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    Hoes: Scene 1
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FFM, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a street corner, where we see Hailee and Zendaya standing in skimpy outfits, leaning up against a light pole. "God!" Hailee says, "Will this night end already?"

    "How much did you make today?"

    "I've made enough. I wanna go home."

    "Look, one more hour. Then we can go."

    As the two continue to stand there, a young guy drives up. "Wow, you two'll be perfect."


    "Hey, do you two do girl/girl?"

    "If the price is right," Hailee says.

    "Is this about right?" the guy asks, waving a thick wad of bills. Zen and Hailee both look at each other, gape-mouthed.

    We then see the two in the back seat, as, in front, we now see the guy is about five feet tall. "Um..." Zen says, hesitantly, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you're really short."

    "Yeah, and you two are really tall."

    "I'm not that tall," Hailee says, "I'm only like five-eight."

    "Sh!" Z whispers, "This guy's paying us a lot."

    Later, we see the two on the guy's bed, making out, as the guy sits nearby, and watches. As they neck, Zen and Hailee take each other's clothes off, and Z playfully tosses her panties at the guy, who catches them, chuckling, and then sniffs them. Taking this cue, Hailee tosses hers at him, and he does the same thing, now straight up laughing.

    Zendaya then pushes Hailee onto her back, and then leans down, and sucks Hailee's hard, brown nipples. "Hey, could you two sixty-nine?" Z turns around, and we get alternating close-ups, as her and Hailee lick out each other's pussies, while kneading each other's butt-cheeks.


    "Unh...Fuck..." The two sigh and moan as they eat each other, and soon, the guy unzips his pants, and pulls out his huge, rock-hard dick. Tossing her head back and moaning, Hailee happens to glance in the guy's direction, and, on seeing his piece, her eyes widen, and she blurts out, "Holy shit!"

    Z looks up, and sees it, too. "Oh, fuck! His dick sure ain't short!"

    "I assume you both know what to do with it," the guy says. Hailee just laughs nervously in response.

    We now see the two kneeling on either side of him, as, in another close-up, Zen licks and sucks the guy's head, while Hailee strokes his long, thick shaft. "Ah, jeez..." the guy groans, "Deep-throat me, bitch..." At this, Z starts to go deeper, before long gagging a little. After a bit, Z pulls up, drooling a bit, and Hailee takes over, and we now hear her gag as her lips get close to the guy's body. "Fuck..."

    Now, the guy's naked, kneeling on the bed, as the two continue to take turns deep-throating him, drooling all over his dick as they do so. "Mm...You, get on your back..." Wiping her chin off, Hailee complies. "And how about you sit on her face?" Z crawls over, and straddles Hailee's head, and, in another close-up, Hailee immediately buries her tongue in Z's pussy. The guy, meanwhile, in yet another close-up, rubs his dick up and down Hailee's oozing snatch, before inserting it.

    "Ohh! Huh!" Hailee moans out loud into Zen's pussy. Back in the close-up, the guy's thick cock pumps in and out of Hailee's cunt.

    "Ooh..." Z moans, biting her lip and feeling her small breasts up, while, below her, Hailee's bounce and jiggle as the guy fucks her.

    "Oh, my God!" Hailee cries out, as she cums, and then continues to lick Z out.

    We next see Zen on her hands and knees, head between Hailee's legs, while, behind her, the guy fucks her doggy-style. We get more alternating close-ups, as we see the guy's cock thrust in and out of Z's cunt, while Z eats Hailee's pussy out. "Hunh!" Z groans deeply between licks, as she cums from the guy's dick.

    "Huh..." Hailee gasps, then groans, "Fuck her..."

    A bit later, we see Hailee kneeling next to Zen, diddling her twat from below and kissing and nibbling her cheeks, as, in another close-up, we see the guy's big cock laboredly move in and out of Z's asshole. "Oh, God..." Z squeals, so high she's barely audible, eyes tearing up. Back in the close-up, Hailee licks the rim of Z's anus, as the guy's cock pumps in and out.

    "Hm, lemme taste..." The guy takes his cock out, and Hailee deep throats it for a few seconds, before allowing him to reinsert it in Z's ass.

    Now, the guy is on his back, with Hailee straddling him, reverse cowgirl, as, in another close-up, she rides his cock with her asshole, while Z fucks her alternately with her tongue and fingers. "Oh, fuck..." Hailee groans deeply, face contorting as she tilts her head back. Back in the close-up, we see Zen lick and suck the guy's balls, as Hailee's ass and pussy juices drip down onto them. "Oh, fuck!" Hailee cries out suddenly, climaxing again, from the big cock in her ass.

    Next, we see Hailee and Zendaya laying side by side, both sweating profusely, mouths gaping and tongues out, as the guy kneels behind them, jerking his cock. "Huh!" he grunts, "Fuck!" then starts spurting, eventually ejaculating enough that plenty lands in their mouths, while their chests and stomachs are thoroughly glazed. "Fuck me..." the guy sighs, watching them crane their necks back, and take turns sucking his head, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 2
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: F, FM, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Tessa Thompson, Elizabeth Banks
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Tessa standing on the sidewalk, leaning back against a railing. After a moment, a car drives up, and the man in the passenger seat says, "How about her, honey?"

    Elizabeth leans over from the driver's seat, to get a better look. "Ooh..." she coos, then says, "Hey, um, what's your name?"

    "Tessa." Tessa smirks bemusedly, as if she already know where the conversation is going. "Lemme guess; you're a cuck fetishist who likes watching your husband fuck black chicks. Right?"

    "I take it you get that a lot."

    "Not nearly as much I get white men wanting to watch me lez out with their wives, but yeah."

    "Well, how about it? You game?"

    "A hundred bucks."

    "Tell you what. Make it one-fifty. There's, uh, a little something extra, which we'll discuss later..."

    Later, we see Tessa on the bed, naked, as the husband licks and sucks her hard, dark brown nipples. He moves down, kissing down her stomach, then, in our first close-up, burying his tongue in her moist, brown pussy. "Huhm...Hm..."

    As they do this, Elizabeth sits nearby, watching, skirt up, rubbing herself through her panties. In another close-up, she pulls her panties aside, and starts to rub and finger her cunt. "Ooh...Huh..."

    "Uhm..." Tessa feels herself up and chews her lower lip, as the guy brings her off with his tongue.

    "He's good, isn't he?"

    "Fuck, yeah..." Elizabeth snickers, then moans, and tilts her head back, as her fingers probe her twat deeper.

    Now, the guy is kneeling on the bed, Tessa on her hands and knees in front of him, as, in another close-up, she deep throats the guy. Elizabeth, meanwhile, has now opened her shirt, and pulled one cup on her bra down, and is rubbing and tweaking her nipple, while her fingers plunge in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Back in the close-up, Tessa has one hand around the base of the husband's cock, as she sucks him fast and hard.

    Later still, Tessa is still on her hands and knees, but pointed towards Elizabeth, and moaning and grunting as the husband fucks her doggy style. In another close-up, we see his cock pump in and out of her pink, dripping wet pussy. Elizabeth is only in her bra and panties, both of which are half off, and is breathing hard and visibly sweating, while, back in that close-up, her pussy is drooling all over the chair, as she holds it open, and furiously works her clit. Back on the bed, the husband grabs Tessa's hips, and speeds up, creating a slapping noise, as his body collides with her ass. "Fuck! Huhn!" Tessa cries out, face twisting, and tits swinging back and forth under her.

    Now, Tessa's on her side, the husband behind her, as, in yet another close-up, she diddles her drooling twat, while his cock moves laboredly in and out of her moist, sweaty asshole. "F-fuck! Huh!" Over in the chair, Elizabeth's face contorts, and she groans throatily as she experiences an intense orgasm, then, after a momentary breather, starts again.

    Tessa is now kneeling in front of the husband, vigorously sucking him off, while Elizabeth, still sweating and twitching slightly, idly continues rubbing her raw pussy. "Yes..." she gasps, "Make him cum..." Seconds later, he starts grunting, so Tessa holds open her mouth, as he frantically jerks off. Finally, groaning, the guy cums directly into Tessa's mouth. "Okay, come here..."

    Tessa gets up off the bed, and kneels between Elizabeth's legs. In one last close-up, Tessa kisses Elizabeth, sharing the husband's load between them, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 3
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FMM, oral, mas, anal, ws, con
    Celebs: Melissa Benoist
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Melissa, standing on a street corner in a tank top, cut-offs, and leather sandals, when a couple of guys pull up in front of her, and one pops his head out. "Hey, did anyone ever tell you you look like that chick who plays Supergirl?"

    Melissa sighs, grinning. "Yes. I've heard that. I mean, I don't really see it, but..." She then gets a 'Eureka' look on her face. "So, you guys wanna fuck Supergirl?"


    "Do you two..." Melissa says a little more slowly, "want to fuck Supergirl?"

    "Wait, are you a prostitute?"

    "See, I knew you'd work it out!"

    "Holy shit!" the guy says to his friend, "She's a hooker!"

    "I know, I heard!" the friend responds.

    "You wanna go for it?"

    "Fuck, yeah!"

    The guy peeks his head back out. "So, how much?"

    "A hundred from each of you, and, uh, I'll show you just how nasty Supergirl can be..."

    It cuts to a motel room, where Melissa squats between the two, rubbing the front of both their jeans. "Hm, looks like you two are already to go..." With both hands at the same time, Melissa unzips both guys' pants, and then pulls out their hard cocks, which she immediately starts stroking. "Wow...I hope you two have girlfriends..." Melissa grins, then leans toward one, and, in our first close-up, begins to suck him off.

    "Oh, fuck, Dude..."

    "How is she?" In response, Melissa leans the other way, and starts sucking the other guy. In alternating close-ups, she sucks both guys off, going deeper every time she switches, until she's gagging. "Fuck, this chick's awesome!"

    Wiping her mouth off, Melissa says, "Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet."

    Now, a naked Melissa is straddling one of the guys on the motel bed, as, in another close-up, she lowers herself onto his cock. "Okay..." she gasps, leaning down, so she's on top of him. "Now, you come in back..." The other guy, kneeling behind her, comes in, and, back in the close-up, pushes his cock into Melissa's tight asshole. "Oh, fuck!" Melissa groans, "God, I haven't been DPed in way too long..."

    "Oh..." the guy in back says, "You like being fucked in both holes?"

    "Oh, I fucking love it!" She says in a strangled whine, as, again in the close-up, the two guys fuck her with alternating thrusts, like pistons. "Oh, fuck! Oh, guys, you have no idea how amazing this feels!"

    We now see Melissa straddling the first guy, reverse cowgirl style, as, in yet another close-up, she rides his cock with her ass. The other guy comes in, and inserts his cock in Melissa's pussy, and starts to thrust. "Oh, fu-uck!" Melissa cries out, face contorting, as both her holes are assaulted. "Oh, God, I'm cumming! Fuck!" She starts to shake, as the two continue fucking her, until she suddenly blurts, "Oh, fuck, take your cock out!" The guy in her pussy pulls out, and, with a deep groan, Melissa squirts all over the place.

    Now, Melissa's on her back, again alternating between sucking the guys off. One of them starts to groan, so Melissa instructs, "Cum on my tits..." The guy points his cock at Melissa's chest, and, after jacking for a moment, glazes her tits. The other guy now starts to grunt, so Melissa says, "My face...Right here..." He also jerks his dick, until, finally, he gives Melissa a huge facial.

    "So..." Melissa says, wiping up the cum from her face and chest, and licking it off her fingers, "How'd you guys like that?"

    "Oh, fuck, that was awesome!" one of them says.

    The other then asks, "Hey, do you know any girls who look like Wonder Woman?"

    "Uh, no..." Melissa chuckles.

    "Dude, we gotta look for one tomorrow night!"

    "And one who looks like Harley Quinn!" Melissa now laughs, and the guys join her, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 4
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, ws, con
    Celebs: Sharon Stone
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Sharon sitting at a bar, with a glass of whiskey, when some college age guy approaches her. "Hey, are you Sharon?"

    Sharon turns to him. "Yeah. Who's asking?"

    "Um, one of your girls pointed me to you. I asked if she had a pimp or a madam, and she kind of giggled, and told me to talk to you."

    "For what?"

    "Well...I just turned twenty-one, and my Dad gave me a couple hundred bucks, to, uh, hire a prostitute with, so..."

    "So, you want me to what? Help you pick out a girl?"

    "No, I...See, I have kind of a thing for, well, older women, and..."

    Sharon snickers. "Twenty-one, you say? So, how old do you think I am?"

    "Um, forty-five?" Sharon snickers again, snorting this time.

    "You know what? You have the money on you?"

    "Uh, yeah." The kid pulls out his wallet, then takes out a bunch of bills, and Sharon snatches them, then finishes her drink, and gets up. "Jerry," she says to the bartender, "I'll be next door."

    "Okay, Sharon..."

    As they're walking out the door, Sharon asks, "Hey, kid, what's your name?"

    "Oh, uh, Jamie."

    It now cuts to a motel room, where Jamie sits in the one chair, and Sharon strips out of her clothes. She then gets down on all fours, and crawls toward him, slowly licking her top lip. Now kneeling in front of him, she rubs his lap. "Wow..." Jamie says, "You've certainly got your presentation down."

    "Well..." Sharon smirks, "I've had forty years of practice."

    "Wait, how many?" As he says this, Sharon unzips his pants, and, in our first close-up, pulls out his cock, and starts to suck it, slow and deep. "Oh, jeez...You know what, I don't care how old you are...Fuck, you look hot doing that..." Grasping the base of Jamie's cock, she deep-throats him, at one point taking it out, and flicking her tongue on the swollen head, before continuing to suck him off. As she keeps it up, Jamie starts to groan and grind his hips. Suddenly, Sharon stops, and jerks him off as she speaks.

    "Before I go on, Jamie, do you bounce back good?"

    "I'm twenty-one, ma'am."

    "Just making sure." She keeps sucking him, until, back in the close-up, Jamie starts spurting, while Sharon licks up his jism.

    Now, Sharon is on the bed, on her back with her legs up to her body, groping her tits, as, in another close-up, Jamie probes her drooling cunt with his tongue and fingers. "Oh, my God, Jamie..." she gasps, voice shaking, "I can't believe how good you are at that..."

    "Yeah," he says, "I'm kind of known for that on campus." Sharon moans throatily, as he continues licking her out.

    "God, you must be popular with the girls."

    "You could say that. Of course, that's not the only thing they like about me. There's also my willingness to do this..." Back in the close-up, he starts to lick Sharon's moist, pussy-juice soaked asshole.

    "Huh!" Sharon gasps vocally, "Oh, God, Jamie! I think I love you!" She smiles as she says this. Again in the close-up, Jamie inserts his middle finger in Sharon's butthole, as he continues eating her pussy. "Ohh..." she groans, "God, don't stop..." Jamie keeps licking her, while finger-fucking her ass, until Sharon grunts, "Oh, fuck! Jamie, I'm about to squirt!" She again groans, as, once more in the close-up, her pussy sprays for several seconds. "Okay..." she then sighs, breathing hard, "I'm ready to fuck now..."

    Smiling, Jamie gets on top of her, and, in another close-up, inserts his once again rock-hard cock into her. "Fuck..." she moans raspily, as he starts to thrust into her, "God, I just realized I haven't had a good fuck in way too long..." As she says this, her tits bounce and jiggle in time with Jamie's thrusts.

    "I'm surprised you don't get more guys asking for you..."

    "Okay..." Sharon snickers, smirking, "Get down here..." Jamie leans down, and she gives him a deep, lusty tongue kiss.

    Now, Sharon's on top, continuing to kiss Jamie, as, holding onto her cheeks, he thrusts up into her. "Oh, baby..." she gasps, breathing rapidly, her hair matted to her sweaty forehead, "You're so deep..." Her face then contorts, and she lets out a loud, guttural cry. "God...How have you not cum yet?"

    "I think your blowjob tempered my dick..." Sharon laughs breathily at this.

    "Well, you know what might coax it out of you faster?"

    Sharon is again on her back, now covered in a layer of sweat, her nipples achingly hard from the moisture, while Jamie kneels in front of her. In another close-up, Jamie presses the tip of his cock against Sharon's sweaty asshole, then pushes it in. "Huh! Ooh!" Sharon starts clutching at herself, and gasping repeatedly, almost on the verge of hyperventilation, as Jamie's cock laboredly pumps in and out her ass. "Oh, fuck...Oh, my God..." Back in the close-up, Sharon starts diddling her cunt, which drools all over Jamie's cock, helping to lubricate it. "Oh, fuck!" Sharon cries out, almost screaming, as Jamie fucks her ass harder. "Oh! Oh, God!" She again groans loudly, as her pussy once more suddenly starts spitting.

    Shortly after, Jamie starts grunting, and pulls out, just in time to cover Sharon's already sweat-soaked body from twat to neck in a large amount of jism.

    "Fuck..." Sharon gasps, sucking air. She then smiles up at Jamie, and beckons him down to her. As the two once again make out, Sharon sighs, "God, Jamie...That was incredible..."

    "Hm, thanks."

    "Kind of feel bad about taking your money, now."

    "Eh, it's Dad's money."

    "Okay, but next time's free."


    "To get to fuck you again, you'd better believe I'm willing to work for free."

    Jamie snickers. "So, does that make you my girlfriend?"

    "Oh, I'm sure your father would love that."

    "Hey, this was his idea." Both laugh, and continue kissing and rubbing each other's sweaty bodies, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 5
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: F+, oral, mas, anal, ws, con
    Celebs: Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, Robin Wright
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Z standing on a street corner in a puffer vest and ear muffs, when we hear her phone start vibrating. Z pulls it out of her jacket pocket, takes off her muffs, and holds it up to her ear. "Hey, what's up?"

    Over the phone, we hear Hailee. "Hey, Z. Got a big-spender here looking for a group job. You in?"

    "If it means getting off this cold-ass street corner, yes!"

    "Cool. Just need one more. Is Ellie around?"

    "She went to get coffee."

    "Great, when she gets back, grab her and meet me on the corner of Elliot and Rantoul."

    Later, the three stand in front of a hotel room door, which Hailee knocks on. Moments later, the door opens, and Robin stands there in a white silk blouse and black pencil skirt. "Hm..." she says in a seductive tone, "These your friends, Hailee?"

    "Yeah, this is Ellie..."

    "Hi," Elle says, grinning.

    "And this is Z."

    "Z, huh? What's that stand for?"

    Z rolls her eyes. "Zendaya."

    "Hm...that's a beautiful name. Well, c'mon in..." Robin goes in, and the three follow. "Oh, and there's champagne, if you want some..."

    Some time later, the four recline on Robin's bed, naked, Elle and Z passing the bottle of champagne between them, as Robin and Hailee make out, tongues briefly visible as they shift around. Eventually, they stop, and, breathily, Robin turns to Z, and beckons her with her finger. "Now you, Zendaya..." Z crawls up to her, and Robin grabs her, and shoves her tongue in her mouth. Once they stop, Robin turns to Elle, who's already on her, and, again, the two share a long tongue kiss.

    Now, Robin lies on her side, Z on her back in front of her, as, in our first close-up, Robin fingers Z's drooling pink cunt, periodically taking her fingers out and sucking them. "Ooh..." Z moans, feeling and clutching at herself. Back in the close-up, Robin leans in, and buries her tongue in Z's oozing gash. "Oh, fuck..." Z starts grinding her hips, and her face begins to contort.

    Meanwhile, we see Elle lift up Robin's leg, and, in another close-up, spread her pussy open, and start licking her out. "Mm! Hm..." Robin jerks her hips, and moans into Z's cunt. All the while, Hailee watches with her fingers in her pussy, while, with the other hand, she swigs the wine.

    Now, Robin kneels behind Hailee, who's on her hands and knees, as, in another close-up, Robin licks and fingers her sopping wet cunt. Hailee, meanwhile, has her face buried in Elle's pussy. "Ooh! God..." Elle whines, starting to writhe around, as, in yet another close-up, Hailee tongue-fucks her. Z, who's been watching the whole time, then crawls up behind Robin, and, in one more close-up, shoves her middle finger in Robin's asshole.

    "Mm! That feel good?"

    "Oh, it does..." Robin purrs. "Now two in my pussy..." Back in the close-up, Z inserts her ring finger and pinky in Robin's twat. "Ooh! Huh..." Robin starts to grind against Z's hand, which causes Z to thrust her hand into her harder.

    Now, Z's on her knees and elbows, with Elle's face between her cheeks, as, in another close-up, she roughly licks her moist, quivering, brown asshole. "Ooh..." Z moans, brow furrowing.

    As they do this, Robin watches them, while, down below, in another close-up, Hailee two-fingers her practically gushing cunt, while licking around her clit. "Oohf..." Continuing to watch the other two, Robin starts to buck her hips.

    Elle's now on her back, as, in another close-up, Robin sucks her clit, while two-fingering her butthole. "Ooh! Oh, God!" Elle starts to squeal. Nearby, Z and Hailee watch, fingering each other.

    Z, Hailee and Elle now sit and watch, as Robin digs through her suitcase, and pulls out a strap-on, with a large, thick dildo on it. After putting it on, Robin says, "Okay, who's first."

    It then cuts to Hailee on her back, looking down, as, in another close-up, the big, black dildo pumps in and out of her oozing cunt. "Oh, fuck!" Hailee cries out hoarsely, grimacing.

    "Yeah..." Robin grunts, thrusting into her, "you like my big dick in you, little girl?"

    "Fuck!" Hailee starts to convulse, then screams, and arches her back.

    Now, Elle's in her place, squealing, her little titties whipping up and down, as Robin thrusts into her. "Oh-oh! Oh, God!" Elle looks and sounds almost like she's sobbing, as, baring her teeth, Robin assaults her tight, young pussy. Finally, Elle's body twists, and she lets out a shriek just barely audible to humans.

    Z is now on her back, clutching and clawing at herself, as Robin, who's starting to noticeably sweat, fucks her. "Oh, fuck! Give it to me, you old bitch!" Robin chuckles at this, and then continues grimacing, as she starts thrusting harder. Suddenly, Z starts convulsing, and pleads, "Oh, God, take it out!" In the close-up, Robin pulls out, and, with a deep groan, Z's pussy squirts for a couple of seconds.

    "Oh, fuck..." Robin gasps, sucking air. "Wasn't expecting a squirter..." Robin then sticks her fingers in Z's snatch, pulls them out, and sucks them. "Hm...You know what?" Robin starts to undo the strap-on. "I'm gonna let you do me..."

    Now, Robin's on her back, looking down. "Yeah..." she breathes, "Put it in..." In another close-up, we see Robin rub her pussy, as Z carefully inserts the dildo in Robin's moist, sweaty asshole. "Ohh...fuck..." Robin groans throatily, as the toy slowly moves in and out of her tight, pulsating anus. "Oh, God..." Robin's voice goes up a couple of octaves, as she tosses her head back. Back in the close-up, Robin diddles her cunt a little more vigorously, as Z starts to fuck her a little harder. "Yeah...Fuck, that feels incredible..." The two continue to speed up, until, suddenly, Robin holds her pussy open, and sprays all over the bed, and all over Z, who immediately starts laughing, and is soon joined by the other three.

    Later, the three are dressed, as Robin, standing in the doorway, dressed only in her unbuttoned silk shirt and her panties, gives first Hailee, then Elle their money and a quick tongue kiss, as they leave. When it's Z's turn, Robin kisses her slow and extra deep, then gives her a little wink, before handing her the money. Z smiles, and gives Robin a little peck, before walking out, and Robin watches them leave, smiling, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 6
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: ffM, oral, mas, anal, con
    Celebs: Millie Bobby Brown, Dafne Keen
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on a street corner, where we see Millie and Dafne standing in tanks and hot pants, when a car pulls up. "Oi," the man inside says, sticking his head out, "you two are a bit young to be out here."

    "Yeah," Millie says, "and I suppose you're going to tell us to go home to our loving parents?"

    "Something tells me you wouldn't be out here if you had any. Look, how much for a date with both of you?"

    "Hundred quid, each."

    The guy smirks. "And I'll bet you're worth every penny."

    Later, the two are on a motel bed, naked, making out, while the guy watches from a chair nearby. After a bit, Dafne gets up, and gets on top of Millie, upside down. We then get alternating close-ups, as the two lick and finger each other's moist, young pussies, even engaging in a little butt-play.

    Watching them, and hearing them moan, the guy finally gets up, undoing his pants, as he walks over to them. Looking up from Millie's twat, Dafne sees the guy's rock-hard dick right in her face, and, in another close-up, starts licking and sucking on the guy's head, before taking a little more of it into her mouth. Millie peeks out from under her, then climbs out, and crawls over. "Oh, bloody hell..." the guy sighs, as the two take turns sucking him off, soon beginning to deep-throat him.

    Now, the two are on their backs, moaning, clutching at their little titties, and trading kisses, as the guy finger-bangs both of them. Eventually, he moves in front of Millie, and, in another close-up, rubs the tip of his cock up and down her drooling cunt, before shoving it in. "Ooh! Huh..." Millie whimpers and squeals, teenage boobies whipping up and down, as the guy thrusts into her. "Ooh! Fuck!" Millie starts to convulse, and her whines get more shrill, until, practically screaming, she cums.

    As she catches her breath, the guy moves over, and, in another close-up, does the same thing with Dafne's pussy; rubbing his dick up and down it, before inserting it. "Hm!" Dafne whines, almost high enough to break glass, then starts to shriek as the guy fucks her.

    Dafne's now on top of the guy, her tight young cunt swallowing his big cock as she rides him. Millie, meanwhile, kisses and bites her neck, and feels up her little boobies, while, in another close-up, the guy has his tongue in Millie's butt-hole.

    Now, Millie's on her knees, ass in the air, as Dafne fingers her butthole, and sucks the guy's cock. Eventually, she stops both, and, in another close-up, he presses his dick against Millie's moist, sweaty butthole, and pushes it in, causing Millie to gasp, and cry out in pain. "Oh, fuck..." she squeaks, as the guy's cock moves laboredly in and out of her tight asshole.

    Dafne's again on her back, legs in the air, and Millie diddling her twat, as, in another close-up, we see the guy's cock stretching out Dafne's little butt-hole. "Ow!" Dafne squeals, almost inaudibly. "Fuck!" When Dafne starts to scream, the guy pulls out, and Millie immediately gives him a quick, hard suck.

    Now, the two lay side by side, both visibly sweating, as the guy jerks off over them. Suddenly, he starts grunting, so the two open their mouths, just before he unloads, covering their faces in cum. Once he stops, the two turn their heads to each other, and kiss, sharing the guy's cum between them, as the scene fades out.

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    Hoes: Scene 7
    by RandyPan
    Story Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, rom, con
    Celebs: Halle Berry
    This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
    Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com

    Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series. Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

    We fade in on Halle standing on a street corner, in standard hooker attire, when a young white guy drives up, and leans over the passenger seat, to talk to her. "Hey, baby, miss me?"

    "Clay?" Halle smiles on seeing him. "God, where've you been the last, what's it been, three months?"

    "Concentrating on my studies. Got a spot open for me?"

    "Oh, hell, yes! Let's go!"

    We then see Clay sitting on a hotel bed, as a topless Halle jerks him off. "So, was this your last semester?"

    "Uh, not quite..." As he talks, in our first close-up, Halle sucks him off, her lips sliding up and down his rigid shaft. "I have one more, but only one more course before I graduate."

    "Hm, so we'll have more time together?" After saying this, she continues, licking and sucking his head.

    "Yeah..." he responds with a sigh.

    "And then I guess that's it for us..."

    "Well, we could get married."

    Halle chuckles at this, as she wraps her tits around Clay's dick. "You do remember how much older I am then you?"

    "I doubt people will notice. Hell, in a few years they'll probably think I'm the older one."

    Halle smiles at this, as she slowly jerks him off with her tits. "Damn it, Clay, stop making me want to say yes." Clay leans down, and she leans up to meet him in a kiss.

    We now see Halle lying on her back, face contorting, rubbing and squeezing her large breasts, as Clay's head bobs between her legs. In another close-up, the guy probes Halle's drooling pink cunt with his tongue and fingers. "Ohg...God, baby...I'll tell you one thing, none of my other clients lick pussy like you do..."

    "Hm...Just imagine being woken like this every morning..." Halle giggles at this, then moans again, brow furrowing, as, back in the close-up, Clay inserts his middle finger in her asshole, lubricated with pussy juice. "Oh, fuck..." she gasps, "I love the way you do that..."

    Now, Clay's leaning over Halle, holding her arm with one hand, while, in another close-up, he rubs his throbbing member up and down her dripping wet twat, before inserting it. "Ooh!" Halle groans, face screwing up, as Clay's cock fills her up. "Huh..." Clay then starts thrusting into her, causing her big tits to bounce and jiggle. "Oh, God, baby, come down closer to me..." Clay leans down, so the two are face to face, moaning and breathing hard, as, back in the close-up, he now thrusts down into her. "Oh, Clay..." Halle whispers, mouth gaping as she breathes in and out, "I love you..."

    We now see Clay on his back, as Halle straddles him, hands on his chest, riding his cock. In a shot of Halle's ass, we see her cunt is drooling all over Clay's balls, as the two grind against each other. "Oh, fuck..." Halle gasps shrilly, her tits bouncing hard. "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna..." She then arches her back, and lets out a loud, throaty cry, before leaning down on top of him, so the two are again face to face. "Clay...come inside me..." Back in the shot of Halle's ass, Clay speeds up, thrusting up into her. Finally, with one last thrust, he lets out a loud groan, and Halle squints her eyes, as she feels his hot jism flood inside her. Once he relaxes, Halle leans down further, and gives him a long, tongue-heavy kiss.

    Between kisses, Clay gasps, "Halle...Will you marry me?"

    Still breathing hard, Halle laughs. "Yes! Fuck, yes, I'll marry you!" Clay smiles, and the two share one more kiss, as the scene fades out.



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