissed Jim. She did it again and he squirmed. He seemed to enjoy this, so she experimented, kissing all over the head and then on down the shaft. When she looked at Jim's face it had gone red and his eyes were closed.

    The musky male scent was almost overpowering and Vicky's arousal hadn't waned since her orgasm, so she pulled her petticoats up and slid her left hand between her legs and onto her pussy, where she began to rub her clitoris. She had seen Jim taste her juices and now wondered what they had tasted like. She moved her head away from Jim's dick and brought the fingers up to her mouth. She could smell her own scent and tentatively poked out her tongue to lick the fingers. Another orgasm began to overtake her -- and she wasn't even touching herself!

    Vicky managed to turn her attentions back to Jim's genitalia. Another drip had formed in the eye and in her post-orgasmic haze, she was drawn to taste that liquid too. It was slightly salty, she wanted more but there wasn't any, so she licked the head instead. Jim went wild as he looked down at what she was doing. His hand shot up between her legs and a finger tried to force its way into her vagina. Her legs snapped together, but her mouth opened in shock. Jim's other hand grabbed the back of Vicky's head and pulled.

    Before she knew it, the head of Jim's penis was in her mouth. He was trying to push her head down further onto the shaft. Vicky was scared that she would choke if he didn't let go and fought not to let it go too deep, although the shuddering response to yet another orgasm were not helping. And then suddenly there was more of the salty-tasting liquid in her mouth and Jim was yelling at the top of his voice. With Jim's hand still holding her mouth in place, she had no choice but to swallow the liquid.

    When Jim finally let Vicky go, he sat up immediately and kissed her on the lips. "Nobody has ever done that for me before Vicky. It was wonderful. Thank you."

    They kissed again and fell back into the hay together. After kissing for a long time Jim suddenly sat up again and pushed Vicky's petticoats up to her waist and knelt between her legs. "No! You mustn't," she protested.

    "It's alright; I just want to do the same for you." His head dropped to her pussy and as his lips made contact, she drew her legs up and apart to allow him complete freedom. Jim's cock was already hard again and he had to fight very hard the temptation to deflower Victoria there and then. She quickly rose to her most explosive orgasm of the afternoon and afterwards collapsed into Jim's arms and drifted off to sleep.


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    Chapter 9

    The rain had stopped and the light was fading when Victoria awoke and realised that she would be late getting back to the house. Her clothes had dried out a lot and didn't feel quite so heavily laden with water.

    She kissed Jim goodbye and told him that she didn't know when she would see him again. He told her that if she came this way again to leave a yellow ribbon on the barn door and he would look out for her on her way back from the village.

    Victoria walked as quickly as she could, occasionally breaking into a run, but she was more than half an hour late in getting back. She knew that she would be in trouble with Mrs. Trustworthy.

    "I'm sorry Mrs. Trustworthy, but it was the rain. I got caught in a downpour and had to take shelter until it stopped," she pleaded.

    "But the rain stopped two hours ago, girl. See me in my office this evening. In the meantime, Sir Robert needs a repair in his riding jacket. He was unable to go out because you weren't here to mend the sleeve. He is very unhappy about it."

    Mrs. Trustworthy's words kept repeating in Vicky's mind. She had managed to stay out of trouble for so long, but when she made a mistake it had to be a major one that affected the Master. She wondered if Sir Robert would be involved in her punishment again. Incredibly, through her fears a tingling of excitement began to spread.

    That evening, she reported to the housekeeper. As she walked in, she could see that Sir Robert wasn't present and felt a little disappointed. Then Mrs. Trustworthy told her, "Follow me. We are going to the Master's room where you will receive your punishment. I'm sure that it will be severe."

    They arrived at Sir Robert's bedroom door and the housekeeper knocked. "Come in," he commanded.

    While the two women stood in the centre of the room waiting, Sir Robert finished working and then stood up from his writing desk. He walked across the carpet until he stood in front of the two women, with his hands behind his back. Although Victoria's eyes were lowered, she couldn't help noticing that something was stirring within his bathrobe. Looking at his feet she realised that he was wearing carpet slippers, but his ankles were bare. She wondered if he was naked underneath, but her thoughts were rudely interrupted as he spoke.

    "I have few pleasures in life, but one of them is riding. I have only one riding jacket and I needed a tear in the sleeve to be repaired. You were not here to do so and as a result I had to forgo my plans. Mrs. Trustworthy tells me that you were given the afternoon off, but that you came back late."

    "Yes sir, sorry sir," she whispered.

    He turned to Mrs. Trustworthy, "However, my ride was due to take place well before the girl was due to return, so you must take responsibility for there not being anyone present to do the work. Therefore, you will be punished first."

    The woman licked her lips, "But Sir Robert, I have never been punished before!"

    "You dare to question?"

    "No, Sir Robert," she replied meekly.

    "Victoria, fetch that chair over here."

    Vicky hurried to the writing desk and picked up the heavy chair. Bringing it back, she set it down in front of Mrs. Trustworthy, with its back towards her. She gave the maid a black look before bending herself over the back of the seat.

    The Master nodded at Victoria and she raised the woman's skirts and petticoats up over her back. Sir Robert walked up behind her and pushed a knee between hers. "Feet apart, please."

    Victoria had stood back, awaiting instructions. She was now immediately behind Mrs. Trustworthy. She noticed the surprisingly shapely legs and bum, but what caught her attention most was the completely hairless pussy. The pink gash of her pussy vagina was clearly on display and she could see every detail -- more than she had ever seen of her own. She watched, transfixed as Sir Robert's hand began to fall on the soft flesh of the housekeeper's rump. He paused to regain his breath after a while before continuing.

    As Victoria watched, Mrs. Trustworthy's pussy began to take on a darker shade and started to glisten with juice. The lips looked puffier and the slit more open. Suddenly, the Master spoke to her, "Fetch my riding crop from the dressing table."

    When Vicky returned, trickles of moisture were running down Mrs. Trustworthy's legs. "Use the handle on her," he commanded.

    Victoria now knew that this was what had been used on her before. The spanking paused for a moment and she placed the handle at the puckered hole of the housekeeper's anus. "No! Use it on her cunt!" he told her.

    A gentle push and the handle slid straight in, up to the strap. It was almost as if Mrs. Trustworthy's vagina had sucked the object in. A loud "Ohhhh!" was the first sound that the woman had uttered.

    Vicky slid the handle in and out gently, but was then told, "Harder, faster. Make her come on it." The end of the crop quivered with the force and speed that she used.

    Mrs. Trustworthy screamed as she started to orgasm and let loose with a filthy stream of words, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder you slut, make me come."

    Sir Robert stepped round in front of the woman, pulled her head back by the hair and pulled his solidly erect dick from his robe. He silenced the obscenities by pushing his cock deep into her throat. He continued to fuck her in this fashion, attempting to time his thrusts with those of Victoria at the other end. Finally, he began to shoot his semen, almost drowning her, yet pushing over the edge into a prolonged orgasm.

    Victoria stopped her motions and stepped back from Mrs. Trustworthy, pulling her clothes back down as she did so.

    "You may go," Sir Robert told her.

    She stood back up on unsteady legs and asked, "Do you not wish me to assist in the punishment of Victoria?"

    "No. I will deal with her myself."

    Mrs. Trustworthy left the room and closed the door behind her. Victoria awaited her fate. If the Master was capable of punishing the housekeeper in such fashion, what would he do to her?

    Sir Robert circled Victoria as he spoke, "Do you agree that you deserve to be punished?"

    "Yes, sir," she replied.

    "And do you agree that I have the right to punish you in any way I see fit?"

    Vicky's mouth suddenly became very dry. "Yes, sir," she croaked.

    "Anything at all and you will do precisely as you are told without hesitation or complaint?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Good. Take of your clothes and lay on the bed."

    Victoria suddenly felt as though she was in a dream. She paused only to take a deep breath before starting to undress. She removed her boots first and then unfastened her skirt. Sir Robert watched, never taking his eyes off of her. She removed her blouse, aware that her nipples were standing erect and were clearly visible beneath her chemise. She then took off the first petticoat followed by her silk stockings, one by one, aware that the Master was looking at her exposed legs.

    Whatever she removed now would expose her naked flesh. Another deep breath and she unbuttoned her chemise. As she slipped it off she heard Sir Robert make an appreciative sound. She then unfastened her second petticoat and let it drop to the floor. She swallowed to try and wet her dry throat and walked across to the bed. She climbed onto it and lay on her back. Sir Robert walked to the foot of the bed. "Spread your legs," he told her. "Wider."

    Victoria complied immediately.

    "Start rubbing yourself. Show me how you masturbate."

    Vicky's left hand moved to her breasts, the right to her pussy. She gently teased her nipples with the one hand, while circling her pussy lips and clitoris with the other. She looked down past her legs at Sir Robert. He was licking his lips while staring at her body. The dressing gown had come undone and she could see his penis hanging down between his legs, the head hanging lower than the testicle sack. It was starting to rise again, but not very much yet.

    The robe dropped to the floor and Vicky realised for the first time that Sir Robert had quite an athletic body. He moved around to the side of the bed and climbed on. He straddled her head and then brought his face down to her pubic region. Victoria felt his tongue on her fingers as he began to lick her. She took her hand away to allow him full access. Meanwhile, she had a remarkably close up view of the Master's genitalia. He seemed to be dropping his hips lower, bringing the dangling weapon ever closer.

    Victoria lifted her head a little and began to lick Sir Robert's dick. It started to respond slowly, so she opened her mouth and enveloped the head. The tongue playing with her clit was having a dramatic effect upon her. She wanted to make Sir Robert hard again. She knew it was terribly, terribly wrong to do it before she was married, but she wanted to be fucked now, more than ever before. She started to tremble with the approach of an orgasm and this seemed to spur the Master's cock to life. Suddenly it filled her mouth and throat.

    Sir Robert stopped licking and slipped his cock out of Victoria's mouth. "Turn over and position yourself on your hands and knees. As she did this, he left the bed and walked across to the dressing table, returning with the riding crop. The end was still coated with Mrs. Trustworthy's juices, which made it easier when he began to slide it into her anus. It felt more uncomfortable than painful and very soon he was moving it in and out of her at a pace. He changed from a straightforward motion to using a slightly circular one. The effect was no less arousing and seemed to be making the entrance wider. "Open your legs wide and drop onto your elbows," he ordered.

    The whip landed on the pillows in front of Victoria, who looked round to see what was happening as she felt Sir Robert's weight nestle between her legs. She knew immediately what he was using to invade her body this time and although his cock was bigger than the crop handle, it slid in relatively easily. He pushed his entire length home in one go, his balls slapping against her pussy. The fucking he gave her arse was almost violent, but by now it was what she wanted. She was being driven slowly up the bed with the force of his thrusts and he had to pause occasionally to re-position himself. Once, he slipped out and very nearly plunged into her vagina, but instead slid through the folds of flesh and across her clitoris, before returning to her arse.

    Sir Robert began to grunt with the effort. Vicky felt that he was not far from coming, but wanted to achieve an orgasm herself, so she slipped a hand down and began frigging herself. She wasn't sure who started to come first, but whichever one did, he/she triggered the other's orgasm.

    Victoria lay with Sir Robert on top of her, his weigh almost crushing her small frame, his dick still buried deep within her bowels. Some time later he rolled off of her, his cock slipping out from the gooey wetness. He lay on his back and said, "You may go now."

    Vicky quickly dressed and left the Master's bedroom, feeling her pussy juices trickling down the insides of her thighs and mingling with the semen leaking from her anus.


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    Chapter 10

    Mrs. Trustworthy was extremely displeased for three reasons; first, she had been denied her (perceived) right to punish Victoria. Second, Victoria had taken part in the punishment meted out to herself (which she felt was totally unwarranted anyway). Lastly, she guessed that Vicky had been given the honour of satisfying Sir Robert. She was determined to find out if the maid had fucked the Master. If that bitch has given up her virginity to him, she would be out the door like lightening. Amanda Trustworthy was the only woman who was allowed to fuck the Master.

    Victoria was immediately aware of the housekeeper's displeasure. She harried her continuously looking for the least excuse to harangue her. It was inevitable, and only a matter of time before Vicky made a bad enough mistake to justify punishment.

    Vicky rapped on the door. "Come," said the housekeeper.

    Mrs. Trustworthy was not about to belittle herself by asking Victoria what had happened with Sir Robert, but she had ways to find out.

    The maid stood in front of the desk, looking down at the leather surface, waiting for the expected tirade, before being told to go to the chair. Instead, she was made to wait, while the housekeeper disappeared into her bedroom. When she returned, she said, "Come in here and take your clothes off."

    Victoria did as she was told, removing her clothes and placing them on a chair by the wall. The bed was a smaller version of Sir Robert's, it too had four posts. It was only when she turned round that she noticed silk stockings tied to two of the posts. She was told to stand at the end of the bed and then Mrs. Trustworthy secured a wrist to each post, high enough that Vicky's arms were outstretched and she could hardly bend her knees.

    The housekeeper took her time, inspecting Vicky's flesh for any marks. Clearly, she had been neither whipped nor spanked by the Master. She smiled, knowing that she would leave her marks upon her buttocks instead. She forced the maid's legs apart and secured her ankles with another pair of stockings to the feet of the bed. There was no longer any leeway in her bondage. Victoria could not move; up or down, left or right.

    Mrs. Trustworthy remained on her knees and peeked between Vicky's legs. She couldn't yet see if she had been deflowered or not. There would be time later to ascertain the answer to that question. She stood, picked up the cane from the bed and positioned herself behind her victim.

    The cane swished through the air and landed squarely across Vicky's cheeks. There seemed to be no pause as the wood lashed down again and again. The tears were already running down the young woman's face. Respite only came when the cane snapped during a particularly vicious swing. Mrs. Trustworthy dropped it on the floor and then began spanking the criss-crossed buttocks with her hand. When her hand began to sting, she picked up a slipper from beside the bed and used that instead. Finally, exhausted from her efforts, she dropped to her knees behind Victoria.

    She looked up and saw the puffy red lips of Victoria's pussy. She reached up and began to explore with her fingertips. The clit was hard and the slit was wet, but as she probed deeper she felt the resistance of the girl's hymen.

    So, she hadn't fucked Sir Robert. Damnation! Maybe the face fucking he'd given her was enough for him? But she decided this couldn't be so. She was fully aware of how long Victoria had been with him, because she had watched secretly when she returned to her room. Then, suddenly, like a blinding flash of light she knew the answer. It was right in front of her face! Vicky's anus was looking slightly pink and sore, but noticeably dilated compared to when the housekeeper had used the handle of the riding crop upon her.

    "So," she said. "You like things up your arse do you? Well, we'll just have to see what we can find to satisfy you."

    Victoria, already in a lot of pain, was now terrified. She heard the woman walk away, pick something up from her dressing table and then return. It wasn't that she wanted to make things easier for the girl, merely that she need some gratification of her own that she pulled her skirts up and began to slide the handle of the hairbrush into her own pussy. Having plunged it in and out a few times, she took it out and positioned it the target. She nudged the anus three times, before plunging it in up to the brush. She kept forcing it into her in this way. After a couple of minutes of this, Mrs. Trustworthy felt that it wasn't enough and went looking for another weapon.

    In the dressing table drawer she found an unused candle. Slightly thicker than the hairbrush, it was also longer. As she inserted it, Victoria gasped. She continued to pant as the candle was pushed deeper inside. With Mrs. Trustworthy holding the last three inches, fully seven inches was disappearing and reappearing rapidly. Pushed beyond endurance, Vicky begged her to stop. She had already lost count of her orgasms. The housekeeper finally stopped and removed the candle. Vicky heard her walk away and begin to rummage through drawers.

    She came back and climbed onto the bed in front of Victoria, gleefully showing her what she had found. How she had got hold of and why she had possession of a policeman's truncheon is unknown, but this was a typical one of its time; two inches thick, with a girth of over three inches and a length (excluding the handle) of twelve inches.

    Victoria nearly fainted, but the housekeeper was viciously teasing. She said, "This is what will be waiting the next time."

    Mrs. Trustworthy rapidly untied Victoria's feet and hands. She collapsed onto the bed. She felt movement and when she looked up the housekeeper was kneeling in front of her. She raised her skirts and lay back with her legs wide apart. "Now, make me come you little slut."

    Vicky crawled up the bed aware of the pungent odour emanating from Mrs. Trustworthy's pussy. So much lubrication had flowed down her vaginal canal that her exertions had caused it to start to froth. The maid worked hard to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible so that she could escape. Once, twice she came before she pushed the girl's head away and told her to leave.


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    Chapter 11

    Hardly able to walk back to her room, Victoria was determined to escape. She had to. The housekeeper was clearly mad and if she made an excuse to punish her again and used the truncheon, she would surely die.

    The next day, Vicky rose along with Jenny and got herself ready for her working day. Before she left her room, however, she quickly packed her few possessions into her carpet bag and left it under the bed.

    She ate her lunch with the other members of staff, but then excused herself quickly for a call of nature. She ran to her room and grabbed her bag. The only way that she could escape without anyone noticing, was when the staff were dining in the kitchen. Of course, that meant that she couldn't leave the house by the staff doorway - but nobody would be watching the front door. She closed it quietly behind her and sped down the driveway and out onto the lane. She ran most of the way to the barn, where she tied the yellow ribbon she had taken from her sewing box. She then slipped inside to wait, leaving the door slightly ajar and causing another piece of ribbon to be left visible on the floor.

    An hour later, the door opened and Jim poked his head in. "Vicky!" he shouted. "What a surprise!"

    He stopped suddenly, realising that she had been weeping. "What's the matter?" he asked.

    Victoria didn't tell him everything, just about the housekeeper's vindictiveness. He seemed uncertain as to why she had to run away. But she hadn't told him about the corporal punishment, he had assumed that it was additional chores of something. To emphasise what she had meant, she turned her back to Jim and raised her clothing. She had no idea what it looked like, but from Jim's face she knew it didn't look very pretty.

    "She… she did that to you? You're right; you couldn't stay there any longer."

    "Yes, but what am I going to do now? I don't have anywhere to live, I don't have a job and I don't have references."

    Jim looked at her for a few moments and then said, "I know of a position that's available and I think that you would be perfect for it."

    She looked up into his eyes and her heart melted as he said, "Will you be my wife?"

    "Oh yes Jim, yes!"


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    Chapter 12

    Jim's uncle provided him with a run-down cottage at the far end of the farm. Victoria moved in there and began to clean and tidy the place, turning it into a home. Jim remained at the farmhouse itself, for decency's sake. He didn't mind; the wedding had been set for only a month later, he could wait that long.

    The day arrived and Jim's uncle escorted Victoria to the church. To her delight, her mother was waiting there. She had written to her, but hadn't received a reply. Her mother beamed with pride and had to keep dabbing at her tears of joy.

    Vicky's wedding dress was simple, she had made it herself of course, but all of the village women remarked upon how fine it looked. She realised that there might be an opportunity to earn a little extra money by using her dress-making talents.

    When she met Jim at the top of the aisle, in front of the altar, she couldn't believe how smart and handsome he looked. For his part, he thought that he must be marrying a princess.

    The Reverend Smith carried out the service, explaining the meaning behind the ritual; the bride and groom travel by different routes to the church, representing separate paths in life. Then, when their paths meet, it is within the sight of God in a church. The marriage ceremony was completed and the couple emerged from the church to be congratulated by most of the villagers. Jim was well-liked and respected in the community and in the short time that they had come to know Victoria they had gotten to like her too and considered her a good match for the local lad.

    The wedding breakfast was held on the village green. Everybody chipped in to help what was a communal event. Eventually, late in the evening the couple made their excuses, thanked everybody and made their way to their new home. Uncle Edward had loaned Jim his cart which had been bedecked with white ribbons. One of the other farmhands had volunteered to drive them home and return to pick up the guests and take them home.

    The newlyweds waved goodbye to everyone and, as they rounded the corner out of sight, began kissing. They didn't stop until a polite cough informed them that they had arrived at their destination.

    They thanked Tom and watched him turn the cart round. Jim walked Victoria to the door and opened it. He smiled at her and picked her up easily. The low doorway meant that he had to bend his knees to get through. Once inside he lowered her gently to the floor and kissed her again.

    "There's a candle on the shelf by the door," she said. Jim felt for it and found that a box of matches had been placed alongside. He lit the candle in its holder and turned round to face her. She had walked over to the fireplace, where she was outlined by the embers burning in the grate (she had lit the fire earlier in the day). Although the light was dim, the difference in the room was astonishing. In the month since he had last seen it she had done wonders. The walls were freshly whitewashed, there were curtains at the windows and the floors had been scrubbed until the stonework shone.

    "The cottage looks wonderful Vicky. I'm a really a very lucky man to have caught a wife like you."

    "Perhaps you would like to see upstairs now?" she asked coyly.

    Victoria walked across and took his hand, then led him to the stairway, picking up the candle as she passed. Jim's desire began to bubble as he watched her buttocks move beneath the material of her dress. His hands had a mind of their own as they reached out and began to fondle them. She chuckled and said, "Patience, dearest. We have the whole of our lives together."

    "Patience bedamned. I've waited over a month and something is going to burst before long."

    They reached the bedroom which looked equally well cleaned and decorated. The bed looked big and old and inviting.

    "Jim, promise me that you will be gentle with me. I know that you are desperate to make love to me, but please take it slowly."

    By the time she had finished speaking; Jim had already removed most of her clothes. He bent down to remove her shoes and then rolled her stockings down her legs. She stepped out of them and unbuttoned her chemise, which she dropped to the floor. She then untied the cord of her drawers and allowed them to fall to the floor with the other garments. She stood before him, naked. By the light of the candle, she could see a hint of a tear in his eyes as he declared, "You are so beautiful."

    Jim laid Victoria on the bed and began to kiss her gently. Touching against her lips first, but then spreading their light, gentle caress all over the rest of her body. She opened her legs for him and he began to turn his attention to her clitoris and pussy lips. The anticipation of this evening had already made her wet and now she was becoming very highly aroused. Her husband paused to remove his own clothing; his own arousal was very obvious.

    When he entered her, she felt pain at first, but soon the incredible sensation of his marvellous penis stroking in and out of her overtook it and took her to new heights of pleasure. She wasn't aware of anything else in the world. She orgasmed again and again. For the whole of the night they made love, only falling asleep when the light began to force its way through the window.


    Did Jim and Victoria live happily ever after? I'd like to think so. But remember; the year was 1913 and the skies were beginning to darken over Europe, eventually plunging the World into the abyss of war.



    The railway line was closed in 1961; the tracks lifted and re-laid elsewhere, but the track-bed remains. The surge of healthy leisure pursuits in the 1990s have led to it being used by walkers and cyclists alike, as a means of exercise and as a way to see the countryside, away from the bustle of the roads and the crowds.

    Some of the old station buildings remain, having been converted into desirable residential properties. Other buildings had made way for conventional housing. The shops opposite the old station were flattened by a V1 in 1944. The quaint mismatched original buildings have been replaced by anonymous, identical concrete units.

    The road itself is no longer gravel and the tarmac spreads to twice the original width as the lane winds up the hill. The ancient stream dried up and houses were built along its bed. The residents were most upset when, during the recent heavy rains, they found their gardens being washed away.

    Further up the road an electronic gateway opens onto a paved driveway which in turn leads to a tastefully converted barn.

    Further still, on the right hand side of the road is a large, derelict property. A stray bomb from a Zeppelin in 1915 dropped through the roof and landed in a highly flammable part of the building. It was 2am and the owner and the household were all asleep. Everybody died in the flames, save a young couple who had been in the loft above the stables at the time.

    Much of the farmland has now been developed into a modern housing estate, but further away from the village the lands still remain open. The arable crops continue to be harvested by local farmers.

    Half a mile from the estate sits an isolated yet pretty little cottage. It's been extended a couple of times over the years to enable it to accommodate a larger family. The gardens are well tended and roses climb around the low doorway. Curiously, on the door handle is tied a fading yellow ribbon.

    Nobody is really sure why it's done anymore; but in June every year since 1917 it is quietly and simply replaced with a fresh one.




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