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Ch. 01

Raveena woke up in a foul mood. Last night had been awful. Not only had this budding actor, Uday Chopra, cum prematurely she was drunk like hell. How the hell could she have let him get away without satisfying her? If only she wasn't drunk!

Now her hangover was driving her insane. "Samarth! Sam!" she called out for her personal assistant. He was more than an assistant to her. His job, among other obligations, included getting her spirits high in such moments. As he heard her voice, he realised that it was going to be one of those days.

"Yes, Mam?," he said when he entered her room.

"Sam," she said, "I feel terrible!."

He knew the drill, "How many last night?"

"You mean drinks? Six. Neat. Whisky."

"Let's go"

He took her to the bathroom where he stripped her off her alcohol smelling clothes. When she was fully naked, he asked her to sit on the pot and clean her bowels. This was not something new to Sam. It was his job, and he had done this for many actresses. In fact, he was still sent by Raveena to other friends when they needed someone of his expertise. While Raveena was at it, he filled the tub with water and checked the temperature. He looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was dishevelled, her B-cup breasts red with her acts last night, and her eyes puffy. It was going to be a long day.

When she was done, he took a washrag and cleaned her anus and pee-hole. He got her to stand and dragged her to the basin. Steadying her with a hand, he brushed her teeth with the other. He then washed her face with cold water and that seemed to bring her to some kind of sense. He looked at her, and knew that she would have to be shaved, too. There was beginning to be a stubble growth in her pubes and underarms. He lathered her and got down to the business of shaving her. He always liked this part of his job, though technically he was nothing more than a personal maid. Which other job came with privileges like stripping your favourite actresses, and grabbing their famous asses or breasts as you gave them a thorough cleaning? Even fucking them was a part of his job.

After he had bathed and scrubbed her, he dried her up and they walked to her room. Raveena was almost fully awake by now. He checked her schedule. Good. No shooting today. As he looked at her naked body, he could not help but feel a tingling in his crotch. But, he was not supposed to show excitement unless his employer desired him to do so. Over the years, he had mastered the art of remaining calm in such situations.

"Sam," she called out, "Get me the ten incher."

That was her favourite dildo. He watched her as she spread her legs and put that lucky thing in her twat. Her free hand massaged her breasts, as she went into throes of rapture. It was not long until she came and stained her bedsheet.

"Come, clean me up," she said.

He went to her and with his tongue licked every millimetre of her pubic area. He moved further to her puckered hole. God! It was beautiful, and to be able to lick her after she had just shaved! Raveena had let go of herself and was now in a state of orgasmic bliss. Suddenly her hand found its way into his pants and pulled out his seven incher. He stroked it and felt it grow in her hands. Slowly she shifted her position and her mouth engulfed his manhood. She sucked him like a popsicle until every nerve strained. He was close, but before he could shoot his wad, she stopped and mounted him.

She knew exactly when to stop blowing him off. She rode him in the female superior position, their lovemaking making slurping noises as his cock slid in and out of her cunt. She screamed in pleasure as she shuddered to her orgasm. Sam was not far behind as he discharged his load in her. But, he knew she was not finished.

"Time for your excercise, Mam," Sam told her.

She got up and put on her sports bra and went on the treadmill. He loved her excercising that way, bottom naked as her bra bobbed up and down with her titties. Beads of perspiration trickled down her love thatch. Her body odour tickled his nostrils, and he felt himself rise.

"Start spot jogging," she commanded. She loved to see him do that as his cock bounced up and down and grew with every motion. She moved behind him and grabbed his buns as he continued. She passed her hand under his legs and grabbed his balls. She started slightly biting his ass in slow delicate motions. She knew how to use her teeth. This was one thing he loved about Raveena. Though the superior one, she always ensured that her partner came, too, if he had satisfied her. Aishwarya was not like that. She was just a damn bitch who fucked for her own pleasure and had left him on many an occasion with his dick in his hands. He could not even jack off in her presence as this offended her.

Now as Raveena's hands moved slowly to his cock and her tongue moved expertly on his glans, he held her head and pushed her down on him. He fucked her mouth and she took him all the way into her throat. He looked down and moticed that she was fastening her strap-on dildo, with one half in her cunt. She bent him over and put the dildo in his ass. He loved it when she did that. To be a slut to Raveena Tandon was the fantasy many men had, and one only he could fulfill. As she fucked his ass, her hand also stroked him, the dildo sliding in and out of her cunt as well as his anus. She was going to cum very soon and he was close, too.

Then she exploded, like a dam and the liquids she discharged almost flooded her room. She continued fucking him and he came in her hands. She took her fingers to her mouth and ate his cum.

"Mmmm, that is delicious."

"Glad you liked it Mam. Now, I guess we better dress you up and get you to the charity ball."

"If you insist," Raveena said, with a gleam in her eye that told him that she didn't intend attending the ball.

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Ch. 02

Sam was a little apprehensive about today. He had seen Raveena in jubilant mood this morning, and that could mean one of two things - she had had a great night (which she had not as she had slept alone) or she had something special planned for today. She quickly put his doubts to rest.

"Sam", she said, "You are going to have some fun today. Aishwarya is coming over tonight, and we have a major fuck-session planned. The two of us would most certainly need male company. Would you oblige us?"

Holy fuck! Not that bitch. Aishwarya might be a screen Goddess and many men would want to do her good. But she was a downright bitch. On the occasions he had fucked her (Raveena had sent him to take care of her foul mood), she had always left him hight and dry. She only bothered about herself cumming. But, his loyalties lay with Raveena and he knew he had no choice but to agree. Raveena had always been good to him, and not just in bed. The two of them shared very deep intimacy. He was her confidante and friend, besides being her assistant. But, he had never told her about Aishwarya. He knew that his part of the bargain was to ensure that he kept the women happy. Anything he got out of it was a bonus. He agreed.

Ash came around nine in the evening, dressed in a sheer white top that did nothing to hide her milky white B-cups and the pink nipples. She wore a black skirt, that was worn so high, he swore he could see the crack of her ass. Raveen greeted her in an equally sexy outfit, but she did that with a saree. She draped the black saree around her, without bothering with the bra, the blouse, the panty or the petticoat. Just nine yards of cloth wrapped around her lay between her and her modesty. The two women smooched for a long time as they explored the cavernous depths of their mouths. Raveena's saree fell off from her shoulder and she did not bother to cover up those globules that were so hard that her lavender nipples stood up like little pricks. Her navel lay exposed, and she made a fascinating sight.

Very soon Ash was on her tits, her tongue expertly licking them, as her teeth slightly nibbled at the nipples. Raveena had lifted Ash's skirt above her waist and was caressing her bare bottoms. She managed to slide a finger in Ash's cunt, and slowly massaged her clitoris.

By this time, both the women were dripping wet and had all their clothes on the floor. They moved into the sixty-nine, each eager to outdo the other in their effort to eat pussy. Sam was on the floor below, and he heard a moan. He knew that they had both climaxed.

"Sam", he heard Raveena call him.

Shit! He had feared that. Now he would have to fuck that bitch. He slowly walked to the bedroom on the upper floor. As he opened the door, he was greeted by a fascinating sight.

Ash was on all fours on the bed, her hands and feet tied to the bedposts. Her ass was raised at him, and her twat seemed to invite him to take her. Raveen was standing beside her with a smile on her face.

"Sam", Ravs said, "I know Ash has been mean to you. You do not have to tell me. I saw your frustration every time you came back from her place. Well, today you get to do her as long as you want to. Fuck her brains out!"

"But", Sam said, "That would be rape. I can't do that."

"And what has this bitch been doing to you all these days? No, Sam. She deserves it. She has been a very bad girl. Take her Sam. Do her till her cunt gets so sore she is unable to walk."

Ravs went to him and dispensed his clothing. He was hard, and she guided him inside Ash. At first he was hesitant. But she egged him on.

"Come on, Sam. This whore never let you come. She never bothered about your pleasure. She only concerned herself with her orgasms. Fuck her. Rape the bitch. Do her, Sam. Rip her pussy apart."

This drove Sam crazy. He fucked her with an intensity he had not known existed in him. He was raping Ash, the most beautiful woman in the world, with the consent of Ravs! Ravs was masturbating as she witnessed the scene. Ash was screaming in pain. She did not want this. It normally did not take her long to come. So, she always fucked the guys and had them leave before they could come. They were her paid whores. No man had ever taken her against her will. This was insane. But, as he continued, pain slowly turned into pleasure, and screams into moans. This time it was time for Sam's revenge. He shot his load into her before she even had the chance to come.

She begged for Ravs to untie her so that she could finish herself off. "But, that is disgusting", Raveena chided her with her own descriptives.

Raveena opened her mouth for Sam's cock and it slowly grew to its full size. Sam was licking her cunt, getting it ready for the ensuing fuck session, not that it needed much preparation. Ravs was soaking to her skin.

She spread herself wide on the floor as he pumped his cock in her cunt. Ash watched as Raveena's breasts bobbed up and down with every thrust. She was getting turned on by this, but could do little to relieve herself. Her hands were tied and she could do nothing to douse the flames in her loins. She started rubbing her breasts on the mattress, but that made her yearning more and she begged to be untied. Ravs was in no mood to relent as she was in throes of her orgasm. Very soon, Sam exploded inside her.

"Please", Ash begged, "Let me relieve myself. I promise to be a good girl."

"Sam", Raveena said, "How can we be sure of that? I tell you what, do you feel the need to take a leak?"

"Come to think of it", Sam said, "I do."

"Come here. Follow my lead."

She turned Ash over, and squatted on her face. She let out a warm yellow stream in Ash's mouth and asked her to drink it. She asked Sam to do the same to her pussy. Sam urinated on her cunt as she lapped up Raveena's pee.

"Now, be a good girl", Raveena said as she untied her, "And remember to give Sam his due from the next time. If you had not been this rude to Salman, you would still have had him with you, you bitch!"

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Ch. 03

This time Raveena sent him on outdoor duty. This was when he had to serve other actresses. He was not complaining, as on this occasion, he was to go to none other than Madhuri Dixit, the Queen of Bollywood.

Madhuri was his favourite. She had an amazing smile that lit up the blackest of nights. Her mouth was full, and her lips sensuous. Her 38 D breasts seemed to have been tailor-made for fucking. Her bottoms were just right, neither too big nor too small. But, most of all, he loved her pussy. She had the biggest and the most sensitive clit he had ever seen. He did not even have to touch it at times. Just a few kisses nearby would bring her to an orgasm.

Though she had married Sriram Nene, she had made him sign the now commonplace agreement that stated she was free to engage in sex outside marriage as long as she fucked women or the current Bollywood fuck nominee, in this case Sam. Kajol, Twinkle Khanna, Karishma Kapoor, and a whole lot others had done the same. These women needed sex like people need food and it was impossible for their husbands to keep them fully satisfied.

She opened the door for him clad in low rise tight fitting jeans that just about managed to cover her ass and a high tank top that exposed the underside of her breasts as she raised her hands. It was a fascinating sight. He was certain that she had not worn underwear.

"Hi Sam", she greeted him with a smile so warm he could melt, "I was waiting for you."

He stepped in, returning her greeting. She continued, "My husband has been away from me for the last ten days. You know what that means?"

He did not have to be told that. He could already see her juices soaking through her jeans as a wet spot formed on her crotch. Now, the question was how she wanted to do him. He checked her out. Age had begun to show on her now, but he loved her more now this way. Her belly had developed slight pockets of fat but they accentuated her sex appeal. Her famous belly button still held its charm.

"Take me, Sam", she said.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply on her mouth as their tongues met in a passionate embrace. He slid his hands inside her pants and managed to grab an ass cheek in his hand. She was in need, and he was there to satisfy it. Today, it did not matter if he came or not, though he knew she would ensure he did. All he wanted was for her to have earth-shattering orgasms.

He slowly undressed her, and carried her in his arms to her bed. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted to let out a soft moan. He started with soft kisses on her face, moving slowly down to her neck, the valley between her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, her navel. He bypassed her love nest and moved to her thighs and then her feet. He then turned her around to find those beautiful ass cheeks staring at him. He caressed them, and planted soft kisses. His hand moved down to part her legs as his fingers found her clit. He had just about touched it when she came in a big way. He turned her over again. This time his mouth went to work on her cunt. His tongue thrashed her clit. Her moans grew louder each time, till with one big shriek she let go of herself, almost passing out with the intensity of her orgasm.

"I want you in my mouth", she said.

He stripped off his clothes and gave her his cock. She gave the best blowjob. She had him all the way down her throat as her tongue moved expertly over unexpected places. She placed one finger in his ass hole and this rose him to greater heights. By this time, she wanted another go. She mounted him from the top and rode him like a horse. He could see his cock slide in and out of her pussy and her breasts move up and down with every thrust. She came, shortly. He was always amazed at the number of times Madhuri could have orgasms. She knew he loved to tit-fuck her, and she let him do just that.

She placed his member between her breasts, and squeezed them together. With each thrust towards her, she opened her mouth to take his cock. He was in heaven. He was doing the most famous breasts and the most famous mouth in India at the same time. He knew he would not last long. She did, too, as she intensified har licking. Soon, he let go and came all over her breasts, and she managed to take a few precious drops in her mouth. She loved the taste of semen, and could even tell who it belonged to if she had tasted his cum even once.

They lay spent, and naked on the bed, their bodies glistening in the dim light coming in through the window shades looking like the perfect form chiselled out by a skilled craftsman as they fell into a deep blissful sleep.

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Ch. 04

There comes a time when the best of things, while not necessarily coming to an end, do tend to get put on hold. It happened to Sam when Ravs got married and left for her honeymoon, though Ravs was insistent on having him tag along. Sam knew that her husband would approve, but he also knew that it would not be the right thing to do.

So, he stayed back in India at a time when the Election bugle was sounded. In hindsight, it was an experience that most people would have loved to have. With film stars jumping on to the politics bandwagon, it was only a matter of time before Sam’s ‘special skills’ got known to some of our women politicians. Make no mistake, these women might bitch about each other in the public eye but when they get behind closed doors they all stick together, no pun intended. Very soon, Sam was called to lend his services.

Some of these women are hot and beautiful. Others not so, in the conventional sense. But the kind of loose tongue they have and the profanities that seem to spew from it is simply too good. They swear and abuse, mostly in Hindi, and that makes it so much better. A few days ago, Sam was called on to serve that blot on India, Mayawati. This is not something many would agree to but Sam knew that if he did not his life could well be in danger. He decided to make the best of this situation and teach give her the kind of fucking he was sure she would never have got and would never get from anyone other than him or Raveena.

He found Maya surrounded by her henchmen who were clad only in their vests, their family jewels exposed. Maya was on her couch, topless, wearing a white Salwar. Her huge breasts sagged to almost her mid-riff, which gave way to a hugely protruding stomach. Sam was not able to believe how hairy this woman was. She had hair all over – arms, underarms, and even on her stomach and back. He shuddered to think of how hairy her cunt, ass, and legs would be. She had a glass of whiskey in her hand.

She made him sit next to her and felt up his pants. She liked it. On her instructions, he stripped off all his clothing and knelt at her feet. She loosened the strings of her salwar, stood up and let it fall to the floor. She wore no panties, like a typical rural Indian. At first impression, Sam thought he was looking at the legs and genitals of an ape. She was a hirsute woman. She spread her legs wide and placed the glass beneath her pussy. Sam could see a thin stream of yellow liquid jet out of her and mix with the liquor in the glass.

She held up the goblet for all to see. Man, these people could do anything to get in her good books. Not only were they all naked, they all seemed to scramble for the glass. Sam knew now why and how Maya wielded so much power. Finally, she decided to give the glass to a young party worker who had a pretty decent mouth and balls. He drank it all up, savouring every drop. She now turned to Sam, and said:

“Sam, tera lund to bahut pyaara aur bada hai. Saala, randwa, gaand bhi ekdam chikni aur mast hai.” (Sam, your cock is very sweet and big. Pimp, your ass is also smooth and wonderful.)

Sam said, “Waise, behenji, aapke mamme to kamaal ke hain. Kitne bade sur sudol.” (Sister, your boobs are also fantastic. Big and round.)

Maya: “Saala, behen bolta hai, behenchod! Par acha laga. Mujhe behenchod aur maderchod bahut pasand hain. Yeh sab mard mere kahene par apni maa aur behen chod dete hain, lekin inmein se kisike paas bhi tere jaisa chodniye lund nahin hain. Chal, aaj tu ek dalit ki beti ko chodega, betichod!” (You call me sister, you sister fucker! But, I like it. All these men here would gladly fuck their moms or sisters of I told them to, but none have as fuckable a dick as yours. Come, today you shall fuck a dalit’s daughter, you daughter fucker!)

Sam: “Agar aap chahein to main aapko khush karne ke liye kuch karoon?” (If you desire, then can I do something to please you?)

Maya: “Haan, randwe, tu aur aaya kisliye hai? Jo chahe kar.” (Yes, you pimp. Why else are you here?)

Getting the green signal from Maya, he went down on his knees and placed his mouth on her cunt. Her coarse thick bush almost had him gasp for breath, but he managed to find a way to her clitoris. As he licked it, he realised that Maya had never had anyone go down on her. He played with her, slowly bringing her to the threshold of an orgasm and then backing away. He also managed to put two fingers in her dirty anus and squeeze her insides as she came agonizingly close to cumming.

His hands moved up to her floppy tits. He caressed them, and pinched her big black nipples. She screamed and gasped, but he knew that she was enjoying it. If she did not, he was damn near certain she would have had him castrated by now. He looked around and found that this was having its effect on the other men in the room – some had already shot their loads, some were still stroking, but all were interested.

He now grabbed her thighs. Damn, these were fat! There was no way that even two hands would get around them. He quickly bent her over, and smacked her fat bottoms twice, hard. She nearly exploded, but before she could, Sam slammed hard into her virgin anus. Her eyes widened as she felt a searing pain shoot up her spine. He covered her mouth to stop the scream. To hasten her pleasure, he rubbed her clit over her hairy cunt. Soon, they had developed a steady rhythm and her stifled screams gave way to moans and grunts.

Maya: “Behenchod, saala meri gaand marta hai. Par, mast maarta hai bhadwe. Aaah! Tune to meri gaand ekdam khol ke rakh di. Ab to mujhe lagta hai ki meri tatti sab bahar gir jaayegi. Chalo acha hai. Yeh sab baithke phir meri tatti khaayenge. Umm…”

Sam: “Haan, aapki gaand to maine khol di hai. Who aapki choot thodi dheelee ho gayi this na, isliye mujhe pata that ki aapko gaand marwane mein bada mazaa aayega.”

Maya: “Haan, saale. Ab zor se maar aur meri choot ka paani chudwa de. Tub hi mere hi andar chootna.”

Sam went at her with gusto. Shortly, she was cumming, and Sam also was not behind. He did shoot inside her but he was wearing a condom for safety. Who knew who this bitch fucked and in what conditions!

When Sam withdrew, Maya squatted on the floor and shat! She was not kidding. This was going to a test of loyalty – who would be able to eat her enema? He decided he did not wish to find out, and left.

His next call was a pleasant one. Though she had left Bollywood years ago, he always enjoyed actresses. They appreciated the virtues of sex in getting rid of tiredness and frustration unlike most other women. And, they also knew that people like Sam, who genuinely cared, were hard to find.

He entered Jayaprada’s hotel room, and was pleasantly surprised to find her in her underwear. Sam had not been with Jaya before but he knew that she could be very hot and wild. Today, however, she was tired after a hectic day campaigning. Her legs hurt from the walking, and her breasts were sore from the countless incidents of grabbing. This was highly encouraged as many a time it had resulted in getting that extra vote that made all the difference, the most recent success story being of Sonia Gandhi.

She smiled, “Hey, Sam. Glad you could make it.”

Sam: “The pleasure is all mine.”

He walked towards her and drank in the sight of her naked creamy things, deep cleavage and a slightly bulging smooth stomach. The contrast of black bra and panties against the lighter skin was absolutely amazing. He would have looked longer but he knew that Jaya was in discomfort. He helped her take off those offending pieces of clothing, and lay her face down on the bed.

He started massaging her nape, moved lower to her back, and then to those beautiful white buxom bottoms. The cheeks were still firm for her age. He spent more time than usual on those lovely mounds, and then moved to her inner thighs. Sam loved all women with thick inner thighs, not fat. Jaya’s was perfect – thick, white and soft. He teased her by getting just about near her clit and then moving away till he did not have the heart left to taunt her any longer. He rubbed her love button and brought her to a small quick orgasm.

“Mmmmm,” Jaya said, “That was wonderful. Now I know why Hema Malini recommended you to me.”

He acknowledged her, and then turned her over. Aah, those globules were fabulous. They drooped a bit, but they retained the firmness of her youth. This woman was clean shaven, all over. Lovely.

He cupped her boobs, and slightly tweaked her brown hard nipples. Then, he closed his mouth around her pussy and lapped at it with his tongue, taking care to not disturb the rhythm of his massaging her breasts.

Jaya’s eyes were closed, and her teeth bit her lower lip as she was hit by wave after wave of orgasm. When she decided that she had had it this way, she grabbed his cock and guided it in her vagina. He was amazed at the tightness of her cunt. This would be possible only if she reserved it for few people and had the others do her ass. This bitch loved anal, but she preferred vaginal with those who knew how to do it right.

They locked into a passionate kiss as their tongues explored the deep caverns of their mouths. He loved the taste of Jaya’s saliva. Her teeth were lovely and they made the whole process of snogging her ever so delightful. While his cock was still in her, she made him turn and lie on his back as she rode him. Her hands were holding her hair, as his hands were all over her breasts, as she bobbed up and down. He grabbed her waist and pushed her down on him harder and faster. Suddenly he heard her yell and a little later she collapsed on top of him as his orgasm now started and his load released itself in her womb.

She fell into a deep slumber, on top of him, with his cock still in her cunt.

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Ch. 05

Smack my bitch up... That was the song Bipasha was singing as she drove on the highway, all the while thinking of her lover John Abraham and how he smacked up her bottoms as he slammed his meat in her ass. But, this was a bad day. John was out of town and she was fucking horny. She had called up all her friends and none was available to take her. She was going crazy sitting at home. So, she took her car and hit the road. Could the day get any worse?

Apparently, it could. She had just stopped at a petrol pump and slam! This guy hit his car into her bumper. That's it. She had had it. She got out and pulled him out of his car. It was Sam. The guy was fairly attractive, and if the situation was any different she would have fucked his brains out. He was about 5 ft 10 inches tall, not muscular but not lean either. And his ass was so fan'fucking'tastic - it was round, convex and, boy, was it tight! But, this was a different day. She was in a sour mood and this guy had to be given a piece of her mind.

"What in the fucking God's name did you think you were doing, dickhead?" Bips screamed. "You bloody ram your car into mine. How did you get your licence?"

"Same way you did," he replied "By giving my driving instructor a head."

"You rotten son of a bitch! I know guys like you. All they think of is how to put their fucking pea-sized cocks in some cunt."

"Not that you think much differently, you bitch. The only difference is you get that pea-sized cock hard enough for your pussy."

"Oh, yeah! Good for you then. Without women like me, you would never know what it is like to fuck."

"Possibly, but I mean women. Women to me are those of the female species who know how to fuck. I was not talking of cockteasers like you little girls."

"Screw you!" she screamed.

"Ah, that is my prerorogative because I have the screw. You only have the bolt where you can put a nut."

"You are right. Nut is the operative word. You probably have one of those that do not even qualify as a nail."

"Or perhaps your bolt is simply too big to know a nut from a nail."

That was the final nail in the coffin. There was no way she could let a guy talk to her that way about her cunt and get away with it.

"There is only one way to find out," she said.

They did not have much trouble finding a hotel room. It was a small town. The only hotel there always had vacancies.

She observed him there. He was quite handsome with a nicely cut face. He was wearing blue denim that was cut very tight in the crotch. She had no trouble making out the outline of his 'equipment'. Impressive. If that thing grew to twice its size, she was in for a terrific time. He was observing her, too. His eyes were resting on her cleavage. Bips was wearing a low-cut sleeveless white top that left nothing of her 36 C breasts to the imagination. She wore close fitting low rise jeans that just about covered the crack of her lovely dark ass. He paused there, as if trying to analyse what size her hips were. She quipped:

"36, if that is what you are thinking. And, I bet you take one look at that booty and you are going to fucking shoot your load all over the place. You think you can handle a woman as hot as me, you puppy?"

Now it was his turn, "There is only one way to find out, unless your butt is loaded with warts and you are playing the bluffing game."

This guy knew how to say things to Bips that got her wild. She was soon out of her pants. She never wore panties with jeans. Bips liked the feel of the fabric rubbing against her clit. She could see that he was impressed seeing her bare-assed, with her breasts covered. He seemed to particularly like her trimmed black bush, which she groomed with great care for John. She turned around to give him a view of her mons. A slight whistle escaped his lips. He liked what he saw. Why the fuck wouldn't he? Here was a woman standing in front of him bare-bottomed.

He said, "Well, you are okay."

"Fuck you," she screamed. "Okay? Who do you screw? Raveena Tandon, you motherfucker?"

She had a point there. She was a fucking hot woman - 36-28-36, dusky, with big boobs and ass, lavendar lips and black hair. With that she lunged at him, grabbing him all over, ripping his clothes off his body. And she would have carried on mauling him if her hands had not come across his manhood. He was beautiful - about 7 1/2, she guessed. Some women might not find that big, but if a man knows how to use it, it can do a fucking great job. His foreskin was very smooth, probably a result of his applying moisturisers to his cock and balls. The balls hung low and they felt filled and heavy in her hands. When she grabbed his ass, she almost came. He was blessed with a tremendous ass and it made up for his non-muscular chest.

Like her, he trimmed down there and that made him appear to her a lot more delicious. Bipasha ran her tongue over her lips to moisten them and prepare them for the job ahead. He went into her mouth nicely. It was as if his cock had been designed to fit in her throat. She swallowed him whole and got constant encouragement from the soft moans escaping his lips. Usually when she gives a blowjob, the guy does not last five minutes. She was at him for fifteen and he was still nowhere close to cumming. But, he was rock hard all this while. After a long time had she found a man with staying power.

He said, "Stop, you whore. You are pathetic. What do you think you were doing? Giving your father a blowjob? You will have to do much better for a man, you scum!"

With that, he tore her top and bra apart and placed his strong hands on her exposed breasts. Then, he went down on me but his hands never left kneading her boobs. Her nipples were erect. Her tits felt like stones. She was wetter than She had been in a long long time. Fuck, this bastard was good.

"Here is how to pleasure someone," he said "Not the way you were doing it, you cunt. Who taught you how to fuck? Your mom?"

Then, he placed her on his thighs and inserted his cock in her. He filled her completely and his rod was so hot it nearly burned her vagina.

He went on, "Dyke bitch! Prickteasing whore, this is how you fuck a man. Leave your copulation for the boys and the girls. Men and women need a good hard fuck. Got it, you pathetic swine?"

All his trash talk was making her lose her senses as she was hit by wave after wave of pleasure till one big tide overcame her and she exploded and collapsed on top of him. He was still hard. She loved him. They were going to have another go... Then someone knocked the door. Shit!

He got up, still naked, and went to the door with his member standing pround and erect, pointing upwards. He opened the door, and by lord! Who did they find? Kareena Kapoor! She had knocked by accident as she had the room adjacent to theirs. She was shooting for a film there.

At first, she was startled by a naked man opening the door for her but when she looked down she bit her lower lip and her breathing became erratic. Bipasha could see that she wanted him. And, she knew that she wanted her.

"What do we do with this bitch", he said as he dragged her in by her hair and locked the door, "Who has interfered with our fucking?"

"She has to be punished," Bipasha said "Come here, you bitch!"

Now she was a little scared. She begged, "I am sorry. I did not mean to intrude..."

She cut her off, "Hey you think you can say that and get away? We know who you are. But, you need to be taught manners. Take off your clothes, or I will tear them off your body and then you would have to walk down to your room naked."

She saw her point and slowly started taking her clothes off. Bipasha was enchanted by her milky white big breasts. She had always imagined them to be beautiful but they surpassed her imagination. They were handful - just the right size to fit snugly in your hands. And they were tailor-made for tit fucking. A cock would fit in very nicely indeed. This puta was hot and Bipasha was going to have her tonight. When her trousers came off, her freshly shaven cunt came to her view. She could make out her clit peeping through. It was engorged with blood and that meant this bitch was enjoying her humilitation. Bips bent her over. God! Her ass was heavenly! Round and smooth like silk. She gave it a few whacks of her hand. She squirmed with pleasure. Hell, this bitch was into dom-sub, big time.

Bips looked into her bags, and fortunately she had her strap-on with her. It was a nice dildo - black, 9 inches long and about 3 inches wide. It stood up straight between her legs. While she was putting it on, he had already had his face buried between Kareena's strong white thighs. She gave Kareena her dildo and her mouth closed around it. She was a natural. Very few women could treat a dildo with the kind of respect that she was showing.

"You like this, don't you, you bloody bitch," he said "You will like this more."

He put some lube on her anus and his cock. Then he lifted her and rammed into her ass from the behind. Hell, it was a glorious sight! Those lovely thighs in his hands as he fucked her ass! Bipasha got in the game, too. She pushed her dildo in Kareena's cunt from the front. Then they double-teamed and double penetrated the slut.

"Oh yeah," Kareena screamed "Do me hard. Tear me apart and fuck me! Fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Fuck me so hard that it begins to hurt when I pee, you fucking bitch and rotten bastard!"

And that is what they gave her. They must have made her come atleast ten times. The last one was a huge one. She came so hard that she peed all over Bipasha's dildo. Fuck, the whore! He saw the misdemanor, too. He immediately pulled out and and slapped her across her chest. Her breasts reddened with the impact. He grabbed her hair and lay her on the floor.

Bipasha knew what to do next. She sat on my haunches, her cunt over her mouth and she peed right in it. Bebo nearly choked but every time she spilled a drop, Sam kicked her pussy. Fuck, she spilled more and spread her legs wider. This whore loved getting socked in her cunt!

When She was done, Bips turned her around and spread her ass cheeks. She got a tremendous view. Her puckered hole was darker than the rest of her bum. It was big and tight like hers. When she licked it, she could taste the aroma of Shahid Kapoor's cock. Lucky bastard to have her ass at his disposal.

So far, Sam had made Bips very happy. It was her turn now. She picked Kareena up and put his cock in her mouth. Her eyes lit up as she felt the glorious sensation of hard meat. She was good, and once or twice he had to slow her down to keep from cumming. And that made Bipasha love him more. He was being very fair. After all, she was the primary lay and it was only right if Bips were to taste his semen in her mouth.

Seeing her bent over him, her ass looking at her, Bipasha could not help but fuck her ass. Kareena was expecting it, and opened it for her with ease.

"Nymphomaniac!" she said "You always want sex, don't you, cunt?"

She did her smooth ass with her black dildo as Kareena's full mouth worked on his phallus. Doing her was making her wild. Bips' cunt was dripping. He saw that and went behind her. Sam inserted his tool in her anus. If his cock fit well in her cunt, it fit fantastically well in her ass. He stroked Bipasha's dildo as he rammed in and out of her. Kareena saw them fuck each other like dogs and bitches in heat and she fingered herself to an orgasm.

"OK, bitch," he told her "Where do you want my load? I am gonna cum real soon!"

"You spill one drop outside my fucking mouth you arsehole, and I am going to sock you where it will hurt the most!"

He did not have much difficulty. In one motion, he pulled out and put himself in her mouth. Bipasha loved his cum - it was like honey.

The three of them parted. And, yes, Kareena still had to walk to her room wearing only her white bra. Bipasha had ripped apart her clothes.

02-07-2010, 03:03 PM
Ch. 06

News of Sam's treatment of Mayawati spread through the world of politics like wildfire. Never before had any man done anything remotely like it to any woman politician. Never before had anyone been man enough to brutally fuck a politician in her ass and make her come in the process. Never before had anyone peed in a politician's mouth.

Sam became highly sought-after. Every woman on the Indian political scene, worth her weight, wanted to bed Sam. Now, as Sam thought of it, he could not help but commend Raveena on her foresight. She was the one who had pulled strings and got her to Mayawati, though he did not know it at the time. With that one move, Raveena, through Sam, could exert her influence on some of the most powerful women in the country.

Yes, Raveena was married now. So? Sam was still a regular in her bed. Her husband knew that. Hell, sometimes, he came home to find Raveena and Sam naked, fucking like dogs and bitches in heat. Sam still was Raveena's 'Assistant', and he still had to discharge his duties, and semen, to the best of his abilities. Even if it involved fucking someone else for Ravs.

Raveena had been getting regular feelers from a few politicians. Don't misunderstand. She was not pimping for him. Raveena loved Sam. And, she knew that Sam loved balling women in power. She had experienced that herself. After the night he had spent with Mayawati, Sam took the next flight to Switzerland where Ravs was on her honeymoon. He found Ravs and her husband in bed, fucking. He paid no heed to that. For the first time, Sam lost control. He separated the two, and gammed his boots in Ravs. Raveena loved him for that. She loved that her plan had succeeded and she loved humiliating her husband on their honeymoon. All that the poor chap could do was jerk off as he saw his wife being taken by another man.

Raveena had a difficult choice to make. Who would get Sam, and in which order? That was important. Preference was given in accordance with the power the politician wielded. Tonight, Sam would lend his services to Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi.

When Sam entered 10 Janpath, he was shown straight to the bedroom. Priyanka was in front of the dresser, in black bra and panties, combing her hair. Sonia was nowhere to be seen. Priyanka, was a very hot woman. Her breasts, 34 C, were quite firm, and her ass was nice and rounded. Those thighs were made to lock around a man's waist. As he stood there watching that black underwear on a white body, he felt the beginnings of a hard.

"I hope you do not mind waiting a bit", Priyanka said, "Mom would be here shortly."

Holy fuck! This he did not expect. He had thought that he would be doing them separately, but this was just unbelievable. Mother and daughter, naked together, and both fucking him.

"Till then", she continued, "Why don't you make yourself comfortable?"

Sam knew what that meant. It simply meant 'take your clothes off for I need to see you naked'. He yanked his jeans off, revealing to her his hard manhood as he had not worn any underwear. His shirt came off next, revealing his hairy chest.

"Ah, you poor man", Priyanka chided, "You do not have underwear. Here, take this."

With that she took her panties off and flung them at him. Sam held them to his nose and smelled them. They were not fresh. Atleast two days old. The smell of sweat and vaginal juices was strong. So, this woman's kink was wearing old underwear. He liked that. He put her panties on. Priyanka did not bother to cover her privates up. Why would she? Her pussy was well trimmed and that ass looked like a 24 year old's. She oozed heat and she knew that.

Priyanka could make out Sam's hardness through her panties. As he grew in size, the head made an appearance out of the fabric. The moist head was just too much of a turn on for her and she went down on her knees and pulled the panties down. She cupped his balls in her hand and closed her mouth on the head.

That is when Sonia entered. She was in a white bra and white slip. Despite her 56 years, those breasts did not sag and that stomach was decently firm. Seeing her daughter, bottom naked, giving head to Sam got her wild. She grabbed her daughter's hair and flung her away.

"You slut!" she screamed, "Could not wait for me, could you? I told you I wanted first taste of that cock. But, you bitch! You took that away from me. Looks like you need me to teach you some manners."

And Sonia took her slip off. Sam could not believe what he saw. She wore no panties but a nice thick double-ended strap-on dildo emerged from between her legs. Her crotch was hairy, very hairy. She crouched on her daughter's face and peed in her mouth. The piss flowed everywhere. Most of it, Priyanka drank. Some flowed down the sides of her mouth and some trickled on her breast.

Sonia beckoned Sam over and closed her mouth around his throbbing member. She made him sit on her daughter's face so that she could lick his asshole. She was bent over him, her body lying atop her daughter's half-naked body as she swallowed all of Sam's 7 1/2 inches. She was good. Very good.

Then she removed her dildo. Sam knew that he had to return the favour. He lay her on her back and spread her leg wide. Man, she did have a very hairy beaver. Nice brunette Italian hair. Sam parted some on the hair and dived right into her vulva. It was sweaty. He was sure she wanted it that way. Strangely, this was turning him on more. And Priyanka, seeing her mother eaten by a man, was being turned on even more. She had taken her bra off and started masturbating.

When Sam thought Sonia was ready, her got her on all fours and rammed into her from the behind. Sonia's eyes gaped open as her cunt got used to the size of Sam. In a long time was Sonia getting a cock like Sam's in her. Most men she fucked were small. Sam caressed Sonia's fleshy mounds on her chest as he fucked her cunt. Sometimes his hands went to her ample bottoms and slapped them. He gave her a finger to suckle as he fucked her.

Priyanka came over and stood spreading her legs wide in front of Sam's face. Sam came forward and his mouth met Priyanka's nether lips. He grabbed the younger woman's buns as he gave her mother the fucking of her life.

He motioned to Priyanka that Sonia was coming. Being a good daughter, she closed her mouth around her mother's and put her tongue deep into it. Getting a snog from her daughter was just the right trigger and Sonia came in one huge orgasmic burst.

It was Priyanka's turn now. Sam stood up and bent her over. In one fluid motion, he slammed his cock deep into Priyanka's white smooth ass. There was little resistance for ever since she had turned 18, Priyanka's ass was used frequently by her mother. Though younger, Priyanka was much better at fucking than her mother. Without any halt to their fucking, she managed to sit Sam down and start moving up and down on his lap. Those lovely breasts juggles in Sam's hands as her cunt moved over his cock.

Sonia took her bra off now and offered her breasts to her daughter. Priyanka started suckling those lovely brown nipples as she fucked Sam hard. She increased the tempo of their fucking and was damn close to coming. Sam was not very far off too. He pinched Priyanka's nipples and turned her face towards him as he gave her one passionate kiss. That opened the floodgates and Priyanka's cunt started flowing all over Sam's cock. That was all Sam needed and he let go in her cunt.

As Priyanka felt those hot jets of semen hit her insides she had a few mini orgasms and then collapsed on top of Sam. That is when Sonia put on her strap-on again.

Sam knew that Sonia wanted to ball him. And, he could refuse if he wanted to. But, he did not want to. He wanted a woman in power to ball him. Sonia licked his ass hard as she lubricated its insides. Then she sat on the bed holding her dildo in the upright position as Sam lowered himself on it. When he was fully in, Sonia held his cock in her hands and stroked him as she fucked his ass. She had done this to many men, including her son, but none had had a hard when she fucked their ass. Sam was the exception. His cock was harder and bigger than it previously was. Raveena had prepared him well.

Sam grabbed Sonia's breasts as he increased the intensity of their fucking. Priyanka came around and kissed her mother on her mouth. Seeing mother and daughter pleasure each other got Sam to shoot his load all over Sonia's naked breasts. As he rubbed his come on them, Sonia let out a shriek of pleasure.

Sam picked up his clothes, went to his car and drove home.

02-07-2010, 03:04 PM
Ch. 07

It had been a while since we had met. So Sam and I decided to make up for lost time over a few drinks at his place. I reached his place at the appointed time.

I have to say that even though I have been to Sam’s many times I am always zapped by the paraphernalia that he has. His apartment is a treasure trove of all sex toys ever invented. He has a pretty neat inventory management system, which he designed himself and which, I am sure, would more than meet ISO requirements should that need ever come up.

As has been the norm, Sam and I were alone at the place. We were naked too, which some would find odd considering that we are both heterosexual males. We just like it that way. Makes us open up to each other a lot more. Also, it is mandated because it is in times like these that Sam and I test any new gadgets that he has gotten hold of. And this time, was not much different.

I don’t know what it was called. But it held promise. It was shaped like a bamboo, about 3 inches in diameter and a foot in length. It was very smooth. The thing about its intended use is not what comes to mind. It was a pretty neat thing. All you had to do was put it on a sofa or a chair, and sit on it such that it was wedged in your ass crack. Your anus had to touch it along the length of the shaft. Then you turn a knob and it sent out the most delicious vibrations.

As we tested this out, with a drink in our hands, I asked Sam what had kept him busy all this long. Well, his life had been a bitch. Ravs had a husband, and she was soon to have a child. So, there was not much that she asked of him these days except the occasional cunnilingus. Make no mistake. Sam loved Ravs, and he gladly did what was expected of him. Just that he had a lot of idle time on his hands after he had bathed and dressed her in the mornings. Until one day.

Ravs keeps having these flings on the side. She does not keep them a secret from her husband because the objects of her desire are normally women. And any man is turned on by the thought of his wife having a lesbian affair. So it kept their marital sex spiced up. Now that she was pregnant, she could not be involved as sexually with her lover as she had been. And she was afraid of losing her lesbian lover.

When Sam told me who her lover this time was my jaw dropped to the floor. I knew that Ravs made brilliant choices and chose her lovers with great care. But I was not prepared for this one. This time Raveena was involved with Priyanka Gandhi.

Sam knew the implications of that. He also knew what he had to do. During Ravs indisposition, he was to keep Ms. Gandhi sexually satisfied until Raveena was ready for action or she decided that she had to move on to another lover. That was not all of it. Raveena, this time, had finally done what she had always wanted – bed both mother and daughter at the same time. Yes, she was fucking Sonia Gandhi too.

By this time, the dangler between my legs was not dangling anymore. It was standing straight up in attention, and I am not sure how much of it was due to the device I was testing. Sam continued.

As per plan, Sam landed up at Sonia’s residence, 10 Janpath. It was an opulently furnished house. But it appeared to be deserted. The only person he had seen was the butler who had let him in and who had since disappeared.

Priyanka came out to greet him. She was dressed in black pantyhose and a matching leather garter belt. That is it. Her smooth white ass was bare, her voluptuous 34D breasts were exposed. And she had a ten inch double-ended black strap-on shooting out of her vagina.

“You must be Sam,” she greeted him with a smile, and offered him her strap-on to shake. “You are not suitably dressed for the party, I am afraid.”

Sam soon took care of that. He was out of his clothes in a flash. Priyanka looked at him, and nodded her approval. She went down on her knees, held his 7 ½-inch meat in her hands, wrapped her mouth around it, and swallowed it for a while. Satisfied, she asked him to follow behind her.

What a view that gave him! Priyanka’s back was exposed, her ass cheeks completely in his view. As she walked, her derriere sashayed rhythmically. She held his cock in one hand as she led him into the master bedroom. Her other hand was around her strap-on, pushing it in and out of her love hole.

In the bedroom, a spectacular scene greeted him. At first, he could only see a naked, fair, huge, smooth bottom. The woman it belonged to was bent over, her head between a pair of nice white legs that were opened wide. By the looks of it, the bottoms were recently waxed, and even the crack had no hair. The anus was wide open. When Priyanka stood behind her and gammed her strap-on into the anus, he knew why.

He went a little forward. Those white legs belonged to Sonia Gandhi. That much he had guessed. She was spread eagled on the bed, completely in the buck. She had three fingers in her mouth, and her eyes were closed. The woman eating her out was massaging her tits as she went about her business.

A step more, and he knew that the butt belonged to the Tourism Minister, Renuka Chaudhry. Now this was a small surprise because she was not known to be into women. She kept with her an army of strong healthy young men, aged between 19 and 22, all very well endowed. But here she was, sucking at a woman’s clit as if her life depended on it. And, Sam knew that it did. It was in Renuka’s best interest to keep Sonia in good humour, even if it meant getting her shit hole ripped apart by Sonia’s daughter.

What Sam could not figure out was his role. Obviously the three women had taken measures to satiate themselves, at least the Gandhis had and they were the ones who mattered to Ravs. As he saw Sonia and Priyanka come in quick succession, he tried to find the answer.

Soon as she came, Priyanka stopped fucking Renuka. And soon as her mother did, she just threw Renuka off her. Renuka took her pre-allotted place on the floor by the foot of the bed. She sat on her haunches. Priyanka took her strap-on off and put it Renuka’s her mouth for her to lick off the products of her own anus. She followed that up with taking her stockings off and putting them over Renuka’s head. Renuka was their slut today.

“Ah, Sam,” Sonia said. “Just the man I was waiting for. I hope I did not keep you waiting too long.”

“Hi,” Sam replied. “No, it is quite alright.”

He looked at Sonia. Even at 58 she was a very hot woman. Her breasts still retained some of the firmness of their youth, her thighs were relatively cellulite free, her belly was just a little protruding, and her ass was still like it must have been 30 years ago. Sonia came to him, twirling her hair.

She put Sam’s hand on her box. He could feel that her sex was moist and warm.

She continued, “Tell me Sam. Why should my daughter and I keep seeing Raveena when we have sluts like this broad here who can more or less keep us satisfied?”

“Sonia,” Sam said “there is a difference between being satisfied, and being more or less satisfied.”

“But with Raveena not around, isn’t even that better than nothing?”

“That is why I am here.”

“Okay” Sonia said, “If you think you are such a fuck ass, why don’t you make this slut come they way we have never been able to?”

“Yes” Priyanka took over now, ”This is not an ass woman. Bahut gaand maari hai iski lekin saali ek baar bhi nahi jhadi (We have nailed her ass many times but she has not once come). You make this slut come once, while you are fucking her in the ass, and we will decide if she has come or not, and you will have a mother and daughter as your slaves for the rest of your life.”

This was going to be tougher than he thought. It is one thing to fuck a woman who is willing, and quite another to do one who is not. First, it constitutes rape and that is something Sam never endorsed. Second, it was a damn tough ask to make someone not prepared for intercourse to come. Sam knew that he had to come up with something special. Sonia and Priyanka, meanwhile, were wasting no time and were already in each other’s arms kissing passionately.

He looked at Renuka. She was a pitiable sight, having been raped by the mother-daughter duo. She was flopped on the floor; on her back with her ass slightly in the air. Her legs were parted, and Sam could see that her anus had still not closed completely. Her cunt seemed dry, which only meant that Priyanka had not bothered for any foreplay before violating her anus. On the bright side, if there was one, at least Renuka was a heterosexual woman. So that was one hurdle less to cross.

He picked Renuka by her shoulders and took her to the giant bed, the one that was reeking with the scent of love juices of the most powerful woman in India. He lay her on her back, spread her legs, and took her hand.

“Renuka,” Sam began “I know this is going to be difficult for you. I hope we had met in more favourable circumstances. Even so, one thing I do promise you. I am not going to fuck you unless you want me to, because neither Raveena nor I approve of Rape. But you have to trust me, okay? Let me just play with your sensual body for a while. If you feel uncomfortable, we will stop.”

Renuka nodded her consent. This was the best she had been treated this evening. A complete stranger had spoken to her with the respect and dignity that any woman deserved. She was overwhelmed.

Sam bent over her lovely face, and kissed her softly on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and finally her mouth. He had not expected much of a response but Renuka instantly responded to Sam’s tongue in her mouth. Her tongue went out to meet his, and they were locked in a passionate kiss.

By this time, Sonia and Priyanka had been done with their round of cunnilingus and were greatly interested in the proceedings. Sonia put her naked bottom on her daughter’s naked lap as they both took the chair opposite the bed. Priyanka cupped her mother’s fulsome breasts as they watched the proceedings.

Sam was moving lower on Renuka’s body. His hands were massaging her ample breasts as his tongue was wedged into Renuka’s navel. This woman had a big belly, but her navel was still beautiful. As pleasure seared through Renuka’s body, her legs automatically parted to give him easy access to her sex.

Sam moved in. He dug his head in Renuka’s mound and his tongue reached the most hidden of places that Renuka did not even know exist. He turned her around, and put her on all fours. God, this woman’s ass was gorgeous. It was huge, but gorgeous. He licked her clit until he was satisfied that she was lubricated well enough. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed and he knew that Renuka was in no mood to stop.

He positioned himself behind her, and inserted his cock into her vagina. Her vagina had lost its elasticity a bit due to her constant fucking he assumed but it was still good. He grabbed her breasts as he rammed in and out of her. Renuka’s moans were getting louder, and he knew she was damn close. He increased the intensity of their union till he was sure that Renuka was going to cum in the very next moment.

With skill that comes only with having had many woman, he quickly withdrew from her cunt and rammed into her ass, all the while making sure that he was massaging her clit. Renuka would have cum even if he had stopped fucking her, but this pleasure mixed with pain rose her to a new crescendo of orgasmic delight. She let out a huge scream, her whole body shuddered for almost a minute as waves of orgasm spread through her senses, and then she went limp – passed out by sheer pleasure.

Priyanka and Sonia were taken aback. The man had done it, may be not in the way they had assumed he would but he had made her come as per the deal.

“You sneaky little bugger!” Priyanka said “You bloody son of a bitch.”

“Shut up, you whore!” Sam yelled “This is no way to talk to your master, you slut! Come here, both of you. Kneel down in front of me, and take my cock in your mouths. Priyanka, let me see if you have it in you to make me come or whether I will have to fall back upon your mother for it.”

This had Priyanka inspired. She went about sucking his dick with vengeance. She was good, really good. Either her husband was a good trainer (which Sam doubted) or she had had more than her share of men. Sonia was also knelt before him, her mouth open and her hands squeezing her breasts together. Suddenly, Sam had an idea.

He said, “Stop, you bitch! I want to see what your mother is made of.”

He grabbed Sonia by her hair, and took her to the bed, still occupied on one side by the naked Renuka. He put Sonia in the same position as Renuka before he had fucked her, and without warning thrust his cock straight up Sonia’s 58 year old anus. Sonia cursed.

“Ah, you bloody Indian men. You don’t know how to treat a woman, you imbeciles.” Sonia fumed.

“Oh, yes we do, you Italian cunt. We know plenty well how to treat women. We also know how to treat sluts like you. That makes us more of men than your bloody Italians.” Sam retorted.

Priyanka, was getting turned on by all this. She actually enjoyed seeing her mother taken so hard by this man. It was something she had wanted to do for a long time. She went closer and looked hard into Sam’s eyes. Sam knew what she wanted to do.

His cock still in Sonia, Sam turned the two of them over so that Sam was lying on his back, and Sonia was on top of him on her back. His cock was in her anus, and Priyanka had started to insert her strap-on in Sonia’s cunt. Sonia was sandwiched between her daughter and Sam. She had never been filled so completely before.

Soon, Sonia’s screams turned into moans of pleasure. Sam, too, spanked Priyanka’s ass and fingered her puckered hole as he fucked the brains out of her mother. He knew Priyanka was close. He was close too. Sonia was not. And this was by design, not accident. He wanted to show the slut how it felt to leave someone high and dry.

Priyanka pulled out as soon as she came, and Sam pulled out soon after. Sonia’s eyes widened in horror – her daughter and Sam were both deserting her when she was almost there. Sam did not give her much time to brood over it. Quickly he put his cock in Sonia’s mouth and shot his wad of hot creamy cum. Sonia gobbled up every precious drop.

Sam got up, kissed Priyanka on her lovely mouth, shook her dildo, put on his clothes, and left. He had to give Raveena a detailed report.

The End